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  1. OctoForks New Twist on a Roti Shaft

    Hello @Keith OctoForks. I get the feeling that I need some octoforks in my life. What would you recommend for a newbie? A couple of pairs? Do you yet have the kabob fittings? Couldn't see them on the website if so. My dad is due over in the US next month so I am planning to get him a spare case to load up on BBQ stuff for me!
  2. 21" Supreme is in the House!!

    And the very best news of all??? These two babies are to be mine. All mine, all mine, all mine. In the wonderful journey that is doing business with Dennis, we have discussed all aspects of life but have not touched on the dirty subject of money. I trust and know that his COGM (had to look that up!) will come up with a sensible figure and he will meet the promised date of getting them to us for when we return from our hols in November. I'm a believer. And just look at those babies!
  3. It is hard to think of anything to say that will ease the pain. I hope that the fact that we are all thinking of you both helps in some way.
  4. Tee hee. We need some rules around here. No one, but no one, is allowed to use the five letter word that gets @ckreef so riled. If you are in any doubt, the word starts with a b and ends with a k. All good here and thanks for stopping by @churchi. I am like a kiddy in a sweet shop but am restraining/entertaining myself by bothering local cocochar suppliers now. Just waiting for the day when an email from Dennis drops into my mailbox with photos of my new best friends.
  5. Thanks ckreef. You are going to be my meater block meter. If they are true to their, most recent, word you should get yours in a month or two. And I'll send my money then. Keep us posted!
  6. Thanks @tony b, for backing this cool product. Your posts about using the Meater gave me confidence that this was something real. I exchanged a few emails with the Meater team last week and they say that they expect to start to fulfil backers' orders for the block from Q4 2017. Late comers like me won't get one until mid next year. Feeling sufficiently confident to place a bet and send them some money. Looking forward to wireless cooking and the alerts to stop me over cooking stuff. Given I like most things blue or rare, that will be welcome!
  7. Thanks Paul, for being my first friend on the forum. It's been great exploring all the information available to help me make my choices.
  8. Picanha churrasco style!

    That looks soooo tasty!
  9. So, the accessory list is as settled as it is ever going to be. Please shout if I have made any really stupid choices. Otherwise, I'm done and now need to find something to do with my life until the KKs arrive. Category Item 23" 21" Commentary Definite Grill shaped baking stone ✓ 17" baking stone ✓ Spare charcoal basket ✓ Charcoal basket splitter ✓ Cover (Meditteranean blue) ✓ ✓ Rib rack ✓ Check if the rib rack will fit in the 21" 23" ultimate 5/16" SS roisserie spit (hex) ✓ I've wavered about getting a rotisserie at all but, on balance, makes sense to buy it now. Non-Dennis Purchase Rothenberger 30954 Roofers Propane Torch Kit with 5m Hose Looks like UK equivalent of Greenwood. Bought, try it out soon. Smoke pot I am currently high bidder at v low price on eBay - sure to get beaten but finding a good, cheap pot to drill holes in will keep me occupied for a few weeks CyberQ cloud and Pit Viper Fan and two extra food probes I like the fact that the fan helps to automatically control temp. If you are going to be tech assisted, go all the way. Stainless steel cabinet Get this manufactured locally. On wheels alongside chimney Cocochar Most UK supplies are for shisha pipes, sold in 1kg bags and are eye wateringly expensive. Two well priced 10kg bag options are from ProQ cocoshell briquettes and Napoleon coconut briquettes. Will have to get samples to see what they are like and buy in bulk to get better pricing. Motor for rotisserie ✓ Onlyfire BBQ Gas Grill Stainless Steel Rotisserie Electric Main Spit Motor,UK 3 Pins Plug. Dennis picked this out on amazon.co.uk MEATER block I like the wireless thermometers. However, no fan for pit temp control. Waiting list means won't get this until mid 2018 at the earliest. Decide whether to pay and wait. Save for later Octoforks Not sure how many to buy. Three pairs? Milwaukee compact blower Try old hair dryer first No Wings No space Other Dennis furniture Gorgeous but still no space Cold smoker The Husband (and me) not convinced Double drip pan ✓ Improvise 8" rotisserie with 6" reducer ✓ Took advice to go with spit rod and Octoforks 16" round baking steel Use the heavy cast iron griddle that you bought in Nice for smash burgers - better because it has a lip Range dial bluetooth thermometers Seems well priced for multiple probes. No fan. Alerts as opposed to control. Wires. Go with MEATER block instead once available Smoke and Smoke Gateway Lots of gadget and thermometer options. Gateway is new. Wires. Seems similar to CyberQ without added benefit of connection to fan.
  10. Hi there. I would have though it mad to be even considering shipping char across the ocean if not for the enthusiasm that so many have expressed for Dennis' product. He was very kind with helping me with an initial search for potential sources of similar in the UK and did similar for a roti motor. At the end of all this it may well be worth setting up a reference page for UK newbies. The Husband will be pleased to read of @Syzygies' support for Argentinian grilling. Our current grill is old and decrepit and he has found a new supplier just down the road from where he grew up in Norfolk, England. We can't ignore that karma and maybe, in five years' time, we will be knocking on their door for an extra grill to supplement the KKs. Progress being made with building our KKs. Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is...
  11. Thanks for taking the time to address my grilling question @Syzygies. As I started to investigate gadget world, it finally sank in that I am entering into a new paradigm, one where my BBQ is actually an outdoor oven. That may sound obvious to all you long term KK people but it was news to me. With that mind shift I will be more open to the options that the KK offers. I know you don't like burned chicken fat @Syzygies and I can tell you that that is one thing our Argentinian grill excels at not producing. The v-shaped grill bars collect the fat off your cooking food and drain it into a channel that runs along the front of your BBQ. It does satisfy the primal grilling urge, with a big fire box to the side for burning down wood and a rotary mechanism that allows you to raise your grill surface, spread your hot coals underneath and then work your cooking rate by raising and lowering your grill. But that is soon to be consigned to our past, to be resurrected as and when we have more space and feel the need to supplement our KKs. As for sous vide, I am keen to try this in combo with our KK. Sous vide does do bones well you know. Try the Keller recipe for Southern fried chicken. I forget about the rest of the chicken and just sous vide a pile of wings and use his various batters and coatings - delicious. The fact that we buy whole animals means that there is a range of less tender cuts that will be ideal for low and slow or pre-grilling sous vide. Lots and lots to try out. What fun! Only sad aside is that I won't be doing any of this on Dennis' coco char or coffee lump. A UK KK owner, @KayJab, alerted me to the fact that flammable items can't be shipped with a KK in a split load. Conversation with Dennis confirms that we would need to buy 2000 boxes between us to fill a container of our own. The search starts for a "local" source of similar..
  12. All really helpful, thanks. The gadget angle is one that will take time to explore. I remember reading about the journey some of you have had with getting the MEATER and thinking I'd watch and wait. If they finally come with the block it means they are genuinely on their way with this. We spent yesterday evening cooking on our current grill and it helped me reflect on a lot of stuff. We could have got the fire going earlier with a weed gun and we certainly needed better char - the batch we started with took ages to get going. We were only able to grill for the whole meal, more juggling would have been required to cook a big joint low and slow. And I just know that the KK wouldn't have dried out our beautiful home made chipolatas and that I would have avoided unnecessary blackening of the chicken wings. I'm going to work to refine my accessory list over the next few weeks but @5698k is right. Making the decision to go with the two KKs is the only one that really matters. And, as @Paul noted, I am going to use the fabulous food we'll cook on the KKs to draw others into our cult...
  13. Great, thank you all. Having waited five whole years to make the jump, I am trying to get back in touch with my frugal side. Not working I'll adjust the list and re-post when settled but here's an update on current thinking: coco v coffee - gotta try it for ourselves. Go big on coco, try out the coffee. Persuade friends to buy a KK in a year or so's time so we can replenish our char stock with our preferred choice. roti - the nice people at One Grill responded very quickly to my enquiry about a motor. They offer a cordless motor and an AC adapter if I want to plug it in here in the UK. I did see a post where you all recommended getting all the different roti options. Am probably going to go with @Pequod's suggestion for my first venture into this space. is it a baking stone v baking steel question? Not sure I need both? rib rack - why did I ever question this one? Meat on bones all the way. It's now a definite. Thanks @Steve M and @5698k cyber q v digi q v smoke gateway? guessing they are not all equivalents but I need to find out more. Certainly these gadgety options were one of the things that blew my mind when I first encountered KKs all that time ago. @MacKenzie, we have a few different thermometers. Will work out whether the thermo pen does stuff that the ones we have don't. consider what to do about ember blowing kit but not a day one commitment. Drip pan and cold smoker go onto to No list. The Husband thinks others smoke salmon and cheese perfectly well and I can't help but agree. Thank you all, keep 'em coming.
  14. OK. Here we go! Pasted from my spreadsheet but couldn't get formatting to come through. Hope the columns don't go all funny when I press the Submit button. All advice welcome please. Category Item 23" 21" Commentary Definite Grill shaped baking stone ✓ Spare charcoal basket ✓ Charcoal basket splitter ✓ Cover (Meditteranean blue) ✓ ✓ Coco char Get as much coco char as possible Argue in Coffee lump Not everyone seems to think the coffee stuff is worth it Rib rack ✓ Why do you need one? 8" rotisserie with 6" reducer ✓ Remember the roti kit for the indoor oven that you've never used Cold smoker The Husband not convinced Double drip pan ✓ Improvise instead? Understand Baking steel Doesn’t appear to be on the site. Is this the same as a baking stone? No Wings No space Other Dennis furniture Gorgeous but still no space Non-Dennis Purchase Greenwood propane weed burner torch Should up my fire starting skills so I don't always have to wait for The Husband Smoke pot Can't bear to drill holes in my 30 yr old pot. Buy one on eBay DigiQ DX2 Find out more. Don't buy until you've been using KK a whlle Milwaukee compact blower Try old hair dryer first Stainless steel cabinet Get this manufactured locally. On wheels alongside chimney Motor for rotisserie ✓ Search KK forum for options for the UK
  15. Ooooh. I know @tony b, I should have moved on to the accessories discussion by now but I am eking out the pre-sales experience, given I am not expecting delivery before November. I did the pester-Dennis-with-phone-calls trick that I am sure all of us pull at this point. I listened to him properly this time and now know I am 3-4 weeks away from seeing my 21" KK finished. The only consolation, hence the ooooh, is that he let me see a photo of the prototype. It/she is so beautiful. Naked, not tiled. Made me want to hug her across the ocean. Enough excitement for one week. Will hit the accessories next.