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  1. New 21" Supreme

    There should be a new symbol for KK-induced-happiness. Looking forward to seeing Her Blueness.
  2. New 21" Supreme

    I'm pretty sure today is Wednesday. Is it here yet??
  3. BB32 in Alabama

    I love the idea of loading a KK into a van and driving it home! Looks like a no stress homecoming for your new best friend. Congratulations.
  4. Looking for Grate Advice

    The great thing about this site is the wealth of information available, buried in the archives. Before my KKs arrived, @MacKenzie initiated me in the ways of the Curly Kate. I thought it was an exotic new tool and was almost disappointed when I found out how mundane it is. But it works. I did try the wrench but I am too impatient to work each bar individually. Instead I have one curly kate near the BBQ which I use immediately post cook and then, if I want to get things super clean, I soak my (cooled) grates in a water heater base. All down the power of the internet. I couldn't find the water heater base in the UK so ordered one from the US on eBay and there was a video on the Guru site showing how to block the hole off. Easy peasy.
  5. Brisket epiphany

    I don't know why I waited so long but I finally did my second brisket yesterday. It had a really long stall period which I finally had to shift by raising the temperature, a little. It came out great. When The Husband was cutting it up he said he had left out the end bits. Now, as a person who likes rare meat, I usually don't object to someone leaving out the over cooked end bits. This time I stayed quiet and waited for The Husband to leave for the airport and then dived in and ate all of that burnt end candy. Yippee! Another great KK discovery. Oh yes, and my third MEATER thermometer is working and behaved impeccably throughout. Unlike me.
  6. New 21" Supreme

    Hey there @amusedtodeath. Love your name! Welcome. I have a 21" Supreme and couldn't be happier with it. See my post here for some photos and comparisons with the 23". Great happiness awaits.
  7. Salt Block Cooking - A Gimmick? Maybe

    @ckreef, your post inspired me to find and unwrap the salt block I bought late last year in a sale. I found this book online https://www.amazon.co.uk/Salt-Block-Cooking-Himalayan-Bittermans-ebook/dp/B00B4AF55U/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1520249074&sr=8-6&keywords=salt+block+cooking and was all set, with 70 recipes to try. So far I have cooked two fish fillets, some asparagus wrapped in bacon and scallops. Not too salty, in fact they were seasoned just right. I wonder if different blocks give off more or less salt in the cooking process? The book has lots of other fun options like using the block as a pizza stone and a brick for spatchcock chicken. Is it a gimmick? Yes. There is nothing that it does that is unique and there is generally a faster and better way to get your food cooked than waiting to slowly heat up a salt block. Fun though. And it looks good.
  8. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Nice looking chook @EGGARY. I am longing to enjoy the MEATER as much as you are. Their tech team in the UK tested my replacement thermometer last week and declared it defective. That was a relief because I thought I must be a rubbish user of thermometers! New, tested, one on its way and I see a brisket cook in its future. Hopefully third time lucky. Like you I am keen to get hold of the block, just as soon as I can get the single thermometer working reliably. @tony b do the MEATER updates get uploaded via the app or is there something different or special you need to do to access them?
  9. Well, whatever time of day it is, watching sport needs to be accompanied by food and an adult beverage. Let's just say that snooze in the sun in the afternoon might have had more to do with the Cornish cider than the fact I had had an early start.
  10. I had never watched hockey in my life before but, because MacKenzie tipped me off about the bet I was up at 5am watching it in the UK, willing the Canadian women on. What a fun match to watch. The end reminded me of a very long tennis match where the players match each other blow for blow until, with one small mistake, the other player gets on top and wins. Big deflation if it's not your player but a spectacle nonetheless. I was sad for the Canadians but what a lucky break for Jon B. Can't wait to see what his surprise package holds. And yes, don't mess with MacKenzie. As Arnie said, she'll be back!
  11. Rub-a-dub-dub!

    Who me? Rub it in? Never! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the effort you went to. They got here super fast too. Hoping the trip to Cornwall will be fine. Have packed everything but the kitchen sink. And the KKs. Gonna miss them. Spoke to Dennis a couple of days ago and he said he'd do a portable one for me. Looking forward to that.
  12. Roo burgers

    Wow @BIGSHEP, that's spooky. I was in Sydney for all of 1998 and saw Al Jarreau at the Sydney Opera House. Don't tell me that is when you were there too???
  13. This is a post to thank @Tyrus. He was true to his word and his forfeit for our Super Bowl bet arrived in the post today. None of the instructions mentioned lamb (I think you guys think it is an exotic meat!) but that is what I'd got out of the freezer this morning so I tried each rub on two of the chops. They tasted good. I think the result of this contest was a tie!
  14. New landscaping for the KK

    So true - that is what I noticed first!! I love Australia but realise that I have spent all my time and visits there clinging to the east coast. I have driven all over NSW, and have been to Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane but never West. I have genuinely never had an incentive to take that extra plane journey. Your meat just might swing it! Although I do love a lost afternoon or two in Movida Next Door in Melbourne.
  15. New landscaping for the KK

    Jaw droppingly beautiful setting @tangles163. I had a good butcher when I lived in Sydney but you guys in WA look like you are up another level with your meat. Might one day persuade me that it is worth making the journey west!