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  1. I vote for 40". I am 5' 8", I built my BBQ Wet Bar to a counter height of 40", and the platform for the legless 19" KK was built to have the lip at counter height. Been using it regularly for some years now and the ergonomics are perfect. In addition on the 19", when the lip is at 40" the actual cooking surface is at 38".
  2. I chose to install the Fire Magic Power Burner for my outdoor kitchen instead of the Lynx Dual burners even though I installed a Lynx Grill and the KK. It's been the perfect choice for me. Fire Magic 19S0B1N0 - 19" Built-in Power Burner with 60,000 BTU, Cast Brass Burner, Stainless Steel Grid and Electronic Ignition: Natural Gas
  3. I have had a Bradley Smoker for the last 12 years which I primarily use for smoking fish. My personal opinion is, the Bradley has pretty poor build quality, it is quite flimsy. If I was buying now I would go with something like the Masterbuilt electric smoker with window sold at SamsClub for $300 or the Smoky Mountain smoker (online only) for the same price.
  4. For those who are Costco members, you may be interested in this seasonal item that is now in the warehouse. I bought one two years ago as an accessory to my outdoor kitchen and it has held up very well sitting outdoors uncovered. It provides additional food prep counter space when needed, and is easy to clean. In my book, it is a winner for the price of $124.99.
  5. Re: Another argument for using grill-floss Love using my grill floss to get the crud off. But I must confess, that screeching noise it makes does grate on my nerves a bit every time I use it.
  6. Re: Goat: Cabrito Do you remove the skin?
  7. Re: Los Angeles area pallet share Increasing my take to 14 boxes, LATrapp's got 8. Any takers in the area for the remaining 6 boxes?
  8. Re: Los Angeles area pallet share Notwithstanding our ability to pick up from Carson, I thought it would perhaps work out better for Dennis if he knew that one whole pallet was spoken for, and designated for the L.A. area upon shipment from Indonesia.
  9. Re: Los Angeles area pallet share Duly noted. Any takers for the remaining 10 boxes?
  10. Now that Dennis is shipping ECC again, I would like to organize a pallet share for the Los Angeles area. I am in for 10 boxes, out of the 28 in a pallet. Any takers for the remaining 18 boxes?
  11. Re: Costco Kobe Beef Patties Thank you for the pointer. I just ordered a case.
  12. Re: outdoor kitchen I had my outdoor kitchen built with the KK, a 42" Lynx Gas Grill, and Firemagic PowerBurner, and I still have my Imperial Kamado around as well. I still use all these heat sources frequently, particularly when cooking for a crowd. I would not have it any other way. Having a very large sink with a garbage disposal, as well as lots of electrical outlets has also come in very handy. I mostly use the built-in KK for low and slow cooks.
  13. Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs Boneless from Costco.
  14. Re: Total Cooking Surface Area - 978 Sq" What about the 19.5" OTB?
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