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  1. It does look gorgeous so it is hard to argue with the results!
  2. Smart move, I had to replace my floors from a leaky ice maker. My kitchen could use a renovation and I am pretty much stuck with the same exact cabinet footprint unless I want the floor $ to go to waste.
  3. I'm hoping my kitchen looks as nice some day as your before pics 😀
  4. I don't see any palm trees or mai tais. That's a hard "no" from me.
  5. Kindred spirits. As soon as the temp drops below 60, I've got the infrared heaters on. The snow is pretty though.
  6. They would call out the national guard if we ever had a snowfall like that. At least you have a refrigerator full of comfort food. 😀
  7. @Braai-QThose prawns looks awesome. Happy New Year!
  8. Glad to hear they're all doing better Troble. Prime rib looks great
  9. Wow, I can't even imagine catching one that size in a boat that small. At least you didn't have to deal with any curious sharks while trying to haul it in.
  10. Bruce, that's an impressive fish. I think the only time I ever ate marlin was in the Caribbean. It was an option on wood fired oven pizza and it was delicious. did you reel it in? My dad caught one roughly the same size on the outer banks and he said it was the worst fishing experience of his life lol. He was begging people to take the rod.
  11. I haven't in a long time but I was reading up on it a while back and it probably yields the best results. I have an air fryer that I would like to try those types of fries on it.
  12. Yes, I like the looks of that FF press. They looked delicious and I wondered if it was a double fried batch.
  13. Were the fries deep fried? It all looks amazing.
  14. I ran into the same issues, especially early in the pandemic. Things would disappear from my cart. I've had pretty good luck with crowd cow but they seem to be a little more pricey.
  15. Received an email from thermopen this am that links to the article on chicken. I think this is probably the blog referenced by @EGGARY chicken temps
  16. I was joking but it is pretty dang tasty. The only one I've done was a brisket flat - essentially 4.5 lbs of flavor.
  17. Are you going by dome temperature or a separate probe? I generally go by dome temps. Also, I have seem my temps drop when adding a smoke pot. In those cases, I opened things up some to get my temp back up but watched it so it wouldn't get away from me. Once it gets there, you can start adjusting back to the normal settings.
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