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  1. Chuck roast Sat! My wife seasoned it so I don’t know all that was in it but turned out great. Bout a 6 hour cook, 275 entire time. I’m trying to build my brisket game but my son says this is better 😔 It was good! 😂 Anyway, hope you guys having a great weekend! These forum pics always make me hungry.
  2. Sure thing! My total cook time was about 14 hours I believe, started the night before and set to 225. I wrap in butcher paper when it reaches 170 internal temp and then place back on KK till it hits 200. Then I take off, wrap in towel (butcher paper still on obviously) and placed in cooler for 2 hours to rest. It turned out amazing. It’s a long cook but the KK makes it pretty stress free because of stable temp control. My old ceramic was a lot of work to achieve a brisket like this. Oh, forgot to mention but I used hickory chunks on this cook as well. Really helped the flavor profile.
  3. Funny thing when you get a KK and your friends question why you need a grill like this because it’s soooooooooo over the top etc. Then, they get a chance to taste what comes off and their horizons broaden. Now I do a brisket cook and they make me grill one for them too! Pretty funny but people just don’t get it until they taste it first hand. So, cooked two briskets starting last night. 16.5 hours and this was the best briskets I’ve ever made. 225 the whole time, no worries. 50/50 salt and pepper rub. Here’s the one I kept, the other has already been devoured by my friend that has a gas
  4. I’d like to see the drip pan if you don’t mind.
  5. Great looking pulled pork! Bet that was tasty. The country style ribs turned out very well also, pretty straight forward cook. 225 on top grate indirect for 3-4 hours smoking with your favorite wood, I used hickory this time around. I seasoned with a couple different rubs for the smoke process. After about 4 hours I pulled them off, painted with some Lillie's Smokey Sauce and then wrapped in foil and placed back in KK for another hour and half or so, still at 225 temp. That's pretty much it, they turn out fantastic everytime. Looking forward to hearing how yours turn out!
  6. I’d definitely trade you a rib or two for some of those!
  7. Country style ribs kinda Sunday! Smoked with some hickory for about 4 hours so far. I’ll be taking them off soon to paint then wrap for about an hour. KK stuck on 225 the entire time, makes it pretty easy. Hope you all are having a great weekend!
  8. I’m a little addicted to skirt steak/carne asada on the KK, turns out great every time! Pics aren’t the best but the food sure was.
  9. @Wingman505 which one did you pickup? I may do the same and since you have one that fits the KK well I might as well follow your lead. Thanks in advance!
  10. Looks great out there! Welcome to the club, you're gonna love cooking on that thing. I had friends in town this past weekend and they were blown away but what was coming off the KK.
  11. Looks like a good one! Keep the temp around 225 and take your time, it'll turn out great.
  12. So it turned out SO good! Thanks @Tucker for the advice, really helped. True test is always kids reaction, they both had two helpings so no left overs. Mission accomplished! Like I said before, the KK makes me a better cook than I really am. This was a good one.
  13. So I’ve grilled skirt steak only a couple times previously so thought I would ask for some input from the group in grilling it on the BB 32. I’m planning for a hotter cook, maybe around 450-500? I was thinking about that temp direct on main grate, does that sound like the right plan?
  14. Damn, looks amazing! Shame u can’t keep it right there in kitchen right? Love it, looks great and I know you’re gonna enjoy it down there. Get those grates dirty now!!!
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