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  1. Looks like a good one! Keep the temp around 225 and take your time, it'll turn out great.
  2. So it turned out SO good! Thanks @Tucker for the advice, really helped. True test is always kids reaction, they both had two helpings so no left overs. Mission accomplished! Like I said before, the KK makes me a better cook than I really am. This was a good one.
  3. So I’ve grilled skirt steak only a couple times previously so thought I would ask for some input from the group in grilling it on the BB 32. I’m planning for a hotter cook, maybe around 450-500? I was thinking about that temp direct on main grate, does that sound like the right plan?
  4. Damn, looks amazing! Shame u can’t keep it right there in kitchen right? Love it, looks great and I know you’re gonna enjoy it down there. Get those grates dirty now!!!
  5. Looks like a great beach. Love living on the water. Had my niece and other kids over tonight so did a solid wing cook. Not lying, best wings I ever grilled. Top grate this time direct at about 325. Man, had lil crisp and moist! The KK makes me a much better cook than I really am. Needless to say, no left overs tonight.
  6. Big day today for @StevenS! Perfect delivery day going into a long holiday weekend. Can’t wait to see pics from the delivery, enjoy it!
  7. Left over brisket nachos last night, very tasty!
  8. Are you spraying them with apple cider vinegar or something similar?
  9. Ah, just looked back and it looks great! You got the bark I'm looking for, nice one!
  10. I let it rest 1 hour in a cooler wrapped in a towel. I've watched a bunch of Aaron Franklin videos online so I'm understanding better what the goal of the trimming is BUT, the only way to learn is hands on trial and error and it only takes you about 12 hours or so to figure out you made a misstep LOL. It's part of the fun though. If a brisket was easy anyone would do it so I like the challenge. It still turned out great but it didn't have the bark on top I'm after. That's really neat you took that class, I see ads for it online all the time. Can't wait to see one of your brisket pics on the forum!
  11. I’ve been improving on trimming the brisket, that’s my biggest area I’m learning. My last brisket I trimmed too much and it came out a little dry. This one was way better and more moist, but I didn’t trim quite enough fat off top so it didn’t render and darken as much as I would like. I would trim more off top next run for sure. This cook I went with butcher paper too and really like it. I would wrap it a bit earlier next time though. I was trying to let it darker and get more bark this cook before wrapping but the fat layer was just too thick. I’d wrap earlier next time to speed cook up and bit. Thats the two immediate adjustments I would make. Everything on the KK side was rock solid, made it a much more relaxing cook because temp stayed right where I wanted all day. Previous brisket runs have been more high maintenance so the KK will spoil me quickly.
  12. Just finished dinner, brisket turned out great! Best one I’ve made yet, and I’m really happy with it, but I already know an adjustment or two that’ll make it better. Family said it was by far the best and they love having the KK around producing all this goodness. Ole Heavy ran 13 hours solid at 225 indirect on CoCo coal. Fun day!
  13. Sorry, thought I was posting to this topic earlier. Brisket is coming along well and Ole Heavy has been stuck on 225 all day, so nice to have that stability. I was going to wrap in butcher paper but decided to leave it as is for now because the internal temp is tracking well for dinner tonight. Few more hours to go!
  14. Going for a loooooooong brisket cook today. All seasoned up and been on for 2 hours so far. Love how stable temps are for cooks like this. The old vision made me do quite a bit of babysitting to get the outcome I wanted. Couple early pics, more to come later this afternoon.
  15. Been using the grill floss this week, works great! The XL tip fits grates perfectly and makes it simple to clean. @Wingman505, did you get your ultimate in and settled into it's new home? Don't think we saw any pics of the new addition to the family.
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