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  1. I didn’t even want to try and explain provel cheese on pizza to people here. Lol I’ve never heard the term Iowa chop. Is this a double bone pork chop?
  2. I used apple wood during this cool. I have a bunch of cherry also that I need to cut up and start using.
  3. So this is one of the last’s cooks that I will do on my Vision grill before my BB32 arrives and it got me to thinking that since this is an international group of people I think it is a good time to talk about very regional BBQ. I live in St. Louis Missouri here in the good ole USA and we have 3 food items that we are known for and started here. The most famous one is “toasted ravioli” which is ravioli dipped in egg wash then in bread crumbs and into 375 degree hot oil. Most people serve it with marinara sauce but I prefer it with drawn butter. Next on the list is something called “gooey butt
  4. I'm really glad to hear that there is a manual that comes with this. I'm sure that most everything is straight forward but I do want to know about the "burn in". My neighbor and my wife and kids keep asking what the first thing is that I'm going to make on it. I get quite a few compliments on my brisket so I think that will be the first cook. I am not going expect perfection on the first cook. I'm looking at it as more of a breaking in and seasoning of the grill cook than anything else. I also can't wait to use the cold smoker on some big prawnsand the other thing I'm looking forward to is get
  5. We ordered a 32 bb in Terra Blue originally but the more we thought about it we decided that we liked the look of the blue pebble instead. I called up Dennis and asked if it was too late to change my tile preference. I told him if it was already tiled we would take it but he wouldn't hear of it. He said that he would have no problem selling the Terra Blue one and that he would get me the dark blue pebble. Great service. As for Accessories we ordered the splitter, pizza stone, cold smoker, grate handles and a cover. We went ahead and got the wide cover in case we want to add side tables to
  6. Yours and mine must be on the same boat. It was supposed to have arrived yesterday so I’m hoping it clears customs in the next couple of days then we should get shipping notices. I’m just as nervous as you about uncrating the thing.
  7. Welcome Stewart. I too am new to this forum and I thought I did a lot of research but it looks like you put me to shame. My research was to try and find anything negative about the grill, the company or Dennis. I looked for 3 days and may hours. Couldn’t find anything but rave reviews. I pulled the trigger on a 32 now I’m just waiting for delivery. We’re contemplating replacing and expanding our concrete patio. Most patios are 4 inches thick but I’m going 5 inches just because of the weight of the grill. I know this is overkill but so is a KK. I like things to last forever. I’m hoping to hear
  8. Thanks for your insight @tekobo I am very excited for the arrival of my grill. I spoke with Dennis yesterday and it looks like we have about 6 more weeks to wait. I think I might keep my Vision grill for sides and other things or just as a place to hold things warm while I finish on in the KK. My goal is to improve my cooking performance while downsizing the inventory of grills. If I find that I’m not using the vision at all I will then sell it or give it to one of my kids.
  9. I have to ask what 3 you're getting? I'm finalizing my order for my first KK. I went with the 32 so that I could make room on my patio by getting rid of my offset smoker, and my Vision grill which is housed in a table that is falling apart. I feel like this will give me the cooking space that I had on my offset but with better temp control and then all of the versatility that i had with my Vision.
  10. I watched this video and it looks amazing. What kind of fuel were you using?
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