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    Swinging flies for steelhead, casting bunnies for tarpon, bass on poppers, stalking spooky trout - I like to fish. Oh yeah, I enjoy cooking as well.

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  1. Now that's exciting! Looks super fun. What a fantastic addition.
  2. Looks fantastic, Mac! What did you rub it with?
  3. El Pescador

    U5 Shrimp

    Looks great! Happy Birthday, Charles!
  4. Tyrus - You bring a few slices of that fantastic brisket of yours, and I'll get Mac and her konro introduced to the joy of grilled "pulpo" - deal?
  5. This particular specimen apparently lived his/her best life off the coast of Spain before tickling my palette here in California. If I've got my geography right, that means that at some point, that octopus flew right over your place. Shame one doesn't have the courtesy to stop in and say hello!
  6. Inspired by a recent Fogo vid, I tried my hand some grilled octopus. No pounding to tenderize or worries about over-cooking - just nice sous vide bath, an overnight marinade, and a few short minutes on the KK. Boom! A tasty meal for a Monday night after a day at the office. One afterthought - I imagine that if it weren't for the extra space taken up by the lemons and tomatoes, this would have been perfect for a konro (sorry Mac!). I say "imagine" because I don't have one but am verrrry intrigued....
  7. Well done! (or maybe I should say, nicely done - they're much tastier looking than well done would have looked)
  8. Wow - that looks great! And the verdict on the final outcome?
  9. Looking good, @alimac23! I've been out of commission the past week and a half or so and unable to fire up the KK. This eve, I finally put the roti and the new Meater Block to work. Simple S&P for one bird. The other got the Bexton's Mango Habenero treatment. So easy. So good. One question on technique. I piled the coals towards the rear of the 32 and lit 2 spots - one to the left and one t the right. The right took off better than the left and as a result, one bird was ready well before the other. Should I have simply lit a single spot in the middle? I've got my heart set on some beef tomorrow. @tekobo's thread on aged meats got me all excited! If I can get my act together, I'll throw a little sous vide octopus on for a starter. Nothing like making up for lost time!
  10. I bet you got leather seats for the truck, too - am I right?! Once again, nicely done - guessing you're having some fun with that new toy!
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