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    Swinging flies for steelhead, casting bunnies for tarpon, bass on poppers, stalking spooky trout - I like to fish. Oh yeah, I enjoy cooking as well.

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  1. This is going to be exciting - I can tell already!
  2. Well done, @Tyrus - those look great! I like the new color scheme.
  3. Now that's a proper breakfast, @MacKenzie! Fantastic!
  4. The loin looks delicious, @Tucker!
  5. I'm sure there's a thread to be found somewhere, but in the interests of being lazy, can I ask when one might choose coffee lump over coco char (or the other way around)? Is it simply a matter of flavor profile (coffee vs none)? After all I've read, it seems I'd be foolish not to place an order when the time arrives. Knowing full well the gluttons on this board will "both!", I'll nevertheless ask, which should I consider buying?
  6. Congrats @Alohapiggy - you're gonna love it!
  7. As Buddha once said, "there are only two mistakes once can make along the road to truth: not going all the way and not starting."
  8. Nice! If you've spent any time on this forum, its not going to surprise you to hear that you're going to love it!
  9. Thanks, @tony b and everyone else. Super helpful to this noob. Quick update on previous post - I finally figured out how to put a halt to the incessant text messages. Turns out its simply a preference. Why the default is every 5 minutes when the point of this thing is to control a long cook is beyond me, but I've now got things under control - at least in that regard. Felt a bit like an idiot for not figuring that out later (what? read the manual?! who does that?!), but I'll blame it on the 6:00am start time and the lack of caffeine...
  10. Hmmm... So much for the sight gag. Try this? A little low res, but you get the point! The Turkey and the Kamado(1).mp4
  11. @marinmatt - I recently went through the same decision process, chose the 32 BB and haven't had a single regret. the versatility of the 32 was the deciding factor for me. True two zone cooking capability, gobs of grill space for big cookouts, totally manageable for small cooks. I've loaded the thing up with racks upon racks for weekend get-togethers and have used the basket splitter for smaller cooks (say, when its just a streak or two for my wife and me). Admittedly, I tend to have a "go big" mentality (comes with being 6'4"!), but I really do think its a great choice if cash, space or other considerations aren't a factor.
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