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Favorite grilling/smoking TV show or YouTube channel?

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What's your favorite show on grilling and/or smoking food?

Mine is Man, Fire, Food on the Cooking channel. The host is very personable and travels the US (and sometimes further) and helps someone cook with fire. He greatly hits two locations per episode and the guests are anywhere from famous chefs at famous restaurants to caterers to backyard cooks and they cook on everything from commercial cookers to custom rigs to holes in the ground. It's always interesting and fun and i regularly pick up toss and ideas.

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Project Smoke with Steven Raichlen is good. I have to bite my lip every once in a while, as he sometimes puts out some bad info. But, he cooks on a lot of different styles of grills/smokers (including KKs!!) and his recipes are usually very good. His BBQ USA is practically a bible in my house. 

I'm going back a bit, but I used to enjoy Bobby Flay's, Boy Meets Grill. Again, very good recipes. He has a tendency to cook on gas too much for me, but he was doing this show on the roof of his place in NYC! 

Food Networks "Chopped" did a series with pitmasters that was pretty good. 

BBQ Crawl on the Travel Channel was very entertaining and the hostess was very funny, but a fierce competitor in the pits. 

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Netflix had a bbq series hosted in Ga a few months back on Lang offsets and other utensils that challenged those participating in the competition to bring the best to the table as the menu changed.  Malcolm Reed is a good watch, he offers alot and shows you comfortably "how to" on all his toys. Once the bug has bitten your ear the thought is hard to loose, it's kind of like being possessed and NO exorcist can ever get to the core. You know and it's no lie, 2 weeks ago I cooked the best piece of meat I've ever tasted and did it on my 23 ROTO.  Maldon salt, cracked peppercorn on Picanha...that's all.  Food for entertainment, that right there will always draw a curious audience and always something good comes from it

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On 2/9/2021 at 3:31 PM, Basher said:

Have you seen Almazan kitchen on YouTube?

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I watched a couple of these last night - they make me feel a little silly for having all of this expensive cooking gear!

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