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Hello from St. George, UT, United States

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2 hours ago, tony b said:

As part of the bottom crate, make sure to keep the box in the middle - it's essential if you ever have to move the KK to a new home. It keeps the weight off the legs during bouncy transits. 

I couldn’t agree more!  I had to bust mine down with a hammer (carefully) to get my cookers off of them, so I’ll have to make some should I need/want to move.

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1 hour ago, Troble said:

@Forrestwelcome! Don’t let them give you a hard time about your age, I’m 41 and get grief for being young, they’re just jealous you figured it out before they did!

gkad you’re hear, great people on this site who happily share their wisdom 

I’m 42.  We have you back.  😜😄

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