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BiMetal Thermometers below zero temps

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Someone just wrote me and asked about this.. 
I have not been able to get a reply from TelTru but I asked Uncle Google and was given the following..

Temperature range: The bimetallic thermometer should be within the upper and lower limit temperatures. Due to extreme temperatures, metals may reach their expansion limits and not rebound causing the thermometer to be permanently damaged.

ooks like it's best to bring them indoors.
When the Arctic winds blow...

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I always bring mine indoors in the dead of winter. At best, they'll under-range and throw off the calibration; at worst, as Dennis quoted, you can permanently damage them. Just part of my shutdown routine - take out the dome thermometer just before I put the cover back on. 

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Have you checked the calibration on them afterwards? Put in a pot of boiling water and see how close to 212F they read. Early on with mine, I seriously over-ranged it (~900F). Afterwards, I checked the calibration and it was off almost 50F.

The "rest of the story" - I was trying to get up pretty high in temp for a first try at reverse searing a steak on the sear grate on the basket handles. My dome temp was coming up fairly steadily, approaching 600F, when I went back in the house to get the steak (I'd done it sous vide). I come back out and the dome temp is reading 150F - what?? When I opened the lid I had a roaring fire going. The dial had gone all the way around past 0F. Seriously over-ranged. Fortunately I hadn't done permanent damage. 

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I didn't realize you could do damage to the thermometer. I guess I'm lucky, knock on wood, that mine still works perfectly.

Depending on my mood, I like to pull out the Tel-Tru and use the Bluedot
from Thermoworks. It only goes to 572f but that's plenty high enough. I get the added bonus of being able to monitor the temperature on my phone. Just another option.



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