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Turkish August Banquet

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We had our August banquet yesterday.  It was a Turkish theme and we started with veal shish kebabs, followed by slow cooked lamb shoulder and spiced rice and we finished with grilled pears and pistachio ice cream topped with roasted pistachio pieces.  It was a great afternoon/evening and I clean forgot to take pictures of the meat on the KK.  Here are some random photos, taken when I did remember.

This was early in the day when I was grilling onions for an onion salad to go with the veal shish kebabs.  My OCD friend threaded the onion layers on in opposite directions to maximise surface area exposed to the fire. 


Messy shot of the onion salad, roasted hot green pepper relish and yogurt, after all the meat had been eaten.IMG_0115.thumb.jpeg.12e8ae86da69285bcd9249dc512ab474.jpeg

The shredded shoulder of lamb was accompanied by this rice dish, a parsley salad and garlicky yogurt this time.IMG_0119.thumb.jpeg.a07137963ed42a4fbcca6df07b81dec5.jpeg

This picture of the roasted pears and the pistachios being toasted illustrates perfectly why I need a 42.  The fact that my 23 was warm and could easily have done the toasting job is beside the point...



And a gratuitous second photo of the roasted pears.  They were that good.


A meatless Turkish banquet?  No, but lack of photos of the meat attests to the fact that we were just too busy getting into it.  The recipes came from Oklava other than the perfumed spiced lamb which came from Persiana and the rice which came from Moro.   


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1 hour ago, C6Bill said:

That looks great !!!!!!!

please tell me more about those pears, how long do they take ? I’m thinking after a cook I am planning for my birthday I could roast some pears too 😁

Thank you.  The timing for the pears will depend on how ripe they are I’m guessing.  I am also guessing how long mine took me to cook as we were well into the meal by then and drink may have impaired my memory.

I didn’t peel them, just halved and cored.  I left them sitting in a warm sugar syrup with spices for a few hours.  I didn’t want them to cook, just infuse the flavour.  The cast iron griddle was in the KK for at least half an hour before I applied a little clarified butter and then cooked the pears face down for about 5 minutes and then on their backs for about 10minutes.  I think this is a fairly forgiving dessert and the main thing is to achieve the colour you want without the pears falling apart. I also think I was cooking at about 200C.

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1 hour ago, MacKenzie said:

What a spectacular banquet idea, even if we didn't get to see it all. I can just imagine the fun that was had by all. :smt060 :cheers: :smt003 :wynar:

Thanks Mac.  When it comes to grilling at a party I have learned to delegate the actual grilling to friends so that I don’t get too stressed, trying to juggle too much at a critical time. When I returned to see what they had done I was so excited by the results and tasting to test that I completely forgot about photos.  I wish I could show you how nice the blackened edges of the veal shish were.  Next time.

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