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David Chang

frozen pizza dough

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so apparently you can make pizza from frozen dough. this was two months frozen. thawed in the fridge over night and pulled out in room temp for 2-3 hours before stretching. now you can just  bake what you need from the freezer and not have to force yourself to eat 20 pizzas everytime u make a batch of dough.





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I know it isn’t as pure of an option, but if you find a local pizza shop that makes dough fresh, they’ll often sell it to you as a fresh dough ball. One of my local favorites sells me a 14” dough ball for $2.50, 16” for $3, 12” for $2. For me it’s the best option because I still get fresh dough that I really enjoy, without any of the hassle. Every other part about it, including how I prep the crust is unique to how I make it.

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