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How to smoke an oyster blade roast?

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Hi I found this cut of roast at my neighbourhood butchery and I was wondering if any of you have come across it being smoked as a roast? It’s a 3kg+ (7lb) in size.


Should I try and do it like a cut of brisket? It seems to tough but flavourful. Any advice would be appreciated so that there is a bit less trial and error cooking it.

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8 hours ago, tony b said:

OK, learned something new today. I'd never heard of this cut of beef, so I had to look it up. Low and behold, this is where the Flat Iron steak comes from! 

Wow, that video made my evening.

I find it painful watching cooking videos where the presenter is clearly hobbled by a lack of manual dexterity. This was clearly not that; the guy's knife work was mesmerizing.

Can one actually buy the dull knife he uses for the center silver skin?

There are some friends I could ask, but I think he meant duller than that.

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What did you put on to accomplish the bark?  Also the fat removed looked like a good addition for a sausage from the video.

I just did a simple Dalmatian rub (1/3 salt 2/3 black pepper) which I used as a dry rub for 24hrs and smoked it in my Komodo Kamado over 8hours. Sawdust charcoal and some apple wood chips. I did trim off the bottom fascia layer but left the top fat completely intact which mostly melted and rendered which kept the meat very nice and moist.

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