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David Chang

Looking for firepit with grill attachments

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hey guys, i'm looking to replace my firepit and santa maria grill that sits on top. after several typhoons, this thing is becoming a rust bucket. 

i'm looking for another setup to burn wood or charcoal, have adjustable cooking grates, and can withstand the elements. can't be too heavy, i will need to ship it overseas. must be coffee table high.

i have my eye at the breeo. https://breeo.co/pages/backyard 

anything else i should be considering? thanks. 





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Breeo is definitely a credible option.

My favorite, never-look-back grilling option is a Solo Stove Ranger, on a Harbor Freight cart modified to hold a Breeo adjustable grill. I think I prefer Solo Stove to Breeo for the pit itself, but I'm not sure why.

Solo Stove Ranger

Breeo Outpost Grill

Harbor Freight Service Cart

There's a long thread on the Solo Stove; various of us have one (or more): Solo Stove (KK forum).

This is the bastard child of a Weber and an air fryer. Once you get used to the geometry, there's no going back; it just makes sense if you can get past habit. Chicken thighs on double skewers, burgers on a perforated plate, ... My most frequent use is actually grilling vegetables for salsa for tacos.

I can light it in a couple of minutes while juggling various other kitchen tasks, and time pretty well when I can come back to grill. I'll put in a layer of wood chunks, then a layer of lump charcoal, then pour in a bit of isopropyl alcohol. Light one of those long matches, play with it to get several inches going as if you're just toying with the fire pit, it should know what's coming. Throw in the match, WHOMP, enjoy the neighborhood dogs barking. Go back in to prepare the rest of the meal.

(Harbor Freight is a US chain, a bit of an inside joke as one either deliberately shops there, or deliberately doesn't, depending on the application. It's for a very specific quality level, when no other quality level will do!)

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