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KK Gas Burner?

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Looking for info on this product.


I’m specifically curious if this apparatus is designed to be used as a main cooking source, essentially converting your charcoal grill into a gas grill?


I’d be curious for using this method with the external kk smoker unit for getting true smoke flavor devoid of any charcoal flavor.


Or is this unit just designed as a way to start charcoal?


Does this unit fit in all KK’s? I have the 21” Supreme.


Is this unit easy/quick to install and uninstall?


Does it get super dirty when cooking? Does it require lots of maintenance between cooks?


Who owns this and what are your overall thought/opinions on the unit?


TIA for your help/opinions.




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This is designed as a gas starter, it’s supposed to go in the rear draft door, if you have one. It’s a slide in/out unit. It could certainly be used as a heat source, but I’m not sure propane would be as clean for a heat source as opposed to coco char.

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The gas burner was actually designed to pre-heat frozen grills in cold climates not to cook or light the charcoal. It only works to light all the charcoal for grilling.. lighting from the bottom does not work as charcoal needs to burn down into the fuel.. if you light the bottom it can run out with a full basket above it.  I do know of customers who bake pizzas at 650 using the burner with an adjustable regulator used on a turkey frier.. but it does not create uniform heat for grilling.. it would make a small sweet spot.

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FOGO Super Premium Lump Charcoal (35lbs)


Designed specifically for low and slow cooking this was the first large-piece-only lump charcoal. Every hand-picked piece of lump charcoal in the bag is over 4 inches long. And, like all FOGO lump charcoal, it’s made from a special blend of Inga wood so it will impart that award winning FOGO flavor to everything you cook!

Two birds with one stone here, breaking advice from both Dennis and Fogo.

Dennis describes the issue. A primary use of our KK these days is high temperature baking (bread, pizza, Focaccia di Recco). Dennis let me buy a gas burner; he figures I know what I'm doing. The solution is to use a very large charcoal such as the above Fogo. Yes, all surfaces light, but the surface-area-to-volume ratio makes for a nice window to bake at pizza temperatures before the fuel exhausts itself.

With more typical charcoal the fire burns too hot and fast, as Dennis explains. He's right; ask me how I know!


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