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Low and slo prime rib

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I was thinking about a few different techniques and blended them here. I wanted the even temperature of sous vide but with smokey goodness of my KK, and a nice crust.


So I cut off the bones and cooked them separately for my dogs(and me). I used twine to tie the 6 bone roast into a uniform roll for uniform cooking. I cooked the whole thing at 210 Guru temp with Co Co char and apple wood. I pulled it at internal 118 and then put it into a 500 degree oven for 10 minutes as a reverse sear. It was exactly as I desired with crust and uniformity and a smokey flavor. Final temp 128.




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Nice job on the Rib Roast.  You did it just right.  I have seen and heard too many recipes that calls for cooking a Rib Roast at 400-500 for a period of time then lowering the temp and cooking for another period of time.  Unfortunately it doesn't come out as good as the way you did it and others have on the KK.  



Someone here mentioned this way and I have used it as well.  I even use it for Tri tip.


Happy and Healthy New Year !

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The oven was pure laziness on my part. I was in the middle of mad food prep and did not want to run back outside after cranking my KK up to temp. with the meat. ALSO I was cooking indirect and don't like forcing 500 degrees thru my heat shield and drip pan. Being lazy I did not want to take it out hot. The KK wasn't going to add any more flavor at that point.

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HELLO!  Been there and done that "lazy" thing for a lot of years!  MK1 - you are not pulling oars in that boat alone!  Why do you think I use a KK?  TheBeast makes me a MUCH better cook than I could even be on my own.  It makes cooking on any other kamado seem like soon much work!  HELL YEAH!, I understand lazy!  


 I really prefer to think of it as maximizing the output for my inputs!

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