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Smoking Wood Preferences

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I have to admit that I don't precisely measure it. Usually about a 1/3 cup AP flour in a sandwich bag, then drizzle in water and squish it around until I get the consistency I want - think Playdoh. Mix thoroughly, as it will fake you out sometimes and have a dry flour pocket in the middle. Twist up the top of the bag, snip off a bottom corner and pipe the paste onto the lip of the lid. Do this over the sink or outside, as it can get messy.

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A good source of smoke wood is someone selling firewood. You'll get much more for your buck than those bags of dried out smoke wood in the box stores. The guys around here will sell you a few logs/splits so you don't have to buy a whole rick. I can get red oak, pecan, hickory and cherry locally. Cherry being harder to find.  But give your spouse/buddy/room mate/squeeze, a sample of your bbq and ask them what smoke wood they think you used.  I'll bet they can't tell.  Pecan is my go to wood because it compliments just about anything.

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