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John A

Which Rotisserie should I buy

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I think that I have every permutation/combination of rotisserie accessories possible - cradle w/insert, spit rod & forks, OctoForks, and adjustable basket for the spit rod. I use them all depending on what I'm cooking.

I've struggled with the OctoForks. Unless I secure stuff on them with silicon bands or butcher's twine, smaller stuff has a tendency to fall off into the fire. I've lost several chicken thighs that way! Plus, I've cut myself several times on them trying to skewer food onto the tines. So, they have dropped to the bottom of my list of choices. YMMV

As far as cleaning all of this gear, I've posted numerous times, including photos, of how great a job Powdered Brewers Wash (PBW) does, with minimal elbow grease.

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I've also tried beef ribs on the octo's but had trouble because of the different lengths of the ribs, hence the shorter one's fell off once the meat started to pull back, like tony b, i had to secure them with twine. Will be trying other cooks with them though

Also i just ordered one of these 


think it might be ok for smaller cooks, i saw a 50lb motor mentioned above, anyone know where i can get one in Aus.

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On 4/18/2018 at 3:03 AM, tony b said:

Any particular reason that you went with the battery powered version (i.e., lack of a nearby electrical outlet) over their plug-in version (same price and slightly bigger - 10kg load)??

Sorry Tony i missed your question, no real reason, access to power is about 30ft away, just wanted to see if does the job without getting any power cords out.

I have since ordered and received their plug-in unit

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