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3 Ingredient Steak Sauce

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Ever since I've cleaned up the freezers I've been trying to eat up the older items, slowly but surely getting there. Today I made the steak sauce that Pequod was kind enough to suggest as a winner sauce. :)

 It turns out that it has one of those flavours that you make you to have another bite and another bite. I did make one change in the recipe, I ground the mustard seeds because I didn't have any mustard powder.



Thanks again, Pequod, for posting the recipe info. :grin:

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Back in the early 90’s we had a bad cold front come in,pipes were freezing and breaking. Luckily I was in Tahiti at the time but when I got off the plane I didn’t have any warm cloths on and it was really cold. It took my house about 2 days to warm up lol. Usually the weather is very nice year round. It’s one of the reasons I stay in the Bay Area.

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The wild fires are terrible, my prayers and thoughts go out to all the people that have gotten through them but have lost everything. They say the Paradice fire was moving a hundred yards a second,sheesh it would take me a second to figure out I better start running. We used to only have to worry about wildfires during the summer months but after years of drought they happen year round now.

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