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  1. It's funny, if someone asked me my vent settings to get a certain temperature, I would have no idea. A little bit here, a little bit there.... but it always lands right around where I want it to. I'm not one that worries too much about 50-75 degrees either way of my temperature. Somehow, the KK always seems to know what I want.
  2. I've never counted, maybe 5 or 6 times? If it doesn't come out, I spin it a few more times. It still doesn't come out easily, but it comes out.
  3. Now that we're empty-nesters for a while, I've been running the splitter in my 23" almost exclusively. Took it out for pizza the other night, but other than that, my last dozen or so cooks have been with the splitter in place. You really can hide your hand over the unlit side and not feel a thing.
  4. Looking great! Can't wait to see this thing fired up!
  5. Nice first cook! You might want to check the abv of your beer!
  6. I usually take the motor off and give the rod a few spins in the opposite direction. Then, with a little effort, it will come out. It's odd; I don't think the rod is unscrewing - and if it is, it's not enough to get bound up - but for some reason this seems to help me get it out.
  7. And the song that Pink Floyd referenced:
  8. Does anyone watch Triple-D because of him? I watch despite him. I don't travel as much as I used to, but I used to use a TV Restaurants app. It would show you restaurants that had been on TV shows in your area. I was always amazed at how many were marked as Permanently Closed. Just shows how hard the restaurant business is.
  9. But was it more juicy on the KK?
  10. Australia: Even the corn will kill you!
  11. When I saw this picture, I thought, "What kind of mutant corn-on-the-cob do they have down under?!?!?!" Then I scrolled up and read your post.
  12. Welcome back, CC! Very sorry to hear about your friends. If the airlines ever force you to unload some of your miles, rest easy, I'll take them.
  13. Yep, what @tony bsaid! We like ours simple and ultra smashed. Like this I use a flat spatula as the smasher and I push on the top of that with a bench scraper to smash the burger nice and thin. Then I use the bench scraper to make sure I get all of the crust on the meat and not left on the griddle.
  14. Smoke on the water..... dinner in the sky. Try to get that out of your head now.