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  1. New 21" Supreme

    Can't wait to see what you crank out on your KK. Whatever it is, "You'll get the chance to put the knife in" Sorry, I can't help but to think in Pink Floyd lyrics when I see your posts - and Animals is one of my favorite albums of all time.
  2. Donair Nova Scotia Style

    The way I understand it is - they are pretty much the same thing... except when they aren't. Shawarma, gyro, donair - are used interchangeably (at least here in North America) - Donair seems to be mostly used in Canada and gyro is the more popular term in the US. In the US, shawarma tends to be used for non-ground meats, where gyro is used for ground meats. US Tzatziki sauce differs by region. Sometimes heavy on garlic, sometimes not. Sometimes has dill, sometimes not. I believe in Canada, there are some tzatziki sauces that are sweet (mostly western Canada) and some that are more garlicky (eastern Canada)
  3. Looking for Grate Advice

    I also like the grill floss. It does a great job on the under-side of the bars, but does maybe lack a bit on the top. If I feel it didn't do the job well enough, I just scrub the top with a bit of crumpled aluminum foil. I'll have to try the Kurly Kate.
  4. New 21" Supreme

    Welcome! Will your first cook be a wing on the main grate with two pork butts on the upper grate? You know, pigs on the wing
  5. There was no poor loser'ness' in this thread. Everyone recognized the US won, and no one was suggesting it should be scrubbed from the record books. No one was crying foul, saying the rules changed, saying the rules were wrongly interpreted, or making any excuses. No one was trying to take anything away from the US women - or the Canadian women. We were just discussing if we liked the shootout or not. I didn't really care who won or lost that game, I just wanted to see a good game. I'm a fan of an NHL team and I like it better when they win, but overall, I am a hockey fan and I have opinions on what I think is right or wrong for the game. I'm not right, I'm not wrong; they are just my opinions.
  6. Roto pork loin, Reef BBq sauce, Cowboy steak

    Awww, get well soon, rotty! I had a lab that tore his ACL. When I went to pick him up at the vet, the tech went back to get the dog and the the Dr way saying, "He's going to struggle getting around for a few..." and he couldn't even finish his response and there was a huge ruckus in the back. Tyson tore his leash out of the tech's hands and ran through the back office, down the hall, and out into the waiting area at full speed. Even with one leg in a brace. He was impossible to slow down during his recovery.
  7. I think the NHL discussed that at some point, but went with the regular season shootout. If they want to avoid ties, it's probably the best solution. I'd still rather see a tie. That would be a better solution in the Olympic finals than the current shootout format, IMO.
  8. Yep, I'm not arguing the fact that everyone knew the rules going into the game and that the rules were followed to the letter. I'm just saying I wish they wouldn't end an amazing game they way they do. I know some people love the shootout, it creates it's own tension, but I've never been a fan.
  9. Makes sense with basketball where one can easily foul out. There aren't too many players kicked out of hockey games - and usually if they are, they are of the scrub variety The hockey shootout, IMO, is so separate from the game that they play up to that point, that it doesn't make sense to me. In my analogy above, at least field goals and foul shots are part of the normal game. Maybe a better analogy would be deciding a football game by which QB is better at the 'throw the ball through the tire' carnival game
  10. What people are mad about is settling a medal game with what is essentially, a skills competition. The NHL does shootouts for regular season, but not in the playoffs. I'm old-school, so I was never bothered by an NHL regular season game ending in a tie after a 5 min OT, but a large chunk of the US viewing audience hated ties, so the NHL added the shootout. I don't like the shootouts at all, the equivalent seems like ending an NFL game with a field goal kicking contest or an NBA game with a free throw contest; but if it brings more fans to the game, that's a trade I think you have to take. In the regular season, you can't have teams playing OT after OT to determine a winner; the schedule just doesn't allow it. The Olympics seem to get that deciding a game by shootout is not ideal so they change the rules for each round. In the group play, there is a 5 min OT, then shootout. In the bronze medal game, it's a 10 min OT, then a shootout. And in the gold medal game, it's a 20 minute OT, then a shootout. That adds to the confusion. I always wonder what it's like to watch the shootout ending for someone that's never seen hockey before. "I've been watching people chase each other and that little black disc around for 80 minutes and now they cut to a different game? It looks similar, the players look similar, but now everyone is standing around and watching one player?" I don't like the shootout ending to a medal game, but I think they are also in a spot where they don't have much choice. You can't have a game going 5 OTs with all of the other sports that are going on.
  11. Turning Corned Beef Into Pastrami

    I bought the Anova WiFi on pre-order before it was released. I'd think that was about 2 years ago and I use it all the time. For a few months, I made yogurt every weekend for smoothies during the week. About 2 months ago, we switched to eating steel cut oatmeal for breakfasts. I use the Anova to make those every weekend now. Oh, I also cook some steaks, chicken, pork chops, etc from time to time. Our favorite SV cook is steak. I also did one long pork butt cook and it was incredible. One of these days, I'll try a brisket. I use the WiFi, but not a lot. I like that I can use the Anova without the WiFi or Bluetooth if I want, but that wouldn't put me off getting a Joule. I always have my phone handy, so I don't need the onboard controls. Anova recently re-added the ice bath mode to their app. I want to try it, but haven't had the opportunity. That's where the WiFi option will shine. And yes, if you are interested in SV, the Sous Vide Everything YouTube channel is amaaaaazing. I've learned a lot from those guys.
  12. And so it begins...

    Welcome @Pizzaiolo! Nice matching car and KK! I, too, am from Napoli - but I am not Italian. My dad was in the US Navy stationed in Naples and my mom moved there to be with him. Unfortunately, I didn't really get to experience it. We moved back to the US about 6 months after I was born. Can't wait to see what you can create on the KK!
  13. Dana and I were shocked and saddened by this news. Our hearts and thoughts go out to you an Susan in this difficult time. We are so sorry for your loss.
  14. Lost my brother in law last weekend ;-(

    Wow, so sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. I know you will cherish the memories and keep him in your hearts.
  15. Using a Wok

    I have a flat-bottomed cast iron wok - Kamado Joe brand that I have used a few times in my 23". I never know what the right name is for the grates, but I use it on the grate in the second position down - is that the main grate? The lower grate? I wouldn't put it lower than that unless you don't like your eyebrows. I've never really had a grease spatter problem while using it on the grill. It works fine. It's not the best way to wok, but it works for the 2 or 3 times per year that we want to wok something.