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  1. @bosco i think you've posted before about the gas port having deflector, but I think the consensus was that the 23 Doesn't have one. I know mine didn't come with one. @golfpro2301If you want to Do thin crust pizzas, the deflector works great. I don't think many use it as a deflector very often. If you want to bake bread or thicker crust pizza, the baking stone is better for that. I might be missing something, but the temperature control on the KK is great. I see no need for the dual controls... But they do look cool! I don't think any of the above are necessary, depending on how, and what, you cook; I also don't think anyone with any of those items ended up even close to being disappointed that they got them.
  2. Scar (both for the gouges in the concrete and the tile cut on your finger) Phoenix Anubis - Egyptian god of the afterlife Orisis - Egyptian god of resurrection and regeneration
  3. Wow! Can't wait to see the pictures! I think commercial delivery is cheaper than residential. If you have a business to deliver to, and a way to get it home from there, you can save some money.
  4. Crescent dough is similar to croissant dough, but not as layered. It's a bit more dense. I think 'Crescent' is one of those brand names that became synonymous with a product. Like, we call all facial tissues "Kleenex" or all bandages "Band Aids"
  5. Hmmm, Jax? I'm over in the Tallahassee area. I'll come over and help with the KK restoration as long as I can bring my clubs and have you show me how to actually use them.
  6. I got the KJ CI wok as a gift and I like it. It's not the best material for a wok and it's not really traditional wok cooking, but it's still a lot of fun and puts out good results. You can almost think of it as a griddle with high sides so the little diced bits don't end up in the fire. The KJ wok has a flat bottom, so you don't really need the xrack. If I'm using it in the KJ, I use the xrack. On the KK, I just set it on the lower grate. Like @Aussie Orasaid, that's not really the easiest thing to do on the 23". Both @ckreefand @Aussie Oraare right - any wok cooking requires a ton of prep and organization. CI wok cooking on a komado requires even more planning and shuffling. I'll often cook an ingredient, say the protein, then pull that out and save off to the side while I load in the next ingredient - since there aren't cooler sections in the wok. No need for KK to go the wok route - the advantages of a KK for other cooks, namely the distance from the fire, are in direct opposition to wok usage. An xrack that fit in the top position might help a bit - that would get the bottom of the wok closer to the fire and leave the top of it at a descent level, but it's still not ideal.
  7. Yes, the hinge plate screws need the 5mm wrench.
  8. Wow, excited to see your progress. You can adjust the spring tension so that the lid will stop wherever you let go. Search the boards, you should find instructions.
  9. Check online before you go - it looks like the closest match it finds is Dubuque or Davenport.
  10. My controller didn't have an adapter that fit the guru port on the KK, so I went and got a pipe nipple. That was slightly too small and would pop out of the KK. I gave it a few wraps of paper and now it fits snug. Hey, you asked for a solution, you didn't ask for an elegant one.
  11. I recently messed with my grout jacket and I don't think it's a huge deal... but I did so under Dennis' direction.
  12. We'll be living this restore with you, @golfpro2301 Yes, that is a layer of the grout - you'll hear it called the 'jacket'. It's kind of like the shampoo/body wash combo - the grout performs the functions of both grout and mastic. In my experience, which is admittedly limited compared to a lot here, the grout gets soft enough that I think you could pop the tiles off of it with a small screwdriver. As I said before, don't just take my word for it, Dennis is the ultimate expert.
  13. That's the Upper (reversible) grate hanging on the side, but I agree, it doesn't look like it's ever been in a hot grill. Either that, or they followed @MacKenzie's cleaning methods. lol
  14. Welcome. I posted on the other board about heating up the grill to soften the grout. I think that might work out and you'd be less likely to damage any other tiles than you would be with a dremel. And, by the way, I am the proud owner of the KK that had the bent latch that ckreef fixed.
  15. lol I noticed this tonight, too. An unexpected source.