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  1. Wow! Now we know where the 'Orchard' in Port Orchard came from!
  2. Wow, that Wellington came out perfect. I look forward to your anniversary every year
  3. Looks delicious! And this part cracked me up!
  4. It looks like, at some point in that car, you'd hear the GPS say, "Take the next left onto Fury Road"
  5. HA! That's what I was wondering - if you loaded the forks when they were hot.
  6. Do you leave your Octoforks in place?
  7. That's how I do it. I pull the bottom vent door out a bit and spin the top 3 or 4 turns. I light the starters and make sure there are pieces of lump around then that will catch, then close and latch the lid. I go back inside to do whatever and check back in about 10 minutes (most of the time, I set a timer so I don't forget). When I go back out, if it's hot enough, I'll push in the bottom vent and set the dial and top vent. If it's not hot enough, I'll give it more time. Might even pull the guru port plug. I've never timed one vs. the other, but to me, it 'feels' like the lid closed gets the grill hot faster.
  8. For thin crusts, I use the KK deflector on the top grate. I think the heat transfer characteristics are different between the deflector and baking stone. Hard to run a comparison on the same cook, I really don't feel like swapping around hot stones to try this, but I've tried on separate cooks and felt I got a better crust with the deflector. I also stopped using cornmeal. I just got tired of the grit on the bottom of the pizza. I use parchment and trim it up so it's a slightly larger round than the pizza. This helps keep the edges from burning. Sometimes I pull the parchment out partway through the cook, sometimes I don't. I haven't really noticed that it changes the cook either way.
  9. Saw this article the other day and decided to try it tonight I had some pork tenderloins that I tied together and wanted to rotisserie on my KK. Before I loaded the meat in the rotisserie basket, I rubbed a very thin layer of mayo on the basket rods with my fingers. I probably used 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon. Just enough to coat the bars. It worked great! The pork slipped right out of the basket when I was done and the bars, where the pork was, looked cleaner than when I started lol
  10. I guess it was appropriate for any chickens that happen to watch.
  11. Nice cook. When the music started, it sounded kind of like the theme from Halloween the movie until the rest kicked in.
  12. I think the question always comes down to - is the KK a 'ceramic' grill? You'll note, none of them ever say that they have "the most advanced kamado-style grill"
  13. I know the feeling. We are on the downhill side of that. Two out of college, the last one is entering her Sr year. We're starting to think of all of the vacations we can take now lol
  14. I think it's pretty standard that they use newer equipment on TV. He never seems to have the spring adjusted right. He uses two hands to unlatch and open. I half expect him to go flying up with the lid. lol
  15. That would be awesome! We'll have to look at our schedule, but we have a pretty crazy summer going on. In 2 weeks, we head to China for a 2.5 week river cruise. And I'm on a huge project at work that looks like it will have me travelling off and on through the end of October. Including a trip 5 days after we return from China :S I think I'll have a better idea of what travel I'll need to do after that initial trip. If things go smoothly, I might get out of some of it. One of these days, me and the missus need to swing by your place. I want to check out that Blackstone and see if I can convince her it's worth it.