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  1. I love your setup and the new KK looks great.
  2. The first time I went there (last year), we were having a tour of the wine cellar and they received notification they had received the James Beard award for best wine program in the country. I believe they said they had about 700,000 bottles in house and that represented about 15% of their total. This year, we were waiting to be seated and Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter walked in with their supermodel wives. I am such a sports geek that I didn't notice the supermodels lol.
  3. Great looking meal Paul. Nice way to spend a day.
  4. You are in for a treat. I love SRF products.
  5. I think that pork collar is basically a boneless butt. I would do a low and slow cook with it into the 200 range for pulled pork. Use your favorite rub. For the tritip, I have always done them using reverse sear and they have turned out fantastic. But I'll bet about any technique on those wagyu tritips will turn out great.
  6. Do the skewers attach to the octoforks?
  7. It was hanging at 375.
  8. It was Bern's steak house. It was my second visit there and wonderful both times.
  9. That is what I call loaded up lol
  10. Just finished eating from the octoforks cook. All in all, it was fairly successful. I think the great thing about them is you could really load up the grill. I think I could have easily done 4 chickens on my 23". The thing I had difficulty with was keeping the food on the forks. The chicken was tied on so it was secure and the sausages held on pretty well. The vegetables were a different story. I loaded up half a pair with mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes and I lost nearly all of them to the fire. Here are some pics. I had some bacon on the far left for a salad. It actually held up pretty well; that was the food I was most worried about. On the far right, the forks were loaded up with vegetables when I started. It didn't take long to lose most of them. Sausages and what was left of the mushrooms done and plated. The chicken was really tasty. I really like the roadhouse chicken recipe. I am thinking I will prefer these to the traditional setup for the rotisserie . The main advantages as I see them are at least doubling the capacity of food and it is also easier getting the food on and off of the rotisserie. I did have a few casualties losing food into the fire so it is probably a matter of choosing wisely. I am sure Keith can chip in with some tips.
  11. me too
  12. Still waiting on my bands but I thought I might use some kitchen twine in the meantime. I have some baste I want to use and it would make things a lot simpler. I noticed on some earlier pictures that you often used half a pair with nothing holding the meat on. Does this generally work out favorably? I have some other things like sausage I want to throw on them.
  13. Put everything together this morning. Here is the box with packing removed. I purchased two pair (leap of faith). No leftover parts unlike most of my projects. I have two chicken halves marinating for some roadside chicken. I'm not sure whether to use half a pair (one on each end) or put them between a pair. I'm leaning towards the former and tying them on just to make sure they don't fall off. I can see how you could really load up the grill with these. I have a few things in the fridge that I may do just that.
  14. I think they probably are. I got mine off amazon as well. I opened the box to take a look at the octoforks; Those are sharp!
  15. Will do. Picked up a variety of different meat to try.