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  1. Nice meal all around. bonus points on the martini.
  2. Steve M


    She didn't add a bottle of liquid smoke?
  3. Steve M

    9 pork shoulders on a 32

    When 8 pork butts just won't do..... Great job !
  4. Steve M

    Hanger steak

    Great job on that sear. Looks awesome
  5. Steve M

    A Very Small Brisket

    Looks great MacKenzie
  6. Steve M

    Butt with Vinegar Mop Sauce

    That looks awesome, I love the vinegar based sauces. I had a similar experience after hurricane isabel. No power for a week as I slowly then quickly cooked everything in the freezer. I wish that I had the kk then, it would have been a lot easier.
  7. Is it pretty close when you add the fittings to both sides of the basket? I think I had to remove about 1/16" from mine to get it to fit.
  8. Steve M

    I love the smell of wagyu in the morning

    Mostly coarse ground pepper and kosher salt but I also gave a light dusting of montreal steak seasoning.
  9. Steve M

    I love the smell of wagyu in the morning

    What an amazing lunch. I put the butcher paper wrapped brisket in a cooler for 3 hours and just sliced it up.
  10. Steve M

    321 Ribs stuffed Jalapenos and smoked hotlinks

    It looks fantastic
  11. Well, that and napalm. 15.3 lb SRF brisket on the kk since yesterday afternoon at 4:30. Hopefully should come off in about an hour or so. It went unwrapped until I got up this morning at 7am so I wrapped in pink butcher paper and will stay that way until I slice it.
  12. Great looking kk and setup. Sounds like you're already on your way to a great start.
  13. Steve M

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

  14. Steve M

    Lost my brother in law last weekend ;-(

    He sounds like an amazing person. I'm sorry for your loss.
  15. Steve M

    My first cook - ribs and a small butt

    Cooked too much food? Not possible I much prefer st louis cut ribs to spareribs. They are pretty close to my favorite of baby backs. As far as the time goes, there could be a couple of things going on. Your temps could have been lower than measured. You could try calibrating the dome thermometer and your temperature probe to make sure they are accurate. My dome thermometer was just off a couple of degrees. It isn't unusual to measure two different temps when the cook is starting. After a couple of hours they typically get pretty close if you are keeping the top closed. Or it could be as @Pequod said and the grate probe was not over the foil and you were getting some direct temps on the probe. You can't argue with results though. They look like they turned out great.