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  1. You're off to a killer start, can't wait to see the finished ribs.
  2. I could help with that sandwich and I just ate dinner.
  3. I don't think a review could be any better. It was nice for him to put so eloquently what we all think.
  4. Looks delicious.
  5. Congratulations on the new kk. I have a terra blue 23 and it is gorgeous color. Fire away with questions. There will always be a lot but you will discover what a pleasure it is to cook on and how amazing the food tastes.
  6. Thank goodness I went to a school where none of that nonsense went on
  7. That looks delicious.
  8. There's a master class for beer drinking?
  9. The cast iron smoke pot seems to be pretty popular here and that is the route I took. I use it for the low and slow cooks and it provides plenty of smoke for my taste. Dennis also sells a cold smoker that can be added to the built in port if you wanted more smoke. You could also use chunks or chips with holes punched in some foil. Lots of ways to approach it. I have used many grills over the years from dedicated smokers (gas and electric), offset smokers, pellet grills, and Weber gas grills. The kk serves all my needs and gives me the control that I want so I don't have to stay up all night babysitting the grill.
  10. Congratulations on the anniversary and that is one incredible meal. the beef wellington looks absolutely perfect. Kudos!
  11. That's some gooey goodness right there. Yum
  12. Awesome, I love peach pie
  13. I have no real capacity issues on my 23. The biggest need for extra space is when cooking in two different temp ranges so I would recommend both I have two other grills - a pellet grill and a huge Weber that hardly get used anymore. Even if I just wanted a burger I would fire up the kk.
  14. the tenderloin does look perfect as well as the rest. Great job on the cook.
  15. Those look great Aussie.