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    Cooking, fly fishing, photography, woodworking, acoustic guitars and single-barrel bourbons in no particular order and frequently combined(with the exception of alcohol and power tools, I like my fingers).

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  1. Just a follow-up: I've been using the FiAir for the last couple months every Saturday to juice up the coals in the PK for the second phase of reverse-seared burgers and it absolutely rocks! I'm still on the original cheap batteries it came with, it fits in your pocket(well, mostly), doesn't need to be plugged in and it's quiet to boot. When I think of how many $25 gadgets I've bought that didn't work I smile every time I use this one! Best, Bill
  2. Way Cool! I need to fence the back yard and raise some fresh eggs!
  3. This one?
  4. You should give her one of Joel Salatin's books or Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma". We pay for cheap food every paycheck in the taxes deducted, every month when we pay the premium for our health insurance. If you think your employer "gives" you your health insurance you're kidding yourself.
  5. Great, Mac! Folks who feed birds often forget they need water, too. We had a "frozen precipitation event" here in Atlanta last Friday followed by a cold front, I spent more time hauling water than messing with feeders.
  6. Total weight of 2 lb, 10 oz for $150 = $57.00/lb plus shipping. I can do a lot better than that for dry-aged beef from my local Whole Foods. Their dry-aged tenderloin runs about 25.99/lb if i remember. You can get 8 lb, 8 oz. of Aukushi/Angus Wagyu for $365 from Heritage Foods, that's $43/lb for some of the finest beef you'll ever put in your mouth: Steak Lovers Package Plus shipping, of course.
  7. Doc, thanks for bringing up the Swinger! It was the first grill I owned after a hibachi, bought my first one 25+ years ago and replaced it faithfully when the bottom rusted out(about every 3-5 years). When the last one rusted out I bought a Weber kettle but I've finally settled on a PK as a decent replacement for the Swinger. Thanks again for bringing up some happy memories.
  8. Side burner on a gasser works really well to start a chimney of charcoal. Just wear shoes when you walk that chimney over to the grill(don't ask)!
  9. So what is this, a pimped KJ? Really?
  10. OK, so we combine a carbon-steel edge with an acidic wood? Have these people never heard of rust? It is beautiful, a real work of art. But I'm a woodworker so I may be a bit biased.
  11. If you take out the rubber grommet you can get the plug end of the probe through the hole. Slice one side of the grommet with a sharp knife and it will slip over the wire. Put it back in place and you're sealed.
  12. I'll join in on the request, no other forum, word processor, email app or anything else I use to type on automatically follow an "Enter" key with an extra line feed. Every time I type a new paragraph I end up going back and deleting the extra line(I didn't here). .
  13. And a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! You're a bit ahead of us but we only have % hr. or so to go here in the Eastern US. And a Merry Christmas to all here on the Forum!
  14. I get my tanks filled at BJ's, they're a lot cheaper than the exchange places and I get an honest 20 lb. of propane. I think my last refill was $10.99 but I'm a member. It's easy, walk into the tire department, pay for it, meet the guy at the refill station, take your tank and leave. The local Ace Hardware will refill tanks but they're more expensive.
  15. My 22 doesn't have the gas burner port or a cover. Guess I was just lucky.