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  1. First Cook.....

    Looks like one hell of a start.
  2. Just tragic! I am so sorry for your loss and pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you.
  3. You've got a friend in me

    21 is way too young to have those worries. I hope all comes out well. Very thoughtful of you!!!
  4. A Very Small Brisket

    Most of the grass fed is a little too green for my taste.
  5. Lazy Football Sunday Dinner

    Agreed! Hard to beat a good burger. What was grind? 80/20? Did you grind your own or store bought?
  6. First Roti Beef Roast

    That's a good looking roast. As MacKenzie said your next one will be even better.
  7. Ckreef need a favor mate

    Glad to hear your sister is safe. My heart goes out to all in Florida and Texas. I know first hand what it's like to loose everything and the effort it takes to recover. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  8. I can tell you about hummingbirds. In 2015 my wife went through 110 lbs. of sugar making juice for them. She was making close to a gallon a day. I tell her they're not hummingbirds they're more like bumming herds. And Charles is right. They don't crash. Also the males don't migrate, they stay through the winter so keep one feeder available.
  9. So what's cooking?

    Y'all are killing me! Sooo jealous! I worked night shift all weekend. Great looking meals.
  10. Pork Belly

    Man that looks good. Makes me want to shout PORK FAT RULES!! Did you get good crackle?
  11. Beef ribs

    Nice ribs. great looking plate of food there.
  12. Rotisserie Roast

    What cut is it? How big? Bone in? I don't have a rotisserie but here's what works for me. I do rib roasts at ~200 or less till an IT of 120/125. Pull and tent so I can crank up the heat to 450 - 500 and then do a sear. Pink from edge to edge and juicy. No complaints and lots of return customers...I mean non-paying family members.
  13. I love the smell of wagyu in the morning

    Nicely done! looks fantastic.