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  1. Very nice Bruce. Must have been a great time.
  2. Wew!!! What a first day! It wouldn’t stop!

    @TheNomad Epic first cook!! Well done indeed.
  3. Ciabatta!

    @Pequod Looks fantastic!
  4. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Happy wife = happy life. My wife's name is Sue so my tag line for years has been, You don't want to piss-off the Sue and I'm not talking Indians!
  5. New KK decision made

    @alimac23 I can just see it now. 15 years down the road and the wife will say, "Do you know what today is?" and you'll reply, of course...It's the day we decided what KK to purchase!! On a side note, today is the wife and my 30th anniversary. Been together so long we're starting to look like each other...her mustache is phenomenal!
  6. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    @sfdrew28 head north young man! I was pleased with the quality and price at the Sonoma Meat Company. Also isn't the Golden Gate Meat Co. near you? Haven't been there but, I heard it's quality.
  7. I’m here now and I’m never leaving!

    Welcome and congratulations. You're really going to enjoy cooking on your KK.
  8. Burger night

    No shortage of flavors there!
  9. 23 or 21

    @tony b I would have thought it is too humid in your area to grow hops. From what I understand Cascade is a pretty universal hop that can be used in numerous beer recipes.
  10. Teaser alert!! Is it one of those yakatori (Spelling ??) grills you mentioned awhile ago?
  11. The Fat Man Is In The House

  12. yes @tekobo I did get a notification. Thanks for sharing!
  13. That's a good looking WFO. What company made it?
  14. Hi Tekobo, how do you get their names in your post like that?
  15. 23 or 21

    Hey Tony B. What kind of hops you got growing there in the pic with ABT?