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  1. Did you show them your KK? Do you bring them some of your cooking?
  2. When is spring coming? Rib Cap :)

    Love rib cap!! Nicely done.

    Welcome. You're going to love your KK. You made a wise decision.
  4. First brisket on a Komodo

    Looks good too me. Nicely done.
  5. KK Cooks Japanese

    Very nice.
  6. Brisket epiphany

    Crazy Americans?!!! I think you're fitting right in. Hey tekobo how come there's no plated pics? Oh wait, I know...you went all caveman and ate it standing up - off the cutting board - with your bare hands!! I bet you used the dish towel as a napkin also...right?!!
  7. Salmon 3 ways

    The smoked fish rub in your last picture...my Son-in-Law owns King Kooker. His parents started the company in their backyard 30 years ago. I highly recommend their deep fryers, other cooking equipment, and seasonings.
  8. Would like to be a new owner

    And here I thought the only ones who purchased a KK with seeing one first were the ones who purchased their second or third KK. Bought mine sight unseen. No regrets so far.
  9. Spicy Thighs

    I have drank lots of Moose Drool. I prefer Sierra Nevada Pale Ale...but Moose Drool is good.
  10. Quick tri tip

    The marinating shot looks like it has some good marbling. Nicely done.
  11. Smoking Gun

    Interesting. I have never seen that before.
  12. Very nice. Can't wait to see some of the New Years pics.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Yes! Merry Christmas to all!!
  14. First low n slow cook.

    Nicely done! Is Madeline teething? I ask because my grandson loves ribs also...but loved them even more when he was teething.
  15. Just another day in Buffalo

    Where at in Nor Cal? Hope we get rain soon!!