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  1. Agreed. The only times I'm in a hurry to get the KK up to temp is when the snow is flying or it's raining sideways. Outside of that I'll have a nice adult beverage in my hand and just wait it out.
  2. Makes me glad I'm on the west coast.
  3. Nice looking knives. Just beautiful work. Nothing better than pride in craftsmanship.
  4. Nicely done. Great looking meal.
  5. Looks good too me!
  6. That's a big-ole-hunk of meat. Looks delicious.
  7. Good looking ribs.
  8. Impressive. she did a great job.
  9. Another great looking meal. Pure food porn.
  10. That's going to make a tasty meal. Very nice.
  11. Nice setup! I agree with the others, use lump for the burn in. Remember you can cook while you do the burn in...don't waste the fuel and heat. Reverse sear some steaks, do a pork shoulder, brisket or even hot dogs.
  12. Wow! Nicely done. I'm about as far away from expert as you can get but, I like the first overhead money shot that shows the green salad also.
  13. Welcome! Nothing like jumping in with both feet. You done well! Thanks for the great pics and narrative.
  14. Happy Birthday! Congrats on another successful trip around the sun! Did you fix yourself a special meal?