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  1. And so it begins...

    Nice Maserati!
  2. La Chamba Portabella Stew

    Going to get in the 60's tomorrow in Miami Beach.....
  3. What to do with left over pulled pork

    leftovers? Ha! Looks good! I like to make chili.
  4. Low and slow steak

    I cooked this Prime dry aged New York strip steak at a very low temperature as the KK was coming up from about 150 to 250 F maximum temperature before thie sear. Apple wood for smoke. The steak was two inches thick and took approximately one hour and 30 minutes to cook. I then rested the steak and brought the KK up to 500 degrees for a quick sear. The steak was at 118F internal when pulled for the rest. Sort of like using the KK as a sous vide heat source.
  5. Surf and turf and turf (plus brisket question)

    I always dissect out the fat pocket as you describe......
  6. So what's on your KK for Memorial Day?

    No pics... but I made 6 slabs of loin ribs, 2 brisket points, slow smoked yardbird parts, hot dogs and burgers.... Hope y'all had a good holiday!
  7. Two of my current machines that still make me smile
  8. Three Chimney Komodo Prototype

    LMAO... I will take mine in a 42....
  9. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    More sous vide steaks.... The bone in had slightly better flavor. Both amazing!
  10. We are Ubons out of Yazoo City Mississippi. Thanks everyone. Next stop WCBCC at Memphis in May
  11. Raised 1.3M dollars for kid and their families fighting pediatric brain tumors. 94 teams, 4th place ribs
  12. Vera (Waters) 1:38 Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?Remember how she said that We would meet again Some sunny day?Vera! Vera!What has become of you?Does anybody else hereFeel the way I do? Pink Floyd The Wall 1979
  13. The Tesla is quite fast in "Ludicrous" mode, but doesn't have a 295 mile range when going 0-60 sub 3 secs.... Also the Porsche 918 Spyder does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. It is a hybrid gas electric. Several others beat the Tesla as well. Bugatti Veyron, P1 McClaren come to mind
  14. Dog looks excited.....