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  1. I bought a Solidteknics pan a few years ago.. had some kind of gold finish on it.. The first issue I had was how thin and cheap feeling it was then the gold color started to come off and I gave it away.. I like my pans to have heft to them.. at least the bottom. This was stamped out of thin sheet.. I'll stick with my lodge pans..
  2. There is a KK facebook page.. that being said they don't show my posts to hardly anybody organically anymore. I have to run ads that used to be very targeted but now Apple has removed Facebooks ability to collect data not as much..
  3. Charcoal burns at the maximum volume for the given airflow regardless what the properties of the charcoal are. The same airflow will create the same BTUs.. The more dense the charcoal is the less of it will appear to be burning, the less dense will have more burning..
  4. The secret here is to use VERY LITTLE.. LESS IS MORE in this case.. and when it's half dried clean it up to look like you want it.. MUCH easier than trying to achieve the same look after it's dried.. remember the holes you are filling are the size off a needle. A grain of rice volume is more than enough.. To hide any calcium/white deposits mix a drop of water to a kidney bean volume of grout and use this as paint to cover the white residue that is in tiny holes in the material which makes it impossible to wipe off..
  5. The volume of insulation/ wall thickness is the same in ALL models from 16-42". It will take a bit more BTU's to heat soak the walls, but from that point on they all burn very little charcoal to maintain low and slow temps.. To give you an idea.. A 23" with my dense coconut shell charcoal can go 85 hours at 235ºf on a single basket. The 42" with a much larger basket can go 215 hours at 235ºf on a single basket! The only time charcoal consumption is noticeable is when you are grilling at high temps and then the KK consumes charcoal at the same rate as every other grill.. but using the charcoal basket splitter helps to reduce consumption because you only need to light and use an appropriate volume for the meat you are cooking.. Crank it down and a 42" is suddenly cooking with the same volume as a 23" with splitter.. I've never heard of anybody commenting about charcoal consumption in a KK except when baking Napoleon pizzas at very high temps 800-900º.. these actually should be done with a baking steel at 450º will get the same leoparding on your crust.. much safer and less fuel..
  6. It's not the moisture but the temp of the meat that helps with condensation.. After about 145º it's not getting anymore smoke. Another problem can be if you are seasoning heavily and very little of the surface is exposed.. For some reason the best smoke rings happen if you don't open the grill during the first 4-5 hours.
  7. Please also remember that the vapor you are trying to create is also in your charcoal. For more smoke flavor remove any charcoal that you have grilled with and replace it with fresh charcoal. Once you burn your charcoal over 450º the organic material that makes the smoke flavor is greatly reduced. Above about 450 you will see flames on your charcoal..that's your flavor turning to vapor and burning off..
  8. Use a jaccard meat tenderizer to pierce the skin.. makes it easier for the fat to render out.. Baking powder is slightly alkaline, helps to raise the pH level of the chicken skin. This in turn allows the proteins to break down, and broken-down protein equals faster browning and extra crisping.
  9. Very few tiles get the two grey colors.. dark mustard was before the acrylic grout. Pretty much everything we do now is black.
  10. It's a cold smoker because it does not generate enough heat to cook something.. that does not mean that you can't use it for smoking while cooking low and slow. It works great for that too.. The secret with keeping the wood smoldering is to microwave the wood until it stops steaming or starts smoking. Especially in humid climates.. Removing the last little bit of moisture in it makes all the difference.
  11. Would be really easy to make up a draft door with a tube and bracket welded to it that the male cold smoker tube could slide into. We've already done this for the 19" Gas burner
  12. The smoke is transferred to the meat by condensation.. Try spritzing cold fluid or putting the meat in the grill cold.
  13. I believe I have more tile choices today at one time than I've ever had and because we now sort for uniformity most tiles have 3-4 different versions. Tile colors go in and out of fashion, basically what colors designers are using in bathrooms, kitchens and pool areas. I can use most 25 or 28mm glazed ceramic tiles.. no glass tiles. For 18 months, all grills have been built to order, the tweed patterns do not take longer or cost more than the tile version used. We still do the odd ball tiles from time to time... Did these three in the last 6 months or so..
  14. Here is a great review so I don't have to wag my own tail.. I'll let Forbes do the dirty work for me.. Komodo Kamado Forbes Review
  15. Record shattered: 65 container ships stuck waiting off California Watch the video argh!
  16. The actual insulation and reduced airflow will get you more retained moisture and condensation of vapor for that is the smoked/charcoal flavor. It's not extra because the glazed pot Kamados are not insulated. A dense glazed material by definition is not insulating. Touch a hot one to check. It's not the low airflow that makes the chicken amazing.. it's the large volume of hot-face that holds heat and creates convection heat to cook your birdie from all directions. Moisture moves away from the heat source and evaporates. If the heat source is uniform from all directions your food will have more retained moisture. When convection ovens came out chefs all ranted and raved about how much better the food was.. This is also why KK's bake so well. I love to do my chickens on the upper grate to best utilize this brick oven cooking environment and it's best for browning.
  17. Please don't shoot the messenger... Your grill is a 23" Ultimate not a 32" Big Bad. You have your side tables reversed.. the square point goes in the rear and mimics the shape of the grill.± Best to use maroon Scotchbrite to remove the stains and oxidation on the teak..
  18. Great job Kemi, thank you VERY BIG... you are my hero! And the best line... "and Bob's your Uncle"
  19. It would have to be a metal pipe because there is some heat generated maybe a Y fitting...
  20. LOL that's the black foam shipping protection.. So the crate does not damage the collar..
  21. It's been 9 years since I raised the price of the 23" Ultimate.. It's been long overdue.. Prices need to go up again. The 32" has never had an increase since it was released 9 years ago September.. It's time has come too.. Just some writing on the wall for anyone considering ordering..
  22. Over the last 35 years I've been shipping containers to the US from Indonesia, I've paid as little as $2,250 and as much as $6,400 for the sea freight. It costs another $1,800 to clear customs and have the container delivered and unloaded. Sea freight charges: Surabaya to Long Beach/Los Angeles May 2019 2,850 May 2020 4,200 May 2021 6,900 Mid 2021 9,400 June 1st 2021 11,900 August 15th - 31st $19,500!! Validity only two weeks will go up again... I've been eating it up to now.. but will be forced to add a "Sea Freight Surcharge" to all new orders. And will need to start shipping the grills in two crates so we can stack the smaller ones.
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