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  1. I agree. We love Peaches on grill. We put a cream cheese on ours. More of a sweet treat., but I could eat any fruit with my meals any day of the week. Great cook.
  2. Kewl.. Now we have a smoker, I want to smoke some cheese like you did. Which cheeses are the best smoked?
  3. I know but haven't really cook anything much lately. I do miss yall to. Just hanging out in my own little world lately but I'm getting there.
  4. We will see if two headed reef is better than one.. Lol.. Sorry haven't been over here much. I lurk still but no cooks to post. Ckreef does most of it.. But wanted to say hi to everyone.
  5. Hi @Aussie hope all is well. That looks terrific. I want to try this. Sounds good.
  6. Well let me say that the blueberry bbq sauce was awesome. Love this stuff. You can make anyfruit a good sauce for bbq. (my beliefs) this has been my most favorite sauce that @ckreefmakes. Good job Love
  7. I loved the original so him tweaking it, I got worried. Maybe we find out this afternoon if it gets a thumbs up.
  8. Pretty sad when Home Pizza taste better than Pizza Joint. Im looking forward to @ckreefPizza's
  9. Yummy porkchops @MacKenzie.. Do love the mix veggies.
  10. skreef

    Wing party!

    Its hard to cook for different taste buds. Look like you pulled it off. Great cook @shuley
  11. That looks super delicious. Talking about Tzatziki Sauce I love that stuff. I make the one with dill.. So good. Great cook @MacKenzie
  12. Your cooks always looks so good. We need to do some Ribs. Hadn't done them in a while.
  13. Great first cooks. BBQ Is great on the KK's... Pizza too.
  14. Thank you @MacKenzie. It was. Hope you been doing well.
  15. Lol.. Yes we make the dressing early to give it the necessary time to come divine. Can't go wrong with these vinagars. Love'em.. One of the few things I encourage to buy. Yes been a while. As yall know, ckreef hogs the cooking.. Lol. That might be a conspiracy.. Lol.. But I love it when he cooks. I have more chores to do than cook. I still love too tho. Did cook this the other day. Flat Iron Steak with tri-color Potatoes steamed and then pan fried with Ghee. Serve with Greenbeans with Pearl Onions and added some homemade Au-Jus.
  16. I had fun reading all yalls post. Glad to know that you all enjoying it. It is def one of my favorites. This Village where we buy it, has so many terrific flavors to choose from. They have one, Pineapple. So good. Since Im not your typical taster. I sample a few of them, and the ones I did was great. Merry "late" Christmas and Happy New year to you all.
  17. I want to take minute to express my appreciation for all of your sweet condolences. It means alot to me. Continue to pray for us. I will share this pic with you all, which my baby girl sent it to me justabout 3 weeks ago before she got on the boat for a cruise with her husband. She will be truly missed❤️
  18. No @MacKenzie. It just landed there. And he sad down. Pecked at the bad and kept looking towards the grill. Lol
  19. He is looking toward the grills. Im thinking he wants me to grill him up something. Hope he doesn't want grill worms.. Or do they even eat them, ok might have to think about that.
  20. Looks really great @MacKenzie. I'm a big Pasta fan. Love when ck cooks them. So good.
  21. Looks really good. Makes me want a blt..
  22. Is moose meat a strong, dry meat. Never had it before.. I believe tho I could dive into that ice-cream. Yummy
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