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  1. Pizza night - the adult pizza was goat cheese, fig, caramelized onion, balsamic reduction and arugala. Two cheese for the kids. One no sauce. 48 hour dough, cooked @650f. It took about 2 hours to get to temp. No blower or other acceleration.
  2. You can close close the lid pretty much right away after you get it lit. It probably takes an hour to get to ~500 with the pizza stone in starting from a cold start. And maybe another 20 min to get from 500-650/700. Everyone’s experience is going to be a bit different depending on setup.
  3. Simple brisket to stock the freezer for weekday lunches/dinners. Meathead’s big bad beef rub (ish). Left the KK running for dinner tonight - nice that it will rumble along for 24 hours and still have plenty of charcoal. Cheers
  4. Experiment tonight- put a 5lb bird in a cage to spin. 375-400, apple chunks. Basic chicken rub. Worked very well. I might try this to spin a batch of drumsticks or wings. . .
  5. Thanks! Getting closer They did - our kids are the same age (youngest is 5) - so easy to please with the basics
  6. Back porch pizza. 6.5 min at 600-650. Working on a faster dough cycle, which worked fairly well. Garden fresh basil from the neighbors.
  7. Chili and Tacos are always a hit. We also do a brunch brisket hash. Great problem to have!
  8. Pork tenderloins with corn and arugula. Lanes Hawaiian rub - Kapalua.
  9. Looks good. One note: You may be getting some temp creep from opening to mop on a regular cycle.
  10. Tough but fun decision. The space is fantastic - could easily see a 32 + 21 there (pebbles of course). We will likely end up with a 42 and a 16 . . .everyone has to solve for a different space and situation. Good Luck!
  11. Following the trend with more Pizza. Almost rained out, nothing fancy, kid friendly. The pizza stones were close to 100 degrees off with the right stone hotter, so a little bit of playing shuffle the pizza. About 6-7 min cooking time.
  12. Agree with what Tony said - very straightforward and easy to get great results. Another option is the reverse sear method. Indirect at 250-275f until it is 110-125f (to preference on doneness), then pull it and tent it and open the vents for 500f, then sear for the crust and to get the last 10 degrees. Any dry rub of choice if you want to put some smoke on it during the low/indirect phase. Sometimes we dry rub, sometimes we do a horseradish/herb/salt crust. For larger crowds I have used this method to hit different target temps on 3 different roasts at the same time. Sorry no cook pictures.
  13. Everybody gets what they want tonight. The kids (5 and 7) have been been champs about trying just about anything over the years, but for some reason have decided NO STEAK over the past month. . . . Maybe I Weill take pictures of the plated hot dogs sometime. . .
  14. This was helpful, answered a bunch of questions for me. Definitely can see a 16” in my future for small cooks and secondary options. Thank you for the comparison pictures and measurements.
  15. Started a ~20lb(pre-trim) brisket last night for dinner today. Kitchen sink rub, ~265-270f, did not wrap. Woke up later than planned and had overshot by a few degrees. Great results in any case. The KK overnight stability continues to impress. Cheers
  16. Congrats! The 32 is ~900lbs - so keep that in mind / have enough help handy. I brought the 42 though the house on 3/4 ply ( it weights in ~1600lbs). We had more steps to go up so used 2x6 rails underneath for the steps. Even with the ply it was heavy enough to dent the aluminum threshold of the front door - not sure if the same would be the case with the 32. Also, be aware of the clearance - I had to take the stainless housing off of the back (around the spring) and we had to pop the lid open to go through the door so the handle would clear. Good luck!
  17. Friday dinner on the KK -fire in the middle and sides on the sides -yum. Ready for the weekend, but the Georgia spring pollen effect is in full swing - the blue pebbles are going to be yellow/green by the end of next week.
  18. Ribs going on and ready to come off. 3-2-1 method with house pork rub.
  19. Following 3 hours of “winter” in Atlanta yesterday we were back to 55-60f and sunny today! So . . . ~5lb boneless rib roast with mushrooms & onions and green beans. Salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder - reverse sear. Everything cooked on the KK - Cheers.
  20. Happy Holidays! We have enjoyed the 65f and sunny . . . so KK Pizza last night and holiday ham tonight.
  21. Yes - There was a steady rain yesterday, so we stuck a potato in the back to get a remote ambient temp in the house. Nothing to do with the meat, just minimizing my time in the rain.
  22. Family in town for the weekend - great reason to load up the KK. Ribs cooked 3-2-1 method - always a crowd pleaser.
  23. I tried the deflectors one time (coming from a primo was used to using them and they helped with stability), and then started playing with other options on the KK. For most of what we do aluminum foil, food service pans, or lids end up being the most flexible / useful for deflectors. I will include pictures of the setup from this weekend (~36lbs for a block party). I have been really pleased with the stability of the kk even without the deflectors or water pans, etc. The kk chugged along overnight (no pit controller) as our local temp dropped from 60f to 35f - a good thing since I was asleep!
  24. Ribs and rib-lets smoking. Will drop in the lower rack to grill a couple pork chops when these are done.
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