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  1. So I’m late in this topic,but can offer some advice. Bought my first jap.knife 20 years ago. have both vg10 and white metal and some blue. Prefer the stainless for everyday use and white aogami for sushi ,yanagiba or tuna knife ,have both. Watanabe hand made me 3 stainless knife ,chef,slicer and large heavy deboning.Made me large blue carbon cleaver,so sharp I don’t let anybody use it,very dangerous. for everyday sushi,a stainless sujiiki,slicer.Nenox. then deba for fish ,white metal,and for easy labor,stainless shun kiritsuke for poultry,shun tomato knife, kamikoto zirconium series and vegetable knife both stainless and white metal.Also have Glestain and Nenox chef knife hand made knives,glestain and nenox easy to sharpen.(stainless) have all the shapton collection of stone for stainless, and the natural stone collection for blue and white metal. Shuns are a pain to sharpen…they sharpen them for free but at ups 30$ each way to Them, it gets expensive. bought shapton special vg10 320 grit stone and do it myself.much cheaper! Dont buy anything over 8000 grit, unless you are a fanatic…I have 15k and30k and have never used them. Lately jap.knives have gone down in price,kamikoto have superb design,great prices ,but ROC hardness is 55 to 56,less than a great Japanese knife. so you save a lot and can afford a few of their stones.Sharpen more often😇 happy hunting
  2. thanks for your advice will try
  3. I have thought of mixing kosher salt and maple sirup and apply it with my fingers between each slice and let it sit in the fridge for 3 days. How much salt ? What do you think ? Longer?
  4. agree, I have a thermapen, and would have to watch... Dennis's slices did look great; again would I need to cure them in brine, and how long?
  5. Reading all these posts, it looked awfully good, so I ordered a slab of pork belly at publix, for the first time ever, on friday. Picked it up this PM, and it came as 2 square five pounds pieces, but trimmed and cut in slices 3/8 thick, looking like gorgeous bacon in creovac. I know I can smoke it, but I will not be able to know when it reaches 147 degrees, and how should I cure it , since it is already cut? Any ideas would help.
  6. hi, I don't post often, but I read your stuff. I use my cold smoker for smoking, cooking at temp below 290F. I don t have to open the KK to add chunks, so no heat loss.Everything stays closed, until I check the meat. I love it because I have control of the amount of smoke that goes in the KK. Never too much smoke taste. I close the bottom vent like with the guru, but play with the fan of the pump to prevent overheating. Usually with the lower vent closed, around 50% on the pump dial is great for me. If I m done with smoking, pull it out, put the guru plug in and crack open the lower vent. I use coffee wood, but also mini splits of numerous fruit wood that are easy to get in Florida. The mini may impair the airflow so I keep an eye on the amount of smoke coming out. I light the mini split with my torch, then flip it 180° inside the cold smoker and start the pump. Havent had any problems with that. I consider the cold smoker a great addition I made to the KK. For a high temp cook, I havent used it, because chunks are easier.
  7. Re: New KK Video in the works - your feedback please FEEDBACK ??? I'M JEALOUS !!!! Why does yours look so much nicer than mine?? And when I open the lid, I don't get the nice music...Is this a new feature Dennis forgot to include in my KK ? Your pebbles look three dimensional. It feels heavenly.Woodstock flashbacks. Also, your KK is much cleaner than my KK. Were you able to afford the self cleaning feature? Arrrgh...need to get rid of my old KK and get a new Canadian version .Shucks, why not two. Hey Dennis, make it two 32's. Do you ship to Montreal? Instruction in french only please. . Great video Cobra, keep it coming.
  8. Re: Re-Newed my Vows and on a US Road-trip congratulations are in order. Great photos and mostly, lovely and beautiful wife. How was your first night ???
  9. Re: Hello and Help! Congratulation on your choice and welcome to the group....wonderfull grill...Dennis has a nice and excellent thermometer on it.That being said, you probably need to have a ballpark idea of the temp for the break in. An temporary thermometer would do. My break in was under temp the first time and over temp the second time.In retrospect, not a big deal. The effect is more psychological because of the big expense one goes through. If you cant wait,go at it slowly.The key is to keep it around 600 for a few hours if my memory serves me well.I was too careful the first time and too impatient the second time.The unit is well made and the gaps in the grout easily fixable....No brainer. As for the booklet, it is emailed by Dennis. I dont know where mine is, I use Dennis as my booklet. or the forum. Its summer, he may be on a family trip. BTW I learned early to do major cosmetics as mine was hit by a huge branch during a waterspout landing. Dennis walked me through it. Get a cheap thermometer at HD and go for it. enjoy your new toy.
  10. Re: Tarpon on Fly Rod This is an exciting catch on a fly rod...was it with short leader or long and also, did you use a drag? or the palm of your hand??? Your tarpon looks like a 150 pounder. Love catching big fish on a fly...I go to Costa Rica fishing sailfish on Fly Rod. By the end of the day, I am so tired, can't move. Were you in Boca or the Keys? Hope you enjoyed your trip. Me, off to Montreal at 4 am tomorrow for the 60th of a good friend. My wife and I celebrated our 60 th in la Malbaie , Quebec in january this year. 10 days of skidooing,skiing, dog sledding, raquetting,cross country skiing and eating wonderfully. That changes the Florida scenery!
  11. Re: BBQ Guru with KK I've had the same issue. I've started clipping the grate probe to the wire of the meat probe as it comes out of the probe itself. It is close to the grill and to the top of the meat.It is an average of both temps.I allow for some temp difference of a few degrees if I want to estimate the temp of the grill...(I add about ten degrees). Had no problems up to now.
  12. It may be to late to ask, but has anybody smoked a pickled beef tongue on the kk before? Got to cook a 4 pound one tomorrow, and I thought of using the grill instead of boiling. Anybody has experience?
  13. Re: Cleaning Stainless Steel Thanks for the info J.... Obviously too much for me to handle. I did cancel the order last tuesday. The distributor has not contacted me in anyway but if they ever do, I will follow your advice. I will abandon the idea and continue doing what I've been doing all these years... "Burn it off"" My idea was to dilute it. I'm a surgeon, not a chemist... I think I got a little too much carried away!! Guy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Re: Cleaning Stainless Steel This is a follow up on my order of nitric acid. The distributor that Grainger uses refuses to deliver at a private home ,(hazmat) I guess. So Grainger reimbursed me.... Turned around and looked on line for another distributor and found "DGR Industrial Product "based in Ca. 40$ plus 28$ for delivery of 50% nitric acid. Paid and after a few days, called to ask about delivery. They never answer the phone, return email or phone calls. Still have not received the stuff.... Advised Capital One who red flagged the transaction. Until this gets cleared up, BEWARE. I will not order from them again until I get reimbursed or get delivery! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. Re: Johnnyboy Cover color for Cobalt Blue KK Welcome Lobsterbake to this forum. Congratulations on your new purchase...you will be pleased with yourself for your choice in the near future . I fully agree with Mguerra,, the cover needs more to match the surroundings, and that is a personal choice. Here in Florida, sunbrella is the way to go, and I think a cover is essential, due to the harsh sun and the wind blown rain. Johnnyboys covers are very well made, and he enjoys a great reputation. I used my boat canvass guy to measure the KK. and make it to measure with a zipper behind so the wind does not lift it off and blow it away. The KK is metallic brown, but the cover is sky-blue to go with the surface of the pool. The metallic brown goes well with the travertine deck. On the other hand, on the dock, all kayaks are covered with their own evergreen sunbrella covers and the boat's covers, dodger and T-Top are evergreen also. So its all a question of preference and location. Enjoy your grill and welcome again to the club.
  16. Re: waking up this thread...stainless cleaning If you want the forum software to work better, go to the source of the forum software and ask there. Dennis is simply a client, and I don't know a better choice he could have made.[/quote} Sorry, not personal ... what is a "forum software"? Aren't you guys tired of answering the same old answers over and over again? I dont really want to go to GOOGLE for info...in fact I want to stay on this blog... Syzygies, can you do it???
  17. Re: Cleaning Stainless Steel Thanks Dennis, expensive stuff..10% nitric acid. $50 for one liter and delivery from Grainger. Should have it in 6 days...want to clean my grills with it. You are better and more user friendly than GOOGLE.
  18. Re: Cleaning Stainless Steel thanks, I was not aware... and I also though that sites are created by the owner/administrator. I will try google and new egg in the future.
  19. Re: waking up this thread...stainless cleaning I just learned about Kelly s solution and used it on my grill. Cleaned it well...had to scrub a little bit. I was going throughout the old posts and realized 2 things in the last few days, LOTS of info here!!! The "elders" still respond et "je vous dis MERCI." But, second thing... The search engine is not this great (unless i dont know how to use it) Could all of us form a fund to improve it , and let Dennis work on his research stuff and the fund would pay whoever the IT company the elders choose to make a wonderfull seach engine? Just a thought.. I believe would benefit us newbies and relieve others. I have no idea of costs. Hope I m not pushing it...
  20. Re: COOKING ON THE OTHER SIDE Dennis thanks for the reply. We use the grill 4 to 5 times a week, but mostly for my wife and I...so anything that makes it easier and simpler is welcomed. The ribs I cooked ON THE OTHER SIDE last week, were the best I've made ever....juicy,well done and even the ends weren't dry.
  22. Re: Thermoworks probes Put it thought the inside of the lid . That's what I do.
  23. Re: First Rib Cook - St. Louis Style they look delicious...next time canI get invited?
  24. Re: Smoked Salmon hey MM how thick were those? Before smoking. everybody talks of temp and time ...nobody says how thick their piece was!! that is important, since it determines cook time.
  25. Re: Cooking salmon Trying mguerra's pineapple's recipe tonight, but with wild pompano(NOT salmon) and pineapple pieces on the side. on the grill around 450F, I will cook 4 minutes on one side skin down. Should be wonderful Tomorrow smoking slab of scottish salmon(7 pnds),slow/low and sering snapper(3 pnds). Brining them now as we type. Good thanksgiving food with turkey.
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