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Jon B.

Caregivers Are Amazing People!!!!

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I never really understood or appreciated how much of a sacrifice caregivers make to care for others.   I now have the utmost respect and admiration for them.

Quick story..... My Mother is 91 years old.  She was able to live by herself in Michigan until a couple of years ago, when she started falling.  My Sister, who lives in Iowa (by Tony B.), retired and would spend summers with Mom in Michigan and then take her back to Iowa for the winter.   Last July, my sister's husband died unexpectedly and she had to go back home to handle everything. 

I stayed with Mom in Michigan into August and then brought her back to Syracuse for a few months.  In mid October, she went back to her home in Michigan and my sister rejoined her.

These next comments are not complaints but instead expressions of respect for caregivers.  For three months, my life as I knew it.......changed.  Almost every minute of the day was consumed with caring for Mom.  Came home 3 times a day from work, preparing meals, doctor visits, regulating her medicine, shopping for her, helping her move around from room to room, checking on her during the night and just spending quality time with her.

Again....not a complaint.............as I would do it again in a heart beat............but Holy Crap what an eye opener!!!  Caregivers are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

This is my first time back to the forum since June, I'm finally getting caught up at home and work.  I didn't BBQ much over the summer, as Mom was not a big fan of grilled/smoked food.  Forget about the boating season.  Now I'm hoping to start on my KK repair project for Dennis.  Don't think I will ever take spare time / down time for granted again.

If you know a caregiver....thank them......offer to give them a break.......do something nice for them..............it is a stressful and many times a thankless job.  I call and thank my sister all the time now  Went to Michigan last weekend to give her a break. . 

My hat is off to caregivers!!!!!!!!!  


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Amazing story, Jon! :smt041 Welcome back! Hope to see pics of that rebuild project soon!

I took care of my Dad for a month right after my Mom died, while I arranged for him to have in-home care and then eventually in a care facility. I know exactly what you're talking about. Folks that do this full-time are practically saints!

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Good to hear from you again John B.  Care givers are definitely cut from a different roll of cloth, a strong tensile with a charming pattern.  I lost my Mom in August, she would have been 100 next month. A former Marine, actually of the first group of women Marines inducted at Camp Pendleton in Ca WW2. I hope things become a little easier for you from here on, I know the trip your on and it's not easy so do your best and hope for the best.

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