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Lookie what showed up this morning!

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BB 32 completed her journey to NC and finally to my house this morning.  The lift gate wasn't very deep so the driver had to place the crate 90 degrees to where it should be facing, and you can see from the one picture that it was tilted at a precarious angle.  What you can't see, or only part of is that I was behind the crate pushing on it so the pallet jack could roll off the side of the gate.  Got it off the lift safely and wheeled it into the garage for inspection.  My first thought was that there is no way this is a 32", it had to be a 42" because it's so big.  I've read hundreds of times that nothing can do justice to the beauty and quality of the grill until you see it in person, and that is so true.  I kind of just sat there and stared at it and rubbed the tiles without saying a word.  Now comes the fun part of getting it from the garage, around the side of the house and onto the patio beneath my deck.  Probably going to rent a pallet jack and do the leapfrog with two pieces of plywood, but will need a few strong friends to navigate it down a short but steep hill.  I'm guessing that will be a weekend project.





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Congrats! Absolutely get those people to help.. it'll really help reduce the stress level by a huge margin!

You'll feel amazing once you get it to its final home in the back yard!

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