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Accessory suggestion - modular draft door

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As we all know, @DennisLinkletter is always innovating. This is a very good thing but it can make adding accessories to legacy KK's an issue - for example, newer KK's have a dedicated port for the cold smoker but those of us with older units typically use the BBQ Guru port for the cold smoker, leaving us to make a choice between using the cold smoker or a temperature controller.

There's been some discussion on ways to handle both the cold smoker and a temp controller at the same time and as a new cold smoker owner I've been given it some thought. I upgraded from the old style single-dial draft door to the newer dual-dial draft door (another great innovation)  and was thinking about trying to mount the Guru fan into the old draft door or contacting Dennis to see if I can get a solid no-dial draft door to modify, but then I realized that a modular draft door might be a good idea - basically, a draft door that is just a frame with the center cut out and 4 threaded holes (and probably a gasket)  that allows mounting various plates with different inserts for different accessories. Of course, the initial accessory plate would be a Guru port for use of a Guru or cold smoker.

If the port for a particular accessory isn't too large, there would probably still be enough room for a small dial or shutter to still allow air intake when not using a temp controller fan.

What do you think? What other accessories could make use of this type of thing? 

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Cool, but would it be possible to come up with a "bolt on" retrofit so those of us (who've upgraded to the dual dial door) with old single-dial draft doors gathering dust could repurpose them? I was thinking we could remove the wooden knob and bolt on, in the existing hole, a cover plate that has the tube bracket welded to it for the fan? If we needed to seal it up tighter, we could just put some Permatex around the edges of the new cover plate.  

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On 10/11/2021 at 4:35 PM, DennisLinkletter said:

Would be really easy to make up a draft door with a tube and bracket welded to it that the male cold smoker tube could slide into.

@DennisLinkletter, is this for the back door? Using the wing nuts to keep it stable? If so, I like the idea of having the smoker in the back out of the way of the probe wires and fan stuff (when used). I sure like using it a lot more than drilling through my KK, although I will if you make me...😉

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On 10/13/2021 at 1:11 PM, tony b said:

I'd ask them what the dimensions of that plate are first, as it would need to be big enough to cover up the half-moon opening in the draft door? 

I'm less concerned about that than I am with plate being too large - since the hole in the plate is centered and the half moon in the draft door isn't, the offset may cause one side of the plate to extend past the edge of the draft door and prevent the draft door from fully seating. My initiative thought was to get the Weber kettle adapter that doesn't have the plate but it's the same (over priced) price as the one I linked.

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