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22 inch Table Top review - 2 years in

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I have been planning on writing this review for the past two years I just have never been able to make the time.  I’m not big on writing reviews but I decided I would go ahead and do that now I’m thinking about it.  I have been thinking about getting a Komodo probably for the past three years, and once I decided to build a pool and a new outdoor area I figured this was the time to make the investment. Like most people I reached out to Dennis and he was very responsive yen answering all my questions and trying to figure out what works best for the area I was putting together. One part of the conversation that was especially notable was when I told him what the design of my outdoor area looked like and how I had to make space for a 42 inch  gas grill. He laughed and asked what I wanted the gas grill for, ‘are you going to be storing stuff in there?’ And I remember thinking well that’s arrogant or someone who is very confident in his product. Delivery went smoothly as can be expected, the grill is super heavy as you all know, installation in my outdoor area was a massive undertaking with a platform being designed to accommodate the weight.

So two years in what’s my conclusion? Boy what a waste of money. Specifically what a waste of $7000 for my 42 inch Alfresco gas grill. I probably use the gas grill once every 50 or 60 times I go outside to grill. In fact I’m fairly certain the last time I use the gas grill, coronavirus wasn’t even a thing. I think I would have probably been much happier with a much smaller gas grill for resale purposes, and the largest Komodo I could fit in my space.

so what do I use my gas grill for you may wonder? The pictures tell the story and I’m not even making this up……….. sigh.……

Merry Christmas everyone.



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Hey, we all have to learn in our own way.  For my part I started off with pebble and then moved to the right side of the fence with my current tile KKs.  I see you made the right choice straight out of the gate.  :smt096

I love you ODK space and design.  I guess all you have to do now is figure out where your second KK needs to go...

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