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10 hours ago, Poochie said:

That's why I'd like to hear someone say that it takes 20 minutes to heat up the Bambino with the pizza stone in it. And you're cooking in 45 minutes tops. I can't remember what size tekobo's small cooker is but I'm sure she'll chime in.

Sorry @Poochie  I am not going to give you the positive response that you would like.  I find that the Bambino takes longer to get going.  The air flow in the 23 and 32 gets the fire going quicker.  I tend to need to go back to the 16 a couple of times to ensure it is lit and that takes more time.   You will also end up with a relatively small pizza.  All in all, I would recommend a 23 as a second KK if you already have a 32 and not the 16.  I have all three but I accept that is a bit excessive!

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On 3/10/2022 at 7:55 PM, Poochie said:

OK, back to square one. You saved me lots of time. Thank you! Do you have a pizza oven or do you do them on the bigger KK's? I promise that's the last question I'll ask you!

Glad to be of help Pooch.  I don't have a pizza oven.  I buy pizzas or, occasionally, make them on the 23 or 32.  We have a good local Pinsa place with super tasty toppings. Their  pinsas are good and they humour me and let me practise my Italian on them.  The full immersive experience without the cost of my own pizza oven!

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