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Right angles

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   Last year the fence ended abruptly with fall setting in and the thought of taking on another big project had to wait for another day. Spring came and the fence corner turned in another direction, it created a 90 degree angle and with that the thought of adding in a storage area came to mind. Two sides were already supplied with the fence so adding in two more sides with a couple of doors was a no brainer. Off the ground this little shed will hold 20 bags of coal or 50-60 boxes of Dennis's charcoal very neatly. No more running to garage on the other side of the yard for this po boy, I walk over and pull one out with convenience. It's really nothing special to look at, very simple in design but oh did I say convenient all ready. I also continued the fence to enclose a large area in back of the original covered ODK and when it was complete I cut through the chain link making it a still self contained, no escape area with the dogs in mind. A gate was added to let the neighbors feel welcome to come over for BBq. It has that camping area feel that I like and incorporates in much of the elements of a modern ODK but with the out doorish ambience. The extra space gave me the opportunity to wheel out the offset and if the weather turned bad back in under cover. Lot's of elbow room and I'm not bumping into other cookers as often. So here's a few pics, it may not be for you but it's comfortable for moi.






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On 7/31/2022 at 9:20 PM, C6Bill said:

how do you like that B&B lump ?

Pretty damn close and around $4 a bag cheaper. No complaints.      Revision  8/3   I was using this coal just last night Bill and I don't want to discourage you, BUT 2 things stand out. 1. It sparks like heck when you start it with the torch so if that's a worry wear a glove and hat. In certain areas of the country this coal may be problematic for obvious reasons concerning local codes. Keep in mind once started the coal burns without shooting off any sparks from my observations.  2. It has depending on the bag smalls in quantity which I don't like and then again large pieces that I consider huge, yah big, but I find this so in any bag but not to this degree. So, consider these issues otherwise it's not a turn off so much for me, I consider these things on my own, work with them and often don't give them a second glance. For some this might be a game changer, so my apologize if I inadvertently led you or anyone else astray.

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