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David Chang

separating point and flat from brisket?

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It’s not really difficult. Start with a sharp knife, and begin by working on the thick fat on the side toward the point. Just work your way into that, follow the fat between the two muscles, and it will be fairly obvious. I’m sure there’s YouTube videos out there, I just haven’t looked for one.

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60 day tallow age brisket got pulled today. did a messy job and ended up with two pieces on the point. which i’m ok with because its way too big to consume for my wife and i. the flat was over trimmed so there is a lot of burger meat and tallow rendering going on. this was much more difficult than the videos led me to believe. flat is now pickling and the rest i might freeze because i have no time to cook these days.. the house smells like a slaughterhouse.






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On 7/2/2023 at 2:35 PM, David Chang said:

this was much more difficult than the videos led me to believe

I didn't like to say, when @tony b and @5698k both said it was easy, that I have always found it hard to separate the point and flat on a raw brisket.     I guess practice helps and I do this so rarely that I approach it with trepidation every time.

P.S.  Your results look good.   

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