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Burnt Ends Recipe?

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I have never made burnt ends. I would like to change that. Thinking of trying it out in two weeks. Saw a video online about separating the point from the flat and smoking each piece separately and turning the point into burnt ends. Thought that might be a good idea to try 

anyone got a killer brisket burnt end recipe I should try?

thanks in advance 

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Separating the two Troble is pretty easy, the pathway is quite clear. Hot or warm it separates well as long as you have a good long narrow knife and don't forget to cube them about 3/4 inch sqare or 1 inch.  I like Head BBQ sauce Habernero, don't drown it and then add some of your favorite comprable rub, now that's an open book. For me it's the sweeter side, you don't want to overpower the taste of the meat, lightly enhance and set the sauce to a sticky consistency.  Trim the fat though, trust me unless your prepping with just a rub.

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