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Cheese Burger with Pressure Cooked Carrots

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I made tater tots this afternoon and they were pretty good. I need a little more practice. This is the recipe I followed except for a couple of things.


1. Did not let the blanched potatoes get too cold.

2. I thought perhaps that if they were still a little warm that some of the moisture would evaporate. There was no need to squeeze out any moisture.

Grated the potatoes, mixed in the ingredients, formed the tots and fried them.

Grates and mixed with the flour and spices.

Shredded Potatoes.jpg

Formed into 48 tater tots.

48  Tater Tots.jpg

Raw Tater Tots.jpg

Frying the first 5 TTs. This where I found out that I should have compacted the tater tots a little more, otherwise they tend to fall apart in the frying.


Served with pork chop, carrots and parsnips.

Pork and TaterTots.jpg

I think I would try this recipe for making hash-browns. 

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