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New look for Green 033

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Re: New look for Green 033

The lower photo also highlights how good my tile ladies are getting.

Hi Dennis. This seems like a good place to ask this. I just had to re-tile my mexi-K dome AGAIN this weekend (an incredible pain in the A$$, by the way). At this point I have had to retile 90% of my kamado. Anyway, when I retiled the first time I used an acrylic (?) tile adhesive from Home Depot. I retiled mostly the rear half of my dome 3 years ago. This time, the tiles on the FRONT half were loose and needed to be re-done.

Anyway, I noticed that the tiles I re-did myself 3 years ago are ROCK SOLID. They will not budge. (this is true of the base tiles I re-did last year as well). So I needed to pop a couple off during my re-tile, but they would not friggin' come off... had to use a screw driver and work them off slowly with a lot of force. The 3-year old acrylic adhesive has a dense "rubbery" texture and is darn near un-budgeable.

The tiles I replaced this time were from the original "factory" tiling... it appears that the adhesive they used was a sandy beige grout-like material. This stuff deteriorates over time and eventually the tiles just slough off like mange.

So that's a long winded way of getting to my question:

What kind of adhesive do you use when you tile the KKs?

Because from what I've seen, the adhesive used by other manufacturers is inadequate for the long haul, whereas the stuff I used for my repairs looks like it will stick for good.

Just curious,


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Re: New look for Green 033

Now ain't that just a dainty picture that you want to have associated with food preparation?

I know, I know... but for lack of a better word... this is what it looked like:



Maybe hang a bell around its neck and a sign that says "unclean." Looks kinda contagious.
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