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What's next?

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This is a funny post.

I see Pequod has his wish with the 32"

Personally, I'm liking the Steve Raichlen set up with 42" and the Kalamazoo.

Absolute overkill for me........ but awesome cooking options. He could pull a JC and feed 5000 with these rigs.

Something about those adjustable Parrilla grills with the built in adjustable spit rotisserie.

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Hello Garvinique,  Whats next? It's what's in succession. Always looking around the corner, as presented there are many quality pieces out there providing you have the room.  I, do have a limit, and although interests of new products are always coming to the forefront I'm comfortable with what I got. If you like , go ahead, and roll the dice or better yet do a good search of the Summitt, then compare, and tell me the difference.  I have other products that I defer to at times at home that I prefer to use because, they have been with me for so long.  If your looking to have more to supplement your KK, well,  I think there are quite a few, who do. Hey, best of luck with your new joy.

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This is indeed a fun post.  Interesting to see how many wishes have been fulfilled in the meantime.  I keep saying I like the 42 and the 22 but I know in my heart of hearts that my 21 and 23 are just right for my needs.  I think a small Argentinian grill is still in my future.  I like playing with fire and the way the v-shaped grill bars channel the fat away from the flames.  

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