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Goose Adventure

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This is the most delicious ugly picture you will ever see.  I promise you.  The goose legs from my earlier posts had been curing for about two and a half months so it was time to give one a try.  

This was another husband-and-wife-stand-at-the-kitchen-counter-stuffing-your-face wonder.  It was genuinely transcendental, standing there with a slice of goose in your mouth, chewing, letting the meat and fat meld and savouring the fabulous flavours.  459438959_BwnuPdgFQti78i4bdHFEw.thumb.jpg.f3d13941cfaa8e72fce13d871f02f0a1.jpg

And then there was one.  I plan on leaving the second leg for a few more months to see how it matures.  The guy who posted the original recipe said he'd hung his for six months. Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue...


I cut up goose number two and it is now in the curing process.  I soaked one breast in whisky and will smoke it as before but this time I am trying this recipe for the second breast: http://ladyandpups.com/2013/06/10/gateway-charcuterie-goose-prosciutto-eng/.   The breasts will be ready in a week but we will have to wait rather longer for the legs.  We now know it is worth the wait.   


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The goose breasts were ready to try this weekend.


On the left is the Italian, grappa coated, cured but not smoked. On the right is the German, whisky coated, cured and hot smoked.  The Husband preferred the Italian.  He liked the extra fat.  I liked them both.  I was surprised at how different they were to each other.  Goose breast is now definitely our "thing". 


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