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Scallops and Sliced Peaches

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The plan was to sous vide the scallops then sear on the Konro grill trying to get a crispy finish. Also going to use the Konro to roast some carrots and peach slices.

Sprinkled on sumac and Zanzibar pepper.




I messed up on the scallops and the searing, not enough fire by the time I was doing this. However they still tasted just fine but would have benefited from searing.

The scallops were done sous vide and I just needed to sear them but...




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The meal looked good all around and I love grilled peaches and scallops.


Just not sure SV'ing scallops would add any benefit. Scallops are one of those thing that only takes a couple of minutes minutes at high heat to be done. Without SV'ing and just seared over high heat by the time a scallop gets the proper color it's done on the inside. Next time just trust your cooking skills and sear them until done. 


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