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  1. looks great! congrats
  2. I have left over of everything so I plan on making another batch for the weekend
  3. that looks crazy Mac. I hope you stay warm!
  4. be safe Mac, you have some crazy storms out your way
  5. I have not but I will gladly give it to you. I use a 2:1 ratio of hoisin sauce to natural peanut butter. Don't use sugar based peanut butter as it tastes off So basically 1/4 cup of natural peanut butter and 1/2 cup of hoisin sauce mix in 1 tbsp of seasoned rice vinegar and add water to get your desired thickness then crumble some unsalted peanuts. I don't like the salted peanuts as the hoisin sauce has enough salt
  6. These were awesome and I finally perfected my peanut sauce for dipping. I made 12 but should have made more.
  7. Should be 10k real soon
  8. the colour looks great buddy! I hope you and the fam enjoyed it!
  9. So for me I always preferred indirect as it was thin meat. I like the reaction with the smoke and the meat and the citrus and end up with a funny looking pink color. With the KK, I just cook direct on main grate towards the outer edge of the grate at 375 ish. This gets the reaction as it doesn't cook it too hot too fast.
  10. awesome, spend the extra 10 min in prep and remove the seed sacks from the sliced tomato before you dice it up (for the pico). I prefer to butterfly the flank so its thinner. I cook it at 375-400 on the KK now closer to the outer edge so that it has a change to colour out. It will go a bright pink on you if you do it right. I use to cook it indirect on the KJ, but find that I don't need to indirect cook anymore on the KK.
  11. very close to mine, except I do not add beer. I love carne asada
  12. jumping in with both feet is what you did. You will not beat the quality and finish of a KK. Owning a 23 and a 32, I will say that you made an excellent investment! I would never disrespect any other brand, however, with that said... the Big three as I like to call them (KJ, BGE, Primo) are good grills. They are not great though and all have their issues. As a person who use to own 6 KJs, I will say that you "done good".
  13. I really need to stop looking at your posts @MacKenzie. I get so hungry
  14. Is lamb really popular your way Aussie? I notice you cook with it a lot and use cuts I have never seen. We have a very small assortment of lamb and it is very expensive
  15. Gyro = Greek Donnair = Turkish Shawarma = middle Eastern they are just different names for essentially the same thing. Each recipe has some different meat source and seasoning, however the concept is essentially the same.