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  1. @ckreef, what made you need to change it?? I am going strong on a year, but looking for signs that I should keep an eye on
  2. I did because I wanted them to match. I came from cooking on multiple Kamado cookerrs and always believe that two kamados are better than one. Multi cook temps being the biggest reason.
  3. Oh man that gives me the creeps
  4. see if you can mod your order... I was wrong about the second heat shield. Only 1 for a 23 as mentioned above. Sorry for the confusion
  5. I have 3 Kjs next door that I have allowed my neighbour to use and in the yard I currently have my 23 and 32 KK with table. A friend gave me a traeger that he is not using and I am enjoying it so far. I am done and really have no further needs for BBQ
  6. what makes you believe the gasket needs to be replaced?
  7. yes you are correct @cschaaf sorry I forgot about that again...
  8. well since you are asking... and the fact that you got a screaming deal on this unit... I would say upgrade to the new lower vent. It is a finesse convenience and I agree that it looks good. You need the deflector plate on the back and if yours has the rear port door you should have one for that as well. This will preserve the knobs from burning up as well. I think I would get the baking stone but would never use it for a deflector. Like Robert said, you do not need a deflector stone anymore. The fire to grate distance is far enough that you won't have to worry. Simply add the lower grate and a piece of foil and then put your food on the main grate and done! Gone are the days of deflectors in a kamado. Consider a double bottom drip pan and perhaps a rotisserie spit rod as well. Also perhaps a cover to protect those pretty new tiles in the colder months
  9. Comes with roti kit not a standard item in the shipment
  10. i see
  11. When we were trouble shooting my 32" that was the first thing that you had recommended and walked me through? What changed?
  12. I agree with the last few statements. The lower latch is adjustable but not the top latch. If you loosed the two nuts you can lower the bottom latch and increase the tension. Give that a try before anything else that you do. My new 32 had an air gap and I was able to lower the latch less then 3mm did the trick. No issue since
  13. I cant see why you couldn't cook on it? I wouldn't want to see it getting wet at this point but I think you should be fine. Maybe others can chime in on that. As for names... Many do, I didn't. If I were to name yours it would be one of the following Thor - related to the hammer Scorned - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Patch - for the rebuild
  14. its the grout. Once you add the new tiles and you are ready to go, do a burn in
  15. sorry I'm late to the party... this post broke the internet today. I can not believe just how big that sucker is. Can you please do me a favour and take a side by side with the 23 and 42, I would like to put it up on the KK instagram page. I am so impressed with the design. This thing is absolutely incredible to see