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  1. Winter Prep

    Aussie O and Robert....................packages on their way. 5 days to New Orleans and 10 to 15 days to Australia. Hope they make it in one piece!!!!
  2. Winter Prep

    Now that we have totally hijacked MacKenzie's post .............I had one sign in my office, that we took off the shipping crate, to send to Aussie O. The maintenance employees made a stand-up desk out of the KK crate and took it to another building. Just went over there and the other sign is still on the crate/desk......but not for long. It will be in the mail heading south in the next day or so. Too much fun!!!!!! PS - Sorry Mac for the hijack....but you sorta started all this sign stuff
  3. Winter Prep

    The first person that I saw hanging one up was our MacKenzie. I don't have any place to put one and it is a shame to waste a nice sign like that!!! 5698k/Robert......I found the other one. PM me an address and I will send you a nice Christmas package from almost the North Pole .
  4. Winter Prep

    Aussie Ora's sign will be on it's way tomorrow. In my job, we ship product everywhere but I never have shipped anything to Australia before.....should be interesting. PS - 5698K/Robert........will have to look and see what happened to the 2nd sign/placard that came with my cooker
  5. Winter Prep

    Aussie Ora.....PM me an address and I will send you one!
  6. Asado grill

    One can never have enough toys to play with.....nice score!!!!
  7. SRF gold grade rib cap second cook

    Yum. yum.....what a perfect looking crust!!!
  8. I believe this is the perfect section for this post..................................... This weekend I cooked my first pizzas on the KK with the new grill shaped baking stone. Our Wegman’s grocery store makes fresh pizza dough, so I thought I would try that first. We made basic pepperoni pies. Used the parchment paper like I have seen others do on this forum. I did treat & season my new pizza stone to fill-in some low spots but left the parchment paper on during the pizza cook just to make sure it didn't stick. Wasn’t sure what temp to cook at, so I followed the oven temp directions on the dough package........400F/204C. Preheated everything and tossed the first pie on. Followed the time directions also and checked at the end of the suggested cooking time. I was amazed….the crust was golden brown and all the topping were nicely melted and bubbling. I ran the first pizza up the stairs and threw the second pie on the KK. When I got back upstairs the crew had dug in, so I didn’t get a picture of the pizza. No problem….I’ll snap a photo of the second one. After the same allotted time, I pulled the 2nd pizza off the KK with the same great results. Slid the pizza, still on the parchment paper, off the grill onto my fancy new wood pizza peel, spun around to set it down on a bench for the picture ……holy crap….that parchment papers works great………………the pizza took off flying into the air and landed face down on the garage floor!!!!!! It had leaves, sticks, dirt and dust embedded in the cheese. Rats and double rats!!!!!!!! Probably should have taken a photo of the perfectly done crust, staring up at me from the floor but I ran upstairs and made sure I got another piece of the first pizza before it was gone. . Told the crew the second pizza was burnt and was no good….Ha! They thought I was sandbagging them, so I could keep the pizza for myself!!!! I was forced to admit my butterfingers moment and had to show them the “dirty pizza”. Needless to say….I was the butt of the jokes all night long. Do have to say it was fun despite the mishap. Looking forward to the next pizza cook!
  9. Owners ~ KK Photos

    Great name!!!!!!
  10. New KK owner in Seoul

    Wolfgang.......Congratulations!! I have a small wisk-broom and dust pan that I use after taking the charcoal basket out. Works great for me.
  11. Hammered KK

    You might lose your electric power and have no other way to heat up the baby food or warm the milk bottles...................................................
  12. Carrot Pizza

    Now that I have the baking stone, I'm paying attention .......................... Is that parchment paper? Did you leave it on for the entire cook??
  13. Look what the nice UPS person showed up with today...................Christmas in October . Been slacking all summer on my KK cooks but really looking forward to spinning some larger chunks of protein, roasting up some ribs and trying a couple pizzas this fall & winter. Rookie question...............do I need to season the baking stone? (guess I should have been paying better attention to the pizza threads ). Too much fun!!!!!
  14. SRF rib cap cook and awesome customer service

    The marbling in that meat is crazy nice. Wonderful job cooking (and eating) the steak!!!!!
  15. The jr done well

    Yum! (The KJ Jr. is a nice little backup cooking machine).