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  1. On my utility trailer, I disconnected the trailer from the car, raised the tongue, blocked the rear of the trailer and it leveled out the ramp angle quite a bit . FYI
  2. Very, very nice!!! Congratulations!!!
  3. Way to crank up all the engineers Bosco!!!!!! Having been an Industrial Engineer in a former life and after doing a time study on Bosco's foil method vs. the deflector stones,..................... I have come to the professional conclusion................ that the foil methodology is a "heck of a lot easier" (technical talk). PS - Almost afraid to see what Syzygie will say about this
  4. MacKenzie should be the co-instructor!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks for posting.........always nice to put a face with the forum members!!!!!!
  6. Dang.....I think Syzygies has seen me prep food and cook..........guilty as described !!!!!!!!
  7. I think Bruce P. is a VW Bug guy also...................................
  8. And your still alive....................
  9. We have always used mayo on salmon but it was to help take away the "fishy or game" taste on not so fresh fish. Did try it on a steak one time and it worked well. Wonder how it would work in the air fryer on potatoes????/
  10. That bike looks like it is going fast...sitting still.
  11. Tony, Your round deck and curved stairs is very interesting looking. Did you design and build? I like it................
  12. I agree about it's worth at the full price cost.....both Shuley and I got this charcoal at a reduced price. Have so much that I didn't bother check the price of the Black Diamond at Wegman's.
  13. I believe this is produced by the same company.
  14. Rob, I tried this brand and has become my favorite. Sent some to Tony B. and I believe he had good results also. Lowe's was selling it but I think they have discontinued carrying it. It is also marketed under a different name. I will try to see if I can find the name of that brand. Our local Wegman's grocery store started carrying it but I can't remember the exact name.
  15. That made me laugh (and now I'm blowing my nose) PS Everyone - Inside joke here......Mac knows I have a bunch of hibiscus plants