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  1. Wow......THIS is over the top! (I think MacKenzie should try this one)
  2. MacKenzie's fries with lots of ketchup...........She is a fast cook
  3. Not really a Guy F. fan...................but did go to a Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives recommendation in Boston a few years ago with my daughter who was living there at the time. Their claim to fame was lobster stuffed homemade ravioli. Have to say it was excellent. Brought a few dinners back to Syracuse. Funny thing happened........while we were outside waiting in-line to get into the restaurant. A pizza delivery guy drove up, handed a few pizza boxes into the restaurant kitchen window for the cooks. I told the waiter that the pizza must be really good for the kitchen staff to be ordering out. He must have said something to the cooks, because a few minutes later the waiter comes out of the kitchen with a single slice of pizza and sets the plate in front of me. Can't remember if it was any good or not but enjoyed their sense of humor and fun attitude.
  4. Vote - "Not a sandwich"
  5. Poor Mom !!!!!
  6. Great news CC! We missed you
  7. Montana is my favorite QB of all time!!!!! Extremely good taste!
  8. Gotta love spell check and "indecent" pork chops
  9. MacKenzie..................I should check and see what it would cost for me to ship goodies like that to you. I shipped some parts to Rak and it wasn't totally crazy expensive. Did take about two weeks with customs. PM me your zip code and I will do some checking. We have a USPS postal system at work and will check with UPS & FedEx also. Might be a better cost alternative?????????
  10. Was telling MacKenzie off line that I'm giving my Primo Jr. to my middle daughter's husband. He loves to BBQ and I haven't used it since getting the KK. . My oldest daughter found out and called me saying that her husband wanted that Primo. Ah crap!!!!!! In order to keep peace in the family.........I ended up ordering a PK Grill for the oldest's husband. It fits his style of grilling better and at least it will not rust out like all his other hand-me-down cookers. The youngest daughter's husband is going to get an old Weber kettle. I should have taken Aussie's lead and sold it instead. Didn't think that old Primo was going to end up costing me another $400. Should be a great cat fight over the KK when I croak
  11. Very Interesting....wonder if it will sell???? I personally don't see the attraction or merit.
  12. I have to get a Costco membership also.
  13. I never see them at Sam's or BJ's either.
  14. Wonderful news!!!! Have a great vacation and get back and fire that KK up.
  15. That Bob is one heck of a cooker..........Nice spread!!!!!