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  1. Dang.....I think Syzygies has seen me prep food and cook..........guilty as described !!!!!!!!
  2. I think Bruce P. is a VW Bug guy also...................................
  3. And your still alive....................
  4. We have always used mayo on salmon but it was to help take away the "fishy or game" taste on not so fresh fish. Did try it on a steak one time and it worked well. Wonder how it would work in the air fryer on potatoes????/
  5. That bike looks like it is going fast...sitting still.
  6. Tony, Your round deck and curved stairs is very interesting looking. Did you design and build? I like it................
  7. I agree about it's worth at the full price cost.....both Shuley and I got this charcoal at a reduced price. Have so much that I didn't bother check the price of the Black Diamond at Wegman's.
  8. I believe this is produced by the same company.
  9. Rob, I tried this brand and has become my favorite. Sent some to Tony B. and I believe he had good results also. Lowe's was selling it but I think they have discontinued carrying it. It is also marketed under a different name. I will try to see if I can find the name of that brand. Our local Wegman's grocery store started carrying it but I can't remember the exact name.
  10. That made me laugh (and now I'm blowing my nose) PS Everyone - Inside joke here......Mac knows I have a bunch of hibiscus plants
  11. Been fighting a sinus infection/head cold for a week now. It is starting to get better, so we planned a nice meal for dinner last night. Our favorite skirt steaks, seasoned & smoked with cherry wood. Rice with fresh garlic, ginger and scallions along with mixed veggies. Everything cooked perfectly and the timing was just right. Put everything on the table and started to eat. About three bites into the meat....I realize....I can't taste a thing??? Not the seasoning or the nice cherry smoke flavor. I can only feel the texture of the meat. So then I try the rice......... thinking to my self that I should be able to at least taste the garlic & ginger. Nope...........can't taste a thing. I mean.........not one specific taste....Nothing!!!!!!!! Stopped eating and told Redhead Sue, she could take my food for lunch today. Started me horrible would it be it you could never taste your food. This infection/head cold needs to stop and go away ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That's when the fun would begin!!!!!!
  13. I was hoping he was going to stop in Syracuse also.........on his way to visit his sister in MN. Then we could hop in the car, stop and see Garvin............... on the way to visit MacKenzie. Gee........a month in the states would be just about right!!!!!!!!!
  14. Bruce...............Totally agree with Steve M........ great space!!!!!!!
  15. Check out this un-boxing thread. There are a few options shown in the pictures but you will get an idea of the grate system and parts/pieces