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  1. Muy bien tacos

    Very impressive cook.........
  2. BB32 in Alabama

    Congratulations! Great photos also!! That was sweet how the van bed lined up with your porch deck. Sometimes you luck out!!!
  3. Unpack and round one

    Love the chalk art on the patio also!!!!
  4. Received my winnings from MacKenzie for our Olympic Ladies Hockey Gold Medal match bet…………………………….. What a riot………the Official Olympic Hat of the Canadian Teams!!!! Very funny Mac!!!!!!! She also sent some North of the Border goodies……..Maple Flakes (is she sending a message to me?) and Maple Butter….Yum, yum! I don’t think she liked the condition of my KK cooking grates in my posted cooking photos………thus the stainless steel scrubbie. You mess with the best and see what you get. Too much fun!!!! Thanks Mac!
  5. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Thanks for that.................I was wondering?????
  6. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Pizza sauce?????
  7. Recently my middle daughter moved into a new house. I set up a small Weber Q on a rolling cart for her and my grandson (Danny - 7 years old) to use. I also gave Danny a grill tool kit that he could call his own. One night we cooked burgers & dogs, I showed him how to light the grill and how to adjust the flame to cook the food. He did a nice job for the first time. About a week later, I got this photo from my daughter. Danny had one of his buddy’s over at the house and he was showing his friend how to cook burgers for dinner. Daughter said he did everything by his self and did a good job on the burgers. She said he was so proud of himself and his buddy thought his grill was super cool!!! Touched this old grandpa’s heart ! Pretty sure a KK will be in his future!!
  8. BB32 Coming to Alabama

    Congratulations!!! You know you just put the weather curse on yourself
  9. Boston butt - how much on a 23 ultimate

    I was able to fit 4 - 8# butts on the 19" TT. Only problem I had was that the dome temp probe stuck into one of the top butts and I didn't know it until midway into the cook. Had to guess the cooker temp and used the internal meat temp to finish the cook as normal. It was on my first big butt cook and for the next cook I adjusted the top butts as shown below. Solved the problem. You should have no problems on the 23 KK NOTE: Ignore the bottom 3 photos of a 2 butt cook. Can't delete them??????
  10. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Loved your last picture............................
  11. MacKenzie and I were talking off line about the first game where Team Canada beat the US team. We talked about what a great game it was. We knew the championship match would be a close one and tried to have some fun with the BBQ betting. I know we both wish the game would have ended in regulation or overtime play, instead of coming down to a shoot out. Just our personal preferences. It was interesting to see the different ideas forum members had on the format. Have to say...............I learned a few things. Tried to let her off the hook on the bet......but she would have no part of that. In fact she said she had something "special" in mind. I think I should be scared !!!! Too much fun
  12. The results of the negotiations are final........................I was told by MacKenzie, in no uncertain terms, that the bet was for a "surprise BBQ care package" and what part of "surprise" didn't I understand???? Teach her to mess with a master negotiator like me!!!!!
  13. Gosh, I hope she doesn't go on the lam or visit the Queen...............trying to get cooking lessons as my payment!!! (Will settle for photography lessons).
  14. It was a hard fought battle and could have gone either way. I do feel for Team Canada losing such a close match. Note: MacKenzie and I are in the middle of intense negotiations as to the secret BBQ "recycle empties" bet payment. Hopefully, if and when we come to an agreement, the final plans will be announced.
  15. May the best girls win!!!!!! PS: Signing off for the day....need a nap if I'm going to watch this match.