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  1. Roo burgers

    Eating your country's mascot??????????????????????????? Yikes!!!
  2. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Have great childhood memories but we grew up on Kraft Mac & Cheese and Kraft Spaghetti from a box. I think Mom's special dinner was hamburger stroganoff. Dad did cook hamburgers outside on the charcoal grill ......but they all tasted like the lighter fluid he used to get the charcoals going. My sisters and I got really good at making grilled american cheese sandwiches and sending Mom & Dad out to dinner . Different motivation but I believe that is why I enjoy cooking so much today!!!!!!
  3. @5698k In Robert's care package to us was a genuine NOLA king cake. Redhead Sue and I tasted it on Tuesday morning and took the rest of it to work, so it wouldn't get stale (it already traveled a few days to reach NY). The co-workers loved it and the gentleman that found baby Jesus had been in New Orleans for Mardi Gras but had never had king cake. He was smiling from ear to ear Thanks again Robert!!!!!
  4. Christmas Shopping in FL

    Robert's NOLA care package showed up today....I'm going to be a Cajun cook when I get done with all the cool stuff he sent!!!! After seeing the "king cake".......I think I will wait until it is gone to start my diet Thanks Robert!!!!
  5. Congratulations to Roger F.! Looks like the quokka brought him good luck!!!!!!
  6. Our only Sam's Club in town is closing next week. The closest one is now 60 miles away. I'm majorly bummed as the Club was only 5 minutes from my house and offered early hours to business members. In at 7:00am and out by 7:15am....no traffic and first choice of fresh produce and meat. This club had a gasoline station with excellent prices and easy access. We also used it for our business supplies. I shopped there about 3 to 4 times per week and knew all the employees/managers. So sad . Have had a membership to BJ's Wholesale Club but didn't go there much as the local Sam's was much better for me. Stopped at Costco last night to check it out and plan on joining. Nice store, not as many of the items we buy to work BUT they have a wonderful PRIME meat section where Sam's only carried choice meat. Holy crap people....I was drooling at how nicely marbled the ribeyes were!!!!!!! Would join just for the prime meat selection alone. RIP my Sam's Club.......all good things, sadly must come to an end sometimes.
  7. @tony b Went back to Costco on Sunday........bought some wonderful prime beef tenderloins. And they did have a bunch of the pork belly slabs.......my next adventure cook. Sad to say our NY State laws do no not allow them to sell "liquor" just beer and some reduced alcohol wines. Sam's is already out of sight in the rear view mirror.................
  8. @Tucker PM me an address and I will send you some of the store made stuff and you can see how it compares. Jon B.
  9. Christmas Shopping in FL

    There is a history of the Syracuse "Salt Potatoes" and of course there are many versions of the story. Syracuse was called the Salt City years ago because of the salt mining industry. The poor immigrant workers would put new/small potatoes into the salt evaporation tubs and cook them for lunch. They could only afford the small, bitter potatoes. The salt bath would turn the inexpensive potatoes into really tasty potatoes.....and the legend lives on in this area. A local company brought them back and made them famous serving them at outdoor clam bakes. Now all the area grocery stores carry them along with the bag of fine salt included. You can use small red potatoes or "new" potatoes with the salt and get about the same effect / taste. HISTORY OF SALT POTATOES
  10. Christmas Shopping in FL

    The Uncle Ralph's sauce is from Rochester........your dad is smiling down on your care package!!!! Welcome and enjoy!!! Robert -5698k PM me your address also!!!
  11. Christmas Shopping in FL

    Success is within sight..............Sent a Taste of Syracuse Care package to Reef's Bistro on Thursday Jan 4th - 2 day delivery. Suppose to arrive Monday the 8th. Somehow the mail truck ended up in West Palm Beach, Florida on the 8th. Guess the sun was not shining, so on the 9th it went further south to Opa-Locka, Florida . After soaking up some rays, it headed north, taking a leisurely sightseeing trip and arrived in Macon, Georgia early this morning, January 13th. Macon sent the package to Jeffersonville, GA for delivery. Last Wednesday, while we were tracking the package, I sent an e-mail to USPS in hopes that they would locate it and make sure it didn't get lost. About 30 minutes ago I received a phone call from the Jeffersonville Postmaster. In a smooth & sweet southern accent, he apologized and assured me that the Reef's would have their package by noon today!!!! Very nice touch by USPS....personal phone call. The postmaster didn't mention that any juices were leaking from the carton, so hopefully the extra handling didn't break anything. Typical Snowbird..............headed for Florida in the wintertime!!!!!
  12. Christmas Shopping in FL

    Update: Loved Tony's idea but my buddy double pranked me. I was the last to know (Redhead Sue was a co-conspirator), he didn't take the bottle home but instead hid the bottle inside the KK in the garage. I did have to laugh at the irony.........stolen gift from KK friends, hid inside the cooker that brought us together. Planning my revenge on all of them............after all.....what are "mates" for???? Too funny
  13. Christmas Shopping in FL

    He is a big time jokester and I probably set my self up for the heist by bragging up the Peach Balsamic and telling the story of its worldwide distribution PS - The care package left West Palm Beach a little after 2:00pm today.
  14. Christmas Shopping in FL

    Dirty Rotten Dinner Guest Steals My Peach Balsamic Vinegar!!!!! We have some really good friends that were over for dinner last Saturday night. Mrs. B is the salad queen and brought over a really nice tossed lettuce fruit salad which we used the Peach Vinegar Dressing on. Needless to say....it was a hit. So this morning I was looking around the kitchen for the bottle of goodness and couldn't find it? Asked Redhead Sue if she stored it away........no she didn't??? Turns out my practical joker buddy Mr. B decided that he could protect the valuable nectar better than I could............. and seeing as how we were coming to their house for dinner next week, why not just save us the trouble of having to bring more dressing. Think he stole a seasoning packet also. Dirty Rotten Scoundrel !!!! I have a key to his house and know their schedule. I will be sneaking over there to rescue the fair bottle of goodness and will be leaving a bottle of cod liver oil in it's place!!!!!! Disclaimer - I can assure you that I have done nothing in the past to deserve this travesty
  15. Christmas Shopping in FL

    Gotta love our local Wegman's grocery stores....they had it in stock!!!!!!! Lucked out and guessed that 1/2 pack was the way to go. Everyone loved the dressing on a nice tossed salad. Highlighted the other fruit that was in the salad also. Yum!!!!
  16. Christmas Shopping in FL

    Package arrived save & sound in Syracuse also! Survived a -2*F overnight in the company mail box. They usually bring packages to the office but didn't this time. Glad I listened to that little voice in my head when I left work last night........."get out of the warm car and check the mail box, ya lazy butt" Glad I did. Thanks Charles & Susan!!! Planning a special salad dressing for a dinner party this weekend A "Pride Of Syracuse" care package on it's way to you today (also a package from Tony B's neck of the woods - The Iowa Popcorn Company). Jon B.
  17. Thank you jon B

    You are very welcome!!! I am glad it arrived in good shape (and they didn't have to burn it for bugs )....was a little concerned. Looks fantastic!!!! Enjoy.
  18. Have read a lot of good things about Roger. Cool photos!!!!
  19. MacKenzie.....with that many people coming......maybe we will get to meet the Queen....or Prince Harry.......or Meghan M????????? I'm thinking tekobo must be related somehow
  20. 50-70 people........THAT is a first big cook!!!!!! My hat is off to you
  21. The old signs are valuable collector items now!!!!
  22. Winter Prep

    This is crazy...tracking the packages......Aussie O may get his package before Robert does. 10,800 miles via Japan vs. 1,384 miles via Pittsburgh & Memphis.
  23. Great story and photos...thanks for posting!!! They look great in the "nook".......fill the space nicely. Love the look on the guys faces after they tried to lift the KK............"What did you get me into??????"
  24. Winter Prep

    I checked yesterday and all I got was "In Transit". Wonder if they will have to open it and inspect it for critters???? I wrote on the description "stenciled wooden sign". Would that have to be fumigated?