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  1. Bruce....those are great pictures! What an adventure. Thanks for taking the time to post!!!
  2. New KK decision made

    alimac23 is going to fit in well with this group!!!!!! My 2 cents..........................The 32 was a great choice!!!! Enjoy the honeymoon!
  3. The scenery and action in this YouTube video is amazing......if you have the time it is a fun watch!!! Gravity Is Overrated The end of the video names the locations where the video was photographed.
  4. I think he meant "multiple" forms of social media. I have trouble keeping up with this site, let alone "multiple" BBQ forums! That four letter word "WORK" keeps getting in my way.
  5. WFO Installation Thread

    Just watched the video on how they are made................Very Impressive!!!!
  6. WFO Installation Thread

    Charles, Question(s) for you.............are you planning on covering the oven or building a roof over the area? Are you worried about any kind of freeze/thaw expansion on the outside tiles & grout?? Is the SS chimney easily removable??? Thanks, Jon B. (Not that I really looked closely at the new toy or anything like that)
  7. Yes........he did ! Plus a pizza oven. He likes the P. Pooper but still loves his KK's!!!
  8. Spoke to him about a month ago and he said he backed off "social media" and is doing most of his posting on Instagram. I believe he is still some what active on the Guru site. We are going to try to get together sometime this summer to solve all the worlds problems over a couple cold ones.
  9. I'm NOT looking......I'm NOT looking...........I DON'T need any more cooking stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been avoiding stopping at Bosco's house to see his two new cookers for the same reason.........NO will power ! OK Charles...............because it is you...............maybe I'll take a peek. WoW....that really looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Great pictures.......thanks for sharing!!!!
  11. Greetings from KK and her new KK

    Great story..........thanks for writing it out. Have a similar one but have to "blame" the KK purchase on MacKenzie and Bosco!!!
  12. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Bruce, That is great that you finally got to do something you have been thinking about for 15 years!!!! I drive a lot and 6100 miles is a crazy long way. Did you do it in the VW??? Jon
  13. Greetings from KK and her new KK

    Welcome KK and congratulations! Just out of curiosity, what cooker were you using before?
  14. At a local tavern/restaurant , the Greek family that owned it, had a french fry press mounted on a wall in the kitchen. When your ordered fries, they would put a whole potato in the press and make fresh potato fries to throw into the hot oil. Sadly, the father George (Georgio) and his chef buddy Spiro, both from the old country, are no longer with us. I always told myself that some day I should get on of those presses! Red Head Sue still gets a discount at William & Sonoma and I happened to see one in a catalog. The time was right! Last night we tried it for the first time. Pressed out some fries. Microwaved them for a while, coated with garlic olive oil & fry seasoning and then threw then into the air fryer to finish. Need to experiment a little with the timing but they were really tasty. One of these days, I'm going to fire up the oil deep fryer and make some french fries the old fashion way, in memory of George & Spiro!!!
  15. French Fry Press

    Hey now...............you stop that kind of talk MacKenzie
  16. Muy bien tacos

    Very impressive cook.........
  17. BB32 in Alabama

    Congratulations! Great photos also!! That was sweet how the van bed lined up with your porch deck. Sometimes you luck out!!!
  18. Received my winnings from MacKenzie for our Olympic Ladies Hockey Gold Medal match bet…………………………….. What a riot………the Official Olympic Hat of the Canadian Teams!!!! Very funny Mac!!!!!!! She also sent some North of the Border goodies……..Maple Flakes (is she sending a message to me?) and Maple Butter….Yum, yum! I don’t think she liked the condition of my KK cooking grates in my posted cooking photos………thus the stainless steel scrubbie. You mess with the best and see what you get. Too much fun!!!! Thanks Mac!
  19. Unpack and round one

    Love the chalk art on the patio also!!!!
  20. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Thanks for that.................I was wondering?????
  21. Recently my middle daughter moved into a new house. I set up a small Weber Q on a rolling cart for her and my grandson (Danny - 7 years old) to use. I also gave Danny a grill tool kit that he could call his own. One night we cooked burgers & dogs, I showed him how to light the grill and how to adjust the flame to cook the food. He did a nice job for the first time. About a week later, I got this photo from my daughter. Danny had one of his buddy’s over at the house and he was showing his friend how to cook burgers for dinner. Daughter said he did everything by his self and did a good job on the burgers. She said he was so proud of himself and his buddy thought his grill was super cool!!! Touched this old grandpa’s heart ! Pretty sure a KK will be in his future!!
  22. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Pizza sauce?????
  23. BB32 Coming to Alabama

    Congratulations!!! You know you just put the weather curse on yourself
  24. Boston butt - how much on a 23 ultimate

    I was able to fit 4 - 8# butts on the 19" TT. Only problem I had was that the dome temp probe stuck into one of the top butts and I didn't know it until midway into the cook. Had to guess the cooker temp and used the internal meat temp to finish the cook as normal. It was on my first big butt cook and for the next cook I adjusted the top butts as shown below. Solved the problem. You should have no problems on the 23 KK NOTE: Ignore the bottom 3 photos of a 2 butt cook. Can't delete them??????
  25. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Loved your last picture............................