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  1. The Red Carpet is out for MacKenzie anytime!!!!
  2. Every July 4th for the last 25 years, we have a Champagne Breakfast and feed around 100 people. I'm in charge of the pancakes. Can never seem to keep pace with my buddy who cooks the eggs (he was a short order cook in college). I was planning on adding another electric griddle to try and keep up..................until I saw this on sale at BJ's Wholesale Club, This summer I will be kicking his "cracking two handed"...... butt..................................
  3. No adjustment on the legs or cooking top. Shim under the wheels looks like the only way to level.
  4. My stomach is growling after looking at that feast !!!!!
  5. We seasoned and then fired up the new pancake cooker this weekend to test out the temperature regulation. Did a nice Sunday morning breakfast of bacon, fried potatoes and eggs. Learned a lot. Temp control was easy using the handheld infrared temperature gun. Need lots of extra table space. Make sure the cooker is level. All the grease puddled up in the back of the grill and it was like deep frying the potatoes and bacon.......however the over-easy eggs were fantastic cooked in the bacon grease. Need lots of paper towels and some spray cleaner. I have to say it was fun to cook on it. Not used to cooking with so much grease/oil/butter vs. grilling......glad it is not for everyday cooking. After cooking three food groups at once, pancakes should be a breeze!!! Those Champagne Breakfast egg cookers will not know what hit them this year!!!!!!!
  6. With lots of KETCHUP!!!!
  7. He does NOT know! Can't wait to see his expression when he sees it that morning. He is always getting on me to hurry up with the pancakes too. Plus he gets to store it in his garage when we are done cooking.
  8. Recently bought a new T-Fal deep fryer at Sam's club that automatically filters the oil into a removable plastic storage container after it cools down. Solved the problem of what to do with the oil. Storing it in the refrigerator now. So far it works great.
  9. Glad it arrived in time to play . How long did the cooking process take??
  10. I have always been a big fan of 2 zone cooking. It was the reason I started my journey in kamado cooking with the oval shaped ceramic brand. However, I have to admit I stopped using the Jr. oval once I started cooking on the KK 19". Giving the Jr. to my son-in-law this spring. To my liking the 42" Serious Big Bad is two zone cooking on steroids. I will own one of those beauties in the near future. It will replace the oval XL, which will go to my neighbor & childhood friend. I have been drooling over the 42" ever since Dennis told me about it and sent some pictures. We are pouring a concrete pad and building a gazebo roof for it this summer (my buddy next door has really supportive ). Dang...........if my daughter had only eloped instead of having that big wedding.......I would be cooking on it today!!!!!!! However......I did get a great son-in-law out of the deal...........and the deal we made is.......that he can't give her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. That is wonderful........................(also....congratulations 's on the ribs placing)
  12. After you win the Masters Tournament ?????
  13. I'm having fun messing with you..........however It would be great to meet you and I really think you would benefit from seeing the 19 TT before you commit on a size. You would know first hand if a 19 is too big or small or just right. Fair warning.....once you see, touch & feel the KK will be hooked/finished/toast/hopeless/in trouble....and on the phone with Dennis!!!!! You make the trip and I'll buy the steaks
  14. Garvin, Troy, NY to Syracuse, NY - 2 hrs. 19 min. Map
  15. Wow......THIS is over the top! (I think MacKenzie should try this one)
  16. The New Zealand location and the sense of humor made me think of Aussie Ora.................... QuickThinker.mp4
  17. I'm sounding like a broken record.................You need to make the short drive to Syracuse................... so you can touch, feel, fire up & cook something on a 19TT !!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you will end up getting the Terra Cotta Cream Tiles after you see them in person
  18. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Great work on getting it back together. Now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!
  19. I agree.......Great photo! Thanks for posting!! (You still need to plan that trip to Syracuse!!!!)
  20. MacKenzie's fries with lots of ketchup...........She is a fast cook
  21. Not really a Guy F. fan...................but did go to a Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives recommendation in Boston a few years ago with my daughter who was living there at the time. Their claim to fame was lobster stuffed homemade ravioli. Have to say it was excellent. Brought a few dinners back to Syracuse. Funny thing happened........while we were outside waiting in-line to get into the restaurant. A pizza delivery guy drove up, handed a few pizza boxes into the restaurant kitchen window for the cooks. I told the waiter that the pizza must be really good for the kitchen staff to be ordering out. He must have said something to the cooks, because a few minutes later the waiter comes out of the kitchen with a single slice of pizza and sets the plate in front of me. Can't remember if it was any good or not but enjoyed their sense of humor and fun attitude.
  22. Vote - "Not a sandwich"
  23. Poor Mom !!!!!
  24. Great news CC! We missed you
  25. Montana is my favorite QB of all time!!!!! Extremely good taste!