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  1. When you finally get your hands on the KK, you are going to be amazed at the quality of the new cooker.
  2. Didn't see this until this morning....the on-line spec's say 11 lbs per box. FYI
  3. mameola, Congratulations!!!! I still own 2 Primo grills and while they are decent cooking machines, I have had to replace a fire box in each and re-weld a couple cooking grates. That is not going to happen with my KK. My 19" TT KK is replacing my Primo Jr. and I plan to buy a new 42" KK to replace the Primo XL. The Primo's are going to my son-in-laws until I croak and they get the KK's. You made a very wise decision in my humble opinion. Your 32" KK will give you all the benefits of the Primo oval shape plus a lifetime of cooking without any quality issues. Hope it arrives soon!!!!!
  4. Shuley, You motivated me to look for more of our favorite lump and you brought me good luck!!!!!!! I went on-line and searched all of our local Lowe's stores for the Char-Broil Center Cut Lump Charcoal. I found one store that showed inventory but didn't say how much. On the way home from work yesterday, i stopped at that store. I found that they had 29 boxes in stock, marked "clearance" for $10.99 per box. As I was looking at the pallet, the department manager walked by and asked me if I needed any help. I thought of your purchase, pointed at the boxes and asked him if he wanted to get rid of all of it. He smiled and said "How about $5.00 per box?". Holy Crap.........I couldn't get the words out fast enough........"It's a deal!!!!!!" Good thing I was driving my big van. I finished my first box the other day. I was totally surprised that there were no fines and very little dust in the bottom of the bag. Never had that happen before. I have to say far I am totally impressed with this Russian commie lump. tony b.........................I'll save a box for you to try. I'll send one back to Cedar Rapids with my sister. Now I have to figure out where I'm going to store this haul. Redhead Sue's garage is already full of toys and grills. She is going to kill me when she finds out what I did Too much fun!!! Thanks again Shuley for the motivation,
  5. Never tried that low of a temp before but if I did......................use a super high quality lump charcoal, light well in one spot, super control the vent settings and let the temp raise very slowly. Maybe CoCo Char??????
  6. Great story! Enjoy, enjoy...enjoy!!!!!
  7. Bought a Sous Vide Supreme during an open box sale for a couple hundred bucks a few years avoid the container selection issues. Really like it being self contained. They have decent sale a couple time a year. FYI
  8. Very nice!!!!!!
  9. Love my Donabe Kamado-San................. Made in Japan for 100+ years! Short video
  10. Sunday fun day...................................tried out a crock pot wings recipe for lunch: Cooked them too long in the crock pot and they fell apart under the broiler. ...................but very tasty! Then for dinner we smoked a 14# turkey. Stuffed it with apples, oranges & onion. 4 hours at 325* with apple wood smoke. Turned out great: Made mashed potatoes with skins (with assorted colors), dressing and gravy from the drippings. Asleep on the couch by 8:30pm with the big belly blues
  11. Good call on getting a matching 2nd grill !!! Might help eliminate one objection from the wife if she didn't like the new "different" color. Exciting news.
  12. I have done a lot of things in my life but welding steel is not one of them. When I built my rolling cart for the 19" TT KK, the only wheels Tractor Supply had were the swivel caster wheels. I ended up putting 4 of them on my cart. Normally a cart like that has 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels. Trying to move the cart with the 4 swivel wheels, all going in different directions, was like watching the Three Stooges or the Keystone Cops. I laughed at myself every time I tried to move it outside to cook. I tried to locate 2 fixed wheels to make it right but couldn't find a pair to match my swivel wheels. So I decided to have two of the swivel wheels welded in a fixed position. That would involve having to slide the KK off of the cart, onto a pallet, so I could bring the cart into work for the maintenance man to weld it up. It sounded simple but I was have a hard time finding a pallet(s) that matched the height of the cart. I was working by myself and didn't want to try and lift the KK. That's when I remembered..................30 years ago I tucked a small 120 volt welder in the back of the shed. Hey................Maybe I can do this myself with the KK in place????? Went to the shed and found the welder under a huge mouse nest. Cleaned it off as best as possible and plugged it in.....nothing! Gave the box a swift kick and it started humming. Bingo! Tim the Tool Man has nothing on me. Welding can't be that hard!!!! Borrowed a welding helmet from work, hooked everything up, got the grill & cart into position and proceeded to weld away. It took me about 10 tries but I finally managed to get a bead going. Only got the welding rod stuck on the wheel another 10 times. Went through 15 welding rods.......... but finally managed to get 2 good spot welds on each of the caster wheel frames. Here is the good finished results: It did the trick....the wheels no longer swivel and the cart is manageable now.....and the great thing is that you can't see the welds from a standing position . I do not plan to quit my day job!!!!!!! Too much fun.
  13. I love mushrooms....especially on steaks (your meal looks wonderful)..........but Redhead Sue is deathly allergic to them. Your pictures have me thinking she needs to have a night out with the ladies........SOON!!!!
  14. Nice job caulking!!!! I caulk worse than I weld...................................
  15. Monster pork chops, marinated in Italian Parmesan dressing and Redhead Sue's mixed vegetable rice. You can see when I remembered to take a picture .
  16. I stink at this but just for fun..................
  17. First suggestion....................let your wife pick the color Second suggestion................matte black pebble (i'm color blind). Third suggestion..............if tiles............go with the terra cotta tiles. They give a little extra contrast to the color.
  18. Come up in the summer and bring the family...............then we can go out on the lake..........after our KK meal !!!!
  19. Pebbles or tile?????
  20. Tuesday afternoon cook...........Chicken breasts for lunch salads. Williams Sonoma Smokehouse rub and smoked with the whiskey barrel wood Bosco gave me. Starting to get this chicken thing down.
  21. You really need to make that short drive to Syracuse to touch & feel the 19"KK. You think you have the fever now.............wait until you see a KK in person. We will fire that puppy up and let you handle the controls!!!!!!
  22. Nothing wrong with ending up being a 2 KK family!!!! I did the same thing you are asking about........bought a 19" while I save up for a larger unit. ckreef can give advice on the 16" vs. the 19". I know MacKenzie's newer, custom ordered 16" has features that the reef's unit does not. My want to check that out if ordering from stock. You can cook a lot of food on a 19" TT.............. You definitely have the fever brother!!!
  23. Congrats!!!! Looking forward to the pictures to see the new 22" TT. Welcome!!!!
  24. Classic move with the power tool!!!!!!
  25. Quick Thursday night cook..............skirt steaks (for dinner) and chicken breasts (for lunch salads) over cherry wood. Didn't do to bad on the timing.........placed the thinner steaks over a small drip pan and placed the chicken directly over the fire. Both were ready and came off the grill at the same time. Miracles do still happen . Picture just before flipping the steaks. Quick aside...............interesting Christmas gift from one of my daughters. Have to figure out the best way to test........ put the different salts on the same type of meat for accurate comparison?????