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  1. Thanks @ckreef. Appreciate the feedback and I would love to offer more colour schemes, however I haven't had a chance to come up with alternative colour schemes (they are very time consuming to get them correct and looking nice). The colours we are using at the moment @DennisLinkletter had someone put together (pretty sure thats correct), and I have just maintained them throughout the uprgades. As soon as I can get a new colour scheme made up it will be deployed. I have not been dodging your request for this
  2. Hi All, Small update for the forum today. This is to address some security bugs that have been found and are now patched. As usual, please post here if you you notice any issues. Cheers
  3. Churchi 's pork loin

    Oh why am i only seeing this post now @Aussie Ora! haha. How have you been doing them sense? Have you had another go? I quite often do pork belly on the KK. I am doing one tonight in fact. Like you mentioned, cutting too deep through the skin will not work well for crackle. Cutting just enough is the trick. I am not so organised these days and dont get around to salting it the night before. I do however pour boiling hot water over the rind before i salt it before putting it onto the KK. The trick is to cook it enough, but not too much so the meat is ruined. Id much rather have a good cook on the meat than the best crackle you can cook with over cooked meat.
  4. haha, only virtual beer available here Cheers mate.
  5. It's Big... It's Bad.....

    Nice one mate, the 32" is a weapon of a BBQ/Kamado!! you will love it.
  6. Hi All, The site has just been upgraded with the latest security patches. No new features in this release, just a fix for some security holes. Please post below if you notice any issues. Thank you.
  7. 9 pork shoulders on a 32

    wow, thats a huge cook!! nice job there. The 32 is just such an awesome beast
  8. Hanger steak

    No that looks like a good steak there @Aussie Ora. Nice job. I gotta try one of those myself
  9. I am too a super early MEATER Block backer. Its been almost 2+ years or something like that when i backed them.... haha. It looks like they are slowly getting their act together, so fingers crossed we have it by Christmas. I have put off buying any other probes as it seems they are getting closer. I hope the product lives up to the expectation, as i hate probe cords. @tekobo, great thread here. Its been a good journey to this point, i cant wait to see what you end up getting and see some pics from the first few cooks. I love seeing things come together like they have for you both. I am one of those minority that do use the double bottom drip pan. I use it for my low and slow only. I find its super easy to use as a deflector and just sit the foil trays on top of it. It fills the size of my 32 perfectly and saves me stuffing around with foil if i dont have the time. However if price is a concern, i would throw it into the optional basket over a few other options you have put on the to buy list. However if money is not a problem, i do find it useful. Definitely get the spit rod attachment. This is something i use all the time and like others said, its a really nice way to spin a chook. Great flavour when they are dripping over the coals I find.
  10. Hi All, Small upgrade today. This update is to fix an important security vulnerability. No other changes were made. Please post a reply here if you notice any issues. Cheers.
  11. Time to Upgrade

    +1 for the 32"
  12. Thanks for the update. Interesting that you had to manually change it to the new theme, i thought i did a global change for that. I will go check that now
  13. They sure are mate. 4.2.x theme has been loaded up from scratch. The issue is the colour matching between the 4.1.x and 4.2.x themes are not the same. So its taking a bit of figuring out to get the colours back the way they were. Thanks mate, glad to hear there is no issues so far Cheers.
  14. Thanks @Pequod for the update. Could any other member confirm the issue on an iPad too? Just a thought, the like button is now a little bit different, could it be you are looking for an old icon and not the new one? Cheers