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  1. Hi All, The Tapatalk plugin has been upgraded today. Issues fixed are: - Solved issue that prevent uploads works on some forum systems - Solved issue that prevent uploads not associated to user and not showing on user uploaded files profile tab Please post back if you see any issues. Cheers
  2. Great cook CK. I love using the yakatori grills for small table top cooking like that. Adds another side to cooking in front of your guests.
  3. I agree here with @Aussie Ora, the dual controls on the bottom vent look cool, i would go for it if it was me, but i like to pimp my KK out where i can. The deflector stones, i dont use one down the bottom of the fire pit anymore, as @DennisLinkletter has mentioned, its an older way of cooking and can create too much heat down in the firebox. So they are not really required in the KK, maybe other komado cookers but not these. I use the double bottom drip pan if required, or like the others just put foil down on the bottom grate. Its easy and quick to do. I do however have the pizza stone and i suggest that one to use up the top of the grill. That one gets a good work out when i do pizzas. Mine came with the new ash deflector, so all i can say is to get the new one. I find it keeps a bit of the heat away from the teak knobs down the bottom, so anything to stop them burning or keeping them cooler i think is worth it.
  4. i remember my grand parents having similar yellow handle knifes when i was growing up. Not seen those type of knifes for a long time. Nice find mate.
  5. Nice video mate.
  6. Hi All, The site has been upgraded to the latest forum version today. This is a massive update from the previous version. The update log can be found here: Along with the forum upgrade the theme has been upgraded as well. Please post back if you notice any issues. Cheers
  7. Hi All, Massive upgrade on the Tapatalk forum plugin today. This moves the plugin to v1.3.5. There have been quite a few fixes and enhancements since the last upgrade, so please post here if you see any issues with the upgrade. For anyone who would like to read the release notes then please head on over to: Cheers.
  8. Wow mate, congrats on the restore. You sure had your work cut out for you. Great job on the salvage of a fellow KK grill. You are going to love cooking on it once you have finished the repairs. Keep up with the updates. As the others said, the inside of the grill looks good. Love the colour that the teak side tables came up. Looking forward to seeing the end product.
  9. Mate that is effing epic!!!!! Wow, that is some serious KK kit there. I have the 32" and i thought that was massive. Look at those huge 2x staino springs on the back!! wow. Cant wait for you to fire her up and cook something huge on it. I agree with the whole pig idea well done mate.
  10. Killer mate. Cant wait to see the outcome. That knife sharper is something from another planet!! haha. Never seen something like that before. I got some pork belly going on the KK this evening, Im hoping the crackling turns out mint.
  11. Hi @ckreef, for a single line on a PC you hold Shift + Enter and that will take you to the next line and not paragraph. Would that sort out the issue for you? I am not sure how this would work on a mobile device, but ill have a look. With the extra spacing (paragraph) it sets out the posts a lot nicer i think. However this is how the software is currently set (from the supplier) and it can always be changed. If you look at how Word spaces its lines these days, its usually 1.5 spacing. This makes thing easier to read at a glance. Let me know your thoughts above and if that still does not help, ill start a poll and see what everyone's thoughts are. Cheers.
  12. Awesome mate. I think i need to start probing around the 195F mark as the last brisket i did was dry as a nun... So im pretty sure it was way over
  13. Wow nice job on the brisket mate. Gotta try one of them over the Christmas break. How do you know when the brisket is done?
  14. Haha, yeah that was one of my best crackles. Im going to do another one for Christmas and boxing day, so ill post up the cook then. Gotta go find a nice big roll for Christmas. Did a mad pork belly the other night too. Ill have to post up some pics. Mad crackle and think i have nailed the cooks on them now. Just patience is needed to get the crackle up and going. You dont wanna ruin the meat just to get nice crackle. give it a crack, would love to see the results. Love my crackle too
  15. Ah i see. Yeah access to them on the bottom rack could be a bit of a pain. Believe it or not i have not done any ribs in my KK Gotta give them crack over Christmas. Plenty of pulled pork. Usually have it on the 2nd nighest rack.