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  1. Hi All, The site has been upgraded to the latest stable version of IP.Board. Nothing public facing in this update, its more of a security patch. As usual, let me know if you see any issues. A new skin will appear in the next upgrade release. Cheers.
  2. Nice job on the skewers mate they look killer! Bet they tasted unreal.
  3. To my knowledge @Mark from New Zealand, i dont believe there is a way to lock the stock wheels. Maybe you can make a few small wedges to wedge on both sides of the wheels to stop them moving? I have done that with mine just in case it decides to take off. I also dont think @DennisLinkletter sells an upgrade on the wheels to have a locking capability in them. Maybe because the KK's are quite heavy that the lock that could be put in them would not be strong enough to hold the weight of the KK should it decide to move.
  4. killer job. they look fantastic!
  5. Hi All, Ok so tomorrow i will be attempting my first rack of pork ribs on my KK. I have read many different ways to do these and i was wondering what is everyone's favourite way to do them on the KK? - Do you cook them naked? (no wrap) - Do you wrap them at a certain time? In either foil or butchers paper? - Should i spritz? or is it not required? - Temp to cook them at? - To use the cold smoker or not? - Any other suggestions? I was thinking of doing them naked for the whole cook. Putting a rub on them and cooking them for enough time to pass the bend and tooth pick test. So thinking of cooking around the 270F mark to they dont take all day. Just wondering what success everyone has had and if you can point me in the right direction for the first cook of pork ribs tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. Thats a heck of a good cook up. Id be happy with that for Easter. Nicely done.
  7. Wow mate, that looks incredible? you cant beat a good steak cook up on the KK. Nicely done.
  8. Wow, i just love the look of the 42" I cant wait to add that to my 32" one of these days or years. It would compliment my 32 so well. Ill have to reinforce the ground where i put it though... Killer lineup Dennis for the coming year.
  9. Hi All, The forum has been upgraded to the latest maintenance release today. This is just a minor upgrade to fix a small about of defects. No user facing upgrades this time. As always please post back if there are any issues. Cheers
  10. awesome set of cooks there. well done.
  11. Welcome mate. You wont ever 2nd guess your KK purchase
  12. Wow mate that is some restore you did there!! You have done a terrific job at restoring it. I am not sure i would have had the patience but its been a pleasure to watch you fix up the KK. Cant wait to see the first few cooks you will do and see how you find the KK.
  13. Awesome job guys, you are going to love your new KK. Can't wait to see your first cook on it.
  14. Great to have you back @CeramicChef. Thats some ride you have been on over the past few months. Looking forward to your posts here again on the forum.
  15. Hi All, Huge update on the forum today. Lots of changes and new features. There are too many to list but head on over to the following URL's if you like to check out all the new features. 4.1.9: 4.1.8: One of the main take outs for this upgrade is for all the security conscious 2 factor authentication is now available on the forum. As always let me know if there are any issues noticed due to the upgrade. Cheers.