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  1. ...... Where was this deal 2 years ago? I am beginning to feel like I should have waited to buy mine and done a road trip to get this beauty. That is a steal.
  2. Bone marrow mash........ That sounds insane
  3. Thank you for all of your recommendations! Especially tekobo. We are definitely looking forward to exploring London and have lots of ideas of what to do.... Its awesome to have some foods to need to try. I'm particularly interested in the tapas place and the modern Indian food. We love Indian food. Where we live, most of the Indian population is from the punjab region, so it would be very interesting to try other types of Indian food!
  4. Shuley

    Party cooking question.

    Thank you for all of the responses. My dear friend loves my cooking... And she is typically down for anything I cook. Except pork. She has a weird thing that she won't eat pork because pigs don't sweat. She said "hey I want to talk to you about something. I am throwing a 50th party for my husband". My instant reply was "and you want me to make brisket" and she said "no I was wondering if you would help me.". I agreed and then she told me those were his favorites. I should add that They eat tri tip medium rare-medium. It's not them. She didn't even say they wanted some well done. We just have different lunch periods and so I eat with a lot of people who are at work and I know would be there who will not touch beef that is not well done. We have had numerous discussions about it. These people actually asked me why I have never had them over for dinner (although I did smoke a turkey for friends giving) and I replied that they wouldn't eat my food. I actually cooked ribs for mothers day and because they were a little thinner than normal they finished about and hour early. So I wrapped them and thought it would hold just fine. They were disgusting. So I am really hesitant to do ribs for a crowd. They did not hold well at all.
  5. Shuley

    WFO Installation Thread

    So when I saw these pictures I had to laugh and show my husband. Our 8 year olds favorite pizza topping is anchovies.
  6. I figured you fine people might have some suggestions for me. My family (myself, husband, and two boys aged 4 and will be having out vacation in London and Iceland (reykjavik) and while it looks like plenty to do... I am curious about any must eats while we are there. I know the British are known for their baked goods so we will be sampling those as often as possible. Any other foods we should seek out. Probably not any fine dining, as our 4 year old is generally very good in restaurants but doesn't quite have Michelin manners.
  7. Shuley

    WFO Installation Thread

    ..... That looks so amazing. Was it fun to mess with? I feel like taking a trip to Georgia now lol. Too bad we just booked flights to London and Iceland.
  8. Shuley

    Party cooking question.

    One thing is for sure.... I will be doing some experimenting. Additionally, I want to convince her to do brisket. I think it would kill me to cook tri tip to well done (loads of people we work with want their beef well done... Which whatever floats their boat, but I'd feel like then all this effort was a waste of time.)
  9. Shuley

    WFO Installation Thread

    That will be quite the mother's day cook.
  10. Shuley

    WFO Installation Thread

    We are all quivering in anticipation.
  11. Shuley

    Party cooking question.

    Hmm intriguing idea! I was wondering if the upper rack would fit with the rib rack and vertical ribs in the main rack.... That's why I was assuming I'd have to use the lower rack.
  12. Shuley

    Party cooking question.

    Thanks for all the responses. My sous vide machine could only hold one tri tip at a time.... Maybe two. And unfourtunately I did not get to make the menu. I recommended brisket-for the very reason thst it holds well and I know they love it. Also the event will not be at my house so that sort of eliminates being able to cook things as they are needed..... My friends are from Santa Maria so tri tip is a very regional thing there and their very favorite. Pequod-do you think I could fit 7 tri tip and 4-5 racks of ribs on a 23? I have a rib rack, which I have never used so I'm pretty sure I'd be good on the ribs. That plus 7 tri tips seems a bit iffy. I could put the heat deflector on the handles of the charcoal basket and use the lower grate and probably fit 3 or 4 down there.... Maybe? I know I could fit two racks of ribs flat. Would using the rib rack on the main grate give me enough room for the remaining tri tip? And when using a rib rack I am assuming I'd rotate the ribs? I'm not really sure about how to use it. Thank you again for your help.
  13. Shuley

    Party cooking question.

    So my good friend is planning on throwing her husband a birthday party in September so we have lots of time to plan. She is one who raves about my cooking and she asked if I would help make tri tip and pork ribs for his birthday. Of course I said yes. However she is planning on having at least 50 people. I said I didn't think I could fit enough ribs and tri tip for 50 people on my 23. She said maybe only enough ribs for 25.....i was wondering if any of you guys thought I could possibly fit this much food in my KK.... I could also use my Akorn for a few tri tips but know those ones wouldn't be as good. Any ideas?
  14. Shuley

    South Side Thin

    I think that fongs pizza is a little too out there for me.
  15. Shuley

    South Side Thin

    I have never heard of such a pizza. Now there are so many types to try!