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  1. I dunno. I think the ruckus I'd get into with that much beer and I get all cringy. Luckily, smoked meat doesn't make me behave badly!
  2. Prepare to be amazed.
  3. Haha. I am in!!!! Now the problem of transporting our KKs!!!
  4. Is there anything you can't do?
  5. I use the smoke pot a lot- but not all the time. My last big BBQ I had to set my heat deflector on top of the charcoal basket so the smoke pot wouldn't fit. I used chunks and had good results as well
  6. Wow. 9 years already. Anyway I thought I'd do a cook I have been wanting to try for a while- beef Wellington. I had been wanting to make one ever since I saw John setzlers video. I also wanted to do something like profiteroles and my hubby saw some scallops on sale. And why not some brussel sprouts because we love them? Rather than show the order I cooked everything in, I'm going to go by dish lol. Probably less confusing than how my brain thought about this cook. Got my prime tenderloin cut it then seasoned the center cut with salt pepper and a little cayenne processed some shallots, garlic, thyme, and lots and lots of mushrooms should have prechoppes the mushrooms. By the time I finished they were really paste like- here is after cooking. And yeah I know it didn't look pretty but man it smelled good. then seared the steak. This picture is one side done, but trust me I seared all the sides then I prepped the prociutto and mushrooms and smeared the tenderloin with some whole grain mustard wrapped then time for puff pastry and on to koko this is what it looked like done i realized I didn't take any pictures of cooking the scallops or brussel sprouts and I cut into the Wellington annnddddd Yessssss baked the dough for profiteroles they ended up HUGE!!! We only needed one each. Cut open raspberry jam fancy vanilla ice cream tops on and top it all off with some homemade chocolate sauce! great meal but a ton of work
  7. What an awesome looking dinner!
  8. Looks good. Once I got some clingstone peaches to grill without realizing my mistake- ended up being a pretty big pain but still delicious!
  9. Yummy yummy!
  10. Yeah- I had read something on the guru about smoked eggs so I decided to try it. I was not pleased with the results. Not at all. I'm certain they were cooked too long lol and I have the pink butcher paper and have tried it a few times. However, i haven't ever seen a brisket all the way through in the pink paper till probing tender. I always chicken out about an hour early and wrap in foil because I hate making my guests wait for food. I can approximate time for a naked brisket (usually) or on foiled after the stall, but can't seem to get the timing down with the pink paper. I'm sure I'll try again. Franklin's brisket is the ONLY brisket I prefer to mine. To be honest I prefer it by quite a bit though.
  11. You believed in me!!
  12. Thanks all!! Half the fun in this cook was figuring out the timing and how to fit everything. I really didn't want any low and slow on my Akorn, but would be ok doing the ABTs on it. Bad news- pretty soon I'm not going to be able to justify a second full sized kamado. I've got a feeling I will be giving it away soon.
  13. Thanks, my friends and family were super happy. It was awesome and I love doing this for people.
  14. Yeahhhhhh. I don't really like it either 1. Most chicken meat doesn't have enough connective tissue to break down to make low and slow really make the difference that it does with other cuts. I imagine you could do this with thigh meat with some of that collagen break down, but thigh meat in my KK is so moist anyway I'm not sure it'd be worth it although it could be interesting- if you aren't going to end up eating the skin. Low and slow poultry skin is pretty gross.
  15. Nice!