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  1. Sides challenge

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to finding other applications for the purple crack.
  2. Sides challenge

    ABT- Atomic Buffalo Turds. Yes, appetizing name I know. Hey are jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and cheddar cheese and wrapped in bacon than smoked. They are darned delicious. Every time I make them for a gathering they just disappear. They don’t look the most appetizing but once you try one, you don’t care.
  3. Sides challenge

    I am a fan of BTB. I like it better than most brands.... of course homemade is better but I do not always have that on hand.
  4. Sides challenge

    Yeah it was pretty intense. The night I did that I couldn’t taste the dinner I made afterwards lol.
  5. Sides challenge

    Thanks and I think I am going to love the purple crack on veggies.
  6. Sides challenge

    Over on the guru it is a “sides” challenge. So I got to thinking about some of my most favorite sides to grill. And they are grilled carrots and ABTs. I saw somewhere that people put fruit in their ABTs and that just sounded fabulous to me. I knew that the next time I made them I wanted to add pineapple. And grilled carrots are a super simple yet awesome side. Here are the nice carrots I picked up and the ingredients I used this was actually my first time using the Tasmanian mountain pepper berries (purple crack) on food. I mistakenly ate a whole pepper berry to just see what it tasted like. I do not recommend eating them plain. Peeled the carrots and they looked so nice and pretty then added all the ingredients. I cover with foil and cook that way until they are tender. I also had some ABTs to prepare. While I went into this knowing that they are not the most appetizing looking side, anyone who has had them knows that they are stupid delicious and always disappear whenever I make them- no matter how many I make. This was just for my family so I only made 12. Here are the ingredients prepped put the carrots on now that the carrots are tender I grilled them for a little char then added back to the liquid with the cover removed to let a little evaporate And my unattractive but oh so good ABTs on my plate with a simple burger. So of course the ABTs were amazing and enhanced by the addition of pineapple glad I tried that. The carrots were amazing normally I put cayenne on them instead of the pepper berries, but this was soooo much better my husband was snatching the left overs odd of my kids’ plates!
  7. Asado grill

    Nice!!! My BIL loves his Santa Maria style grill.
  8. SRF gold grade rib cap second cook

    Yeah it was still insanely good, just not perfect like the last one. Everyone loves pie. I think I might like pie better than cake!
  9. SRF gold grade rib cap second cook

    It was apple pie. I made one for thanksgiving that my husband loved so much he wanted me to bake another.
  10. SRF gold grade rib cap second cook

    Thanks! Unfortunately we ate it all. Or maybe fourtuantely.
  11. I posted before how pleased I was with SRF and their customer service. They sent me a second one, since my first rib cap arrived thawed, and I got to cooking it. While I did not execute it quite as perfectly as my first cook, it was really dang good. Way up there. I just seared it on the first side just a tad too much. I resolved this by flipping it and finishing it on the main grate. Saved it but it wasn’t as perfect as it could have been. oh and I made pie. I am getting good at making pie.
  12. I have been sooooo close to this happening to me so so so many times.
  13. Ducky!

    That sounds awesome. I love the combo of “low” food popcorn. With “high” food, the duck fat. I’ll have to try that next time. I recently read about caviar and chips. That sounds really interesting as well
  14. Ducky!

    It was great! I love trying new things.
  15. Ducky!

    I also love that line!! i didn’t save the fat. By the time I went out to clean it out (the next day) it wasn’t looking too good. It was extremely dark.