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  1. Muy bien tacos

    So there's a taco challenge on the guru this month. This should be something easy for me because I live where there's a significantly dominant Hispanic population and something I eat and cook regularly. However, because it is something I am so "used to" I really struggled to come up with something that I had not tried before. Then I saw a recipe in my cooking magazine that marinated shrimp in Sriracha and broiled fresh pineapple. I decided I would try that along with a cilantro line cream, blue corn tortillas and grilled avacado on the side. This was a scrumptious and pretty easy dinner. I would definitely do this again. I also added more hot sauce... But forgot to take a picture. These were delicious. I highly recommend them for something a little, but not too different.
  2. Donair Nova Scotia Style

    What is the difference between a donaire and a gyro? Looks super tasty.
  3. 32oz dry age ribeye

    I'd also heavily recommend trying a reverse sear. At that size, I would treat it like a mini roast.
  4. Looking for Grate Advice

    Personal, I like the grill floss.
  5. New 21" Supreme

  6. Wing party!

    Yeah. At work I was so excited this was happening and my co workers' response was....uncooked meat? Why are you excited? Lol. I knew you guys would get it.
  7. Wing party!

  8. Wing party!

    Thank you and I feel extremely lucky!
  9. Wing party!

    I had never thought of mac salad as a sife before... Turned out to be a pretty great idea!
  10. Wing party!

    I am really happy about it! And your wings sound pretty awesome!
  11. Wing party!

    Ok, so it was just the family. But I was so excited that out local butcher opened a second location and it is literally within walking distance to my house. They had some fresh wings so I did three different sauces, bbq for my 4 year old non adventurous eater, and honey garlic wings and hot wings for the rest I'd us! Soooo good, my dry rub included purple crack and that made a big difference! And hawaiian mac salad was the perfect side!
  12. Pork Patties

    Ive never made pork burger, but one of my favorite burger restaurants makes a Vietnamese pork burger that I love.....maybe ill have to try making it.
  13. Mantra-A pork chop is a beautiful thing

    Looks great. I'd try the purple crack too!
  14. Boston butt - how much on a 23 ultimate

    I have also done 4. I imagine in a pinch you could also put the heat deflector on the charcoal basket handles and use the lower grate....I have done this with ribs with fantastic results but they are a shorter cook.
  15. Thick Pork Chop Dinner

    Interesting. I have heard supper and dinner used interchangibly, but I have never hears dinner and lunch used to mean the same meal before.