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  1. Look for some aluminum tape. Heat resistant and has a sticky side just like duct tape. One shiny side facing the fire and one facing outside so the two sticky sides meet.
  2. Yeah, instead of using that carrot for the snowman's nose, .....
  3. That duck looks great. I need to cook one like that instead of always smoking them for gumbo.
  4. Hit 80 today on our way home from visiting my son and grandchildren. Not much change until next Sunday.
  5. No thanks MacKenzie, the cold you get would go right through my skeleton. mid 40s is fine with me. Nice hunk of meat, C6Bill. How much does that sucker weigh?
  6. Poochie

    Birthday brisket

    That's a nice size brisket to cook in only 6 hours. Even with a temperature of 290. But it looks great and makes a nice birthday gift. Was it from Snake River Farms?
  7. Glad to see you weren't hurt too bad. I like that crawfish/lobster hybrid.
  8. I wouldn't mind some cold weather for Christmas. It's just not right putting on suntan lotion on Christmas Day.
  9. The prediction for our weather is 66 for the low and 80 for the high. No rain. What a contrast. Hot honey? It sure sounds good!
  10. I believe you have the right idea...treat it like a butt. It should cook pretty much the same. You'd have to cook it until it reached well over 200 degrees for it start coming apart in the rotisserie. I'd keep an eye on the rods that hold the meat in place and adjust them as the pork shoulder shrinks. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  11. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I'd love to be there right now.
  12. My gas grill has a side burner. Perfect for setting and lighting a charcoal chimney. It wasn't as much as yours but it isn't a cheapo either. Live and learn. Glad to see you're enjoying your KK!
  13. I use one of these for fish. I lightly spray it even though it's non-stick because if anything sticks, it'll be fish.
  14. On other pits and smokers I've had, I've always used Peratex Ultra Copper. But I've never used it on my KK. You saw a steady stream of smoke coming out of the rectangular openings? You might see some when you close the lid, but I don't know why you'd see it durning the cook. I'd wait for some of the experts to chime in on this subject. If I had to guess, it'll be suggested to leave it as it is. If you do go this route...Peratex...you apply it to one clean surface, let it sit a few minutes, put some clear wrap on top of it...don't press it in, then lightly push the other surface to it. Let it sit overnight. Remove the clear wrap and you'll have a great seal. It's the consistency of toothpaste. If you change your mind and want to remove it once it's dry, it'll peel right off a smooth surface. Don't try to remove it while it's wet. I've used this on a barrel pit and an Akorn smoker with great success. On the barrel pit, I put it on the pit, not the lid, placed the clear wrap, then closed the lid on it. Even Jambo's leak smoke!
  15. I was surprised. Right before I left for a Christmas Party this morning, my ship tracking site said that my ship would dock on January 4th instead of tomorrow the 20th. No, I wasn't really surprised.
  16. I've never seen anything like that. Let us know how it "cooks" on the KK.
  17. Here's some great advice from that link: The best way to know if a pan is safe in the oven is to look for a symbol that says the pan is safe in the oven. It's the kind of information that makes you scratch your head and wonder if the world has gone to ****. Enameled cast iron would be my first choice. The link is for non-stick pans and not ceramic. A ceramic pan can take heat up to around 350 degrees F.
  18. Tekobo decided to visit the elderly in an old folks home near her house. She figured they could use some good cheer for the Christmas season. She enters the room of the first granny and starts talking to her then notices a bowl of peanuts on the nightstand. Tekobo: Granny, I hate to ask you, but would you mind if I snacked on a few peanuts? Granny: Oh no problem miss. You’re so nice you go ahead and have all you want. So when Tekobo was ready to leave granny’s room she noticed that she ate all the peanuts. Tekobo: I’m so sorry! I ate every one of your peanuts. But don’t you worry, I’ll come back tomorrow with a whole bag of them for you. Granny: Oh don’t bother sweety. I can’t chew those things with my teeth anyway. I just suck the chocolate off of them.
  19. That sure looks good, Mac. One of those pictures of the chili looks like you put a piece of chocolate in the middle. Is that what it is? The bread looks delicious!
  20. The ship sites updated mine 4 days ago. They're still saying the 20th of this month. Once it docks they have to get a crew to unload it. Then whoever is going to deliver it to your house has to pick it up. Nothing happens in a hurry.
  21. Poochie

    Pastrami cook

    That looks delicious. I'm going to have to try it.
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