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  1. Happy belated birthday my friend! That looks like a meal fit for a king
  2. LOL I'm moving on from belts to pants with elastic waists...good times
  3. its the only way to go! LOL
  4. Looking forward to seeing that comparison!
  5. I am. Its a very different smoke profile to what I am used to. I can only describe it as much cleaner and more pure, but I am sold on the idea this is going to become my go to! I can't wait to hear what you think of it....I'm sure you will be much more eloquent in your description! LOL
  6. I think if you are going to convince @HalfSmoke on a 2nd grill, it should really be the 42"! Everyone wants to see that in action!
  7. Rak

    Chuck Roll Weekend

    Thats great information. I'm going to have to see if I can get it from my butcher. I'm definitely going to give this a try, thank you for introducing me to a new cut.
  8. Sounds like a plan, its been too long!
  9. Thank you everyone. It was a fun day with the family that ended in good eats, and I got to try something new, always a bonus.
  10. I used 3 chunks but it wasnt completely carbonized. I think it will last another cook, but I might fill it with some pellets just in case.
  11. Rak

    Chuck Roll Weekend

    That looks good. I'm going to have to look up a chuck roll!
  12. Great way to start any day
  13. LOL thank you everyone! Who knew that smoking pot would make me a better cook...
  14. Rak

    Baked ziti

    @Shuley that baked ziti just made my mouth water!!! It looks so good!!
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