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  1. JDBBQ

    Beef Ribs

    look good and love the cutting board !
  2. JDBBQ

    Beef Ribs

    Love these and they come out great on my 32” KK Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Memorial Day was cold and rainy but the sun is here now... time to start things up
  4. Trying out the new cocochar on a SRF American Waygu beef rib rack ..... (had a pork belly in the freezer so threw that on there too with Byron Butt Rub)
  5. Training out the cocochar. It is precut to ready to use piece size. Nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Funny ... I have been hoarding my cocochar from when I bought my kk - only use it on mission critical low and slow's (it can fire my kk for at least 2 days). Still have 10 boxes and just added 15 more plus 15 of the coffeechar
  7. I have used the cocochar before but coffeechar is new. Any recommendations on how to enjoy the flavors it brings (meats or techniques)? Cheers
  8. Came off after 6 hours. Nice but very rich ! Sure couldn't eat these too often. Chicken tomorrow
  9. Ribs cleaned, rubbed and ready to go. Used mustard as base on one and hot sauce on the other (Aaron Franklin recommendation). Now on the grill.......
  10. Ok I was inspired and tracked down some beef ribs... Local grocery store didn't have any so went to Sam's Club. I bought a bulk pack (20 pounds in 4 slabs). Was about $6.50/lb. For those in the US - where do you find whole ribs and what is typical price? I plan to cook these tomorrow for our Labor Day cookout. Thanks
  11. you guys are inspiring me.... will go out tomorrow and see if I can find some for Monday cook Cheers
  12. I also still have a stash of coco char that I have been hoarding (a collector at heart). Have used sparingly for overnight cooks.
  13. I generally use Fogo #4. Also have some Big Green Egg that local supermarket was selling at great price. It seems fine. Lights fast Just picked up a bag of Rockwood and a bag of B&B at local Ace Hardware to try.
  14. JDBBQ

    wrap my butt?

    Came out great.... KK held the temp throughout !
  15. JDBBQ

    wrap my butt?

    My total time was about 16.5 hours in the 225 range.
  16. JDBBQ

    wrap my butt?

    Thanks guys. I ended up not wrapping. Just took off at 203 and wrapped and into cooler. Will pull and eat in about 3 hours. Threw some ribs on too and they are still cooking. Picture shows on the kk and then just before wrapping up to go into cooler.
  17. JDBBQ

    wrap my butt?

    Quick question... I put a butt (8 lb) on last night - about 12 hours ago. KK holding around 230 over night. Butt now at 175. I will eat for dinner - about 7 hours from now. Planning on taking it up to maybe 203 (splitting diff b/t 200 and 205). Do you guys wrap in paper / foil at this point on the KK? (I don't recall that I have wrapped butts before) Once done I plan to let it sit in foil, towel, cooler for a couple / few hours. Thanks
  18. I have been using Fogo Super Premium, with hickory and/or cherry mainly.
  19. Looks awesome! Are those pickled onions on the roll? Did you make those or buy?
  20. and Tony B thanks for the comment on the butcher paper. I have some but tried foil here for the Hot side of my hybrid cook. Maybe I will try paper next time.
  21. Hi ... after another 3 hours it was probing tender and about 205. Overall I thought it came out pretty well. To me still could have been a bit more tender/moist but my wife and kids thought it was great. I still haven't nailed a brisket in my mind...
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