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  1. Nice, this that a Meater probe? How do you like it?
  2. By "not good" do you mean a bitter or burnt taste or not enough? Generally the lower the temp, the better the smoke absorption.
  3. Dennis, do you have a rec for a temp controller?
  4. I’m thinking you could vertical roast tacos al pastor with the right set up.
  5. Ok, I keep looking at the 32s and wondering if I shouldn’t go for that. Somebody walk me back! We’re now empty nesters. Kids come home infrequently. We like to entertain but hardly ever cook for more than 6-8 people total for a meal. And we have a 42” Alfresco gas grill with rotisserie. I’m guessing the 23” will be plenty. But is a 32 more versatile?
  6. Is that the cold smoker hooked up with that salmon? How do you like it?
  7. Home and patio reno in its last phase, will soon be ordering appliances, fixtures and, of course, a KK! Right now I've got a large BGE and it's been fine size wise, not optimal, and want something larger in the 20"+ category. I'm definitely going with a KK, probably a 23, but want to know how much more I'm really getting over a 21. The cost differential is not insignificant but would love to hear the benefits going with the 23 over a 21.
  8. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a 23. What drove you to pick the 21?
  9. Agree, as a rule when searing use an insta-read thermometer.
  10. I appreciate your response, but after seeing your vertical up close at a design show when getting ready to buy the 750 and now the Kamado I didn't see anything in the engineering, materials or design to warrant a price anywhere near the ask. I could only assume it translates into your heritage products like the 750. But you have a heck of a brand and, no doubt, a loyal customer following. Assuming you all are staying busy, it's a great business model.
  11. I long thought the Kalamazoo Hybrid was my dream conventional/gas grill. But after seeing the prices of their vertical smoker and now their "Kamado", I'm convinced they are simply in the business of fleecing consumers. Went with Alfresco for my gas grill.
  12. I don't know what it takes, outside of sending them a grill, for Amazing Ribs to do a real evaluation. Several high profile grill manufacturers that they've never put their hands on.
  13. Never considered putting a cut piece of meat on a rotisserie. Usually I've stuck to roasts, uncut ribs, lamb legs, whole chickens, turkeys, etc. Did you notice a change or improvement in taste or texture?
  14. Following. Trust the Thermoworks brand.
  15. Thanks, my original thought was to place the 22 on a lower elevation next to my conventional grill. Now I'm leaning to shortening the length of my kitchen counter, leaving an open space to park the 23.
  16. Thanks, particularly on the gas starter.
  17. Just joined this forum as I'm pretty sold on upgrading my kamado to a 23" Ultimate or the 22 TT. I've had both a trad gas grill and a BGE for quite a while, and appreciate what each can bring to the table. With the new outdoor kitchen I'm planning to have both as well. It looks like the Alfresco 42 LXE and the KK are the winners. One question. I can either go with the 23 Ultimate (on wheels) or the 22 TT (placed in an inset). I'm leaning to the 23 has it looks easier to maneuver, I can simply put it at the end of the counter/cabinet area, and has a gas starter available. The 22 might
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