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Dry Aging at Home

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12 hours ago, tekobo said:

Really interesting @David Chang.  I have never dry aged pork for very long, just a couple of days at the most to dry the skin out.  That said, I do buy pork that has been hung by the farmer for 55 days before it gets to me.  What breed of pork was that?  Do you have access to Middle White pork?  I understand that the Japanese value it too so you might be able to get hold of some where you are.  It is simply the best pork I have ever eaten.  That said, I haven't tried many other breeds since I found Middle White.  I will try aging in the dry ager next time I have a suitable piece.  

this was australian pork. i got it because it was the only chilled pork rack i can find. i think if i cooked it without ageing, it would taste very pedestrian. i've never had middle white pork. i don't think i can get this in hk..

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By coincidence I just received a regular mail shot from my friend Richard Vaughan with a video about his farm and the Middle White pork he supplies.  We have been buying from him for about 20 years now and have visited his farm a couple of times over the years.  One was a birthday treat for me but he wouldn't go for the challenge  of picking out a piglet that was born on my birthday and sending it to me when it was old enough.  In spite of  not indulging me I will still give him 5 stars for customer service and an awesome product.  


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I liked the vid also, it's what everyone should do, simply make it better for all.  He certainly didn't fit the sterotype of your common pig farmer, nicely dressed and well spoken with vintage whiskey bottles as a backdrop. All I can say is, he must have really happy guests, well up to check out time that is.

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On 1/26/2023 at 1:38 PM, Tyrus said:

All I can say is, he must have really happy guests, well up to check out time that is.

When I first read this I thought, "but Richard doesn't have any paying guests".  And then I worked out @Tyrus' sense of humour.  Yes, the piggies do have to check out to make it over to my plate.  Tee hee.

13 hours ago, Basher said:

How very British.
Ross on Wye in the beautiful Wye Valley. I’ve played cricket there…..almost Welsh.

I thought, "I've played cricket there", how very Australian to denote a place by the fact that you had played cricket there!

I did a quick search for Pig in my photo album and found that my birthday visit to the farm was in Feb 2012.  Picture of sleepy mama pig to follow.


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